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Matt and Nat in Bathroom Matt tells nat he didnt thinkshe had it in her to scheme seems she will make it in this game after all NT - raindrop110475
11:37AM 08/03/2008

everyone in bathing suits is hot so goign swimming sharon and chel wearing same bathing suit NT - raindrop110475
11:38AM 08/03/2008

Camera man does close up of large nast y zit on james back NT - raindrop110475
11:40AM 08/03/2008

shharon tells chel and james that matt will start alot of drama when he goes up on sunday NT - raindrop110475
11:42AM 08/03/2008

Matta dn ryan eatign slop bars when not on slop sharon thinks is crazy NT - raindrop110475
11:45AM 08/03/2008

Nat says chel doesnt like her cause she is always bubbily and happy sheila and nat in kitchen - raindrop110475
11:47AM 08/03/2008

Matt so excited for tomorrow seems matt and sheila think it is josh who is goign up NT - raindrop110475
11:48AM 08/03/2008

adam: the pollack is goign for some sun meaning himself ryan says at beach adam is guy with thick layer of white sunscreen NT - raindrop110475
11:52AM 08/03/2008

sheila keeps repeating how josh could have saved her in the veto comp but chose not too... - echo
11:54AM 08/03/2008

BB told sheila she has to wear unitard to sleep in and she can wear as a suit if she figures out how to do it... James is happy about it NT - raindrop110475
11:56AM 08/03/2008

james sayin in the backyard sheila was told to put on her unitard - echo
11:56AM 08/03/2008

ryan telling sheila hes considering james over josh for backdoor NT - echo
12:08PM 08/03/2008

sheila agrees that ryan my be right she says james is a scary player NT - echo
12:11PM 08/03/2008

Matt Ryan Sheila and Adam in KT saying how the other side (J/S J/C) have no clue what is going down - TheMike
12:30PM 08/03/2008

Sheila telling Ryan he is brilliant for deciding to put up James, "Josh was the obvious choice but James is the smarter choice" NT - TheMike
12:33PM 08/03/2008

All HGs laying by the pool except Sheila who is cooking slop NT - TheMike
12:38PM 08/03/2008

Nat went into KT. Sheila is telling Nat the plan to get rid of James - TheMike
12:41PM 08/03/2008

Nat saying Matt needs to pretend he's gonna miss her so much - TheMike
12:43PM 08/03/2008

Nat saying when she was 10 and 11 years old she was so poor she lived in a one room shack on her grandmothers land - TheMike
12:46PM 08/03/2008

Sheila bagging on james cause hes not homeless he chooses to be homeless and that being homeless is not a job NT - raindrop110475
12:46PM 08/03/2008

Ryan Matt and Adam having a splash contest in the pool. Nat/James laying out. Josh/Sharon/Sheila/Chelsia in kitchen making slop NT - TheMike
12:54PM 08/03/2008

Nat joining in on the splash contest. Ryan and Adam jumping at the same time to try to make a giant splash in the pool NT - TheMike
1:05PM 08/03/2008

James/Josh in kitchen still believe Ryan will go along with backdooring Matt out of fear. They bash Adam's hygeine + lack of game in pool orgy. NT - Tikkanen
1:32PM 08/03/2008

James doesn't think others see the J/C J/S alliance. James is concerned about Adam putting them up. Josh: We have the votes after Matt is gone. NT - Tikkanen
1:39PM 08/03/2008

Sheila/Josh/Sharon/Chel (on slop) still sunning, while others eat what James cooked (oven steaks) inside. James didn't cook for Nat, but she shared.NT - Tikkanen
1:49PM 08/03/2008

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