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Tikkanen Natalie again tells the boys about her plan to follow Matt around like a lost puppydog, as if he were still being backdoored. NT 0 1:57PM 08/03/2008
Tikkanen Matt/Adam smalltalk on patio couch about Florida. 0 2:09PM 08/03/2008
Tikkanen Adam remarks James really loves Chelsia. Josh states "Dangerous, but cute", but doesn't elaborate. Adam wonders if she is into James, too. NT 0 2:22PM 08/03/2008
seasickfan James and Chelsia in shower separated by shower curtain NT 0 2:26PM 08/03/2008
seasickfan James now crosses over to her side of the shower and is smooching on her NT 0 2:28PM 08/03/2008
seasickfan Big Brother reminding Matt to please put on his microphone NT 0 2:28PM 08/03/2008
seasickfan James crossing over to Chelsia's side again Chelsia laughing tells him to get out just as Nat walks in NT 0 2:30PM 08/03/2008
seasickfan James shaving, sheila putting on makeup and Chelsia sitting back watching them, then laughs and calls James an idiot for the way he shaves NT 0 2:37PM 08/03/2008
seasickfan chelsia now making her way to her bedroom in nothing but a towel wrapped around her and one on her head NT 0 2:39PM 08/03/2008
Tikkanen James shooting pool by self. Others in kitchen smalltalk about working out. Natalie in bathroom primping. NT 0 3:15PM 08/03/2008
Tikkanen The guys (even Ryan) joke they wish Sheila was in the pool that night so they could have made out with her. Josh/Sharon join James shooting pool. NT 0 3:23PM 08/03/2008
Tikkanen Adam/Matt/Ryan/Sheila smalltalk about women. 0 3:31PM 08/03/2008
mrmac Shelia and Nat talking about religion, Nat talking about lying, etc being a sin. (ed...LOL) NT 0 3:38PM 08/03/2008
Tikkanen Natalie/Sheila smalltalk in bathroom about fake boobs, stripping 0 3:39PM 08/03/2008
Tikkanen Ryan/Josh in HoH. Josh bashes Matt, talking about him never leaving HoH's side. Ryan tells Josh "everything's cool", reaffirming plan to BD Matt. NT 0 3:40PM 08/03/2008
Tikkanen Josh says others are worried about Matt/Ryan spending time together, but Josh says he (Ryan) can't act differently or Matt would know. NT 0 3:44PM 08/03/2008
mrmac Josh leaves HoH. Ryan chuckles after Josh leaves, saying "You are going to hate me Joshy" NT 0 3:44PM 08/03/2008
Tikkanen Josh leaves HoH. Ryan says "Sorry Joshie", showing he is still aligned with Adam/Matt/Sheila/Nat. NT 0 3:44PM 08/03/2008
kimberlyk James and Josh in kitchen making slop. Sheila apologizes for the house.. 0 4:11PM 08/03/2008
seasickfan Natalie in HOH now working on Ryan's nail polish portrait NT 0 4:18PM 08/03/2008
kimberlyk Josh invites Sheila to come to the kitchen to talk to him and James. 0 4:19PM 08/03/2008
kimberlyk Sheila and James talk about James quitting smoking. Says he is not on the patch. 0 4:23PM 08/03/2008
kimberlyk Josh says he is making a house out of slop - even if it takes him all night. NT 0 4:23PM 08/03/2008
kimberlyk Natalie and Ryan talk in HOH. 0 4:28PM 08/03/2008
kimberlyk Ryan to Natalie: "They think they are playing the house, but we are playing them." 0 4:30PM 08/03/2008
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