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Natalie talks about the number of things in the house for HOH questions. NT - kimberlyk
4:33PM 08/03/2008

Ryan admires Natalie's painting. She says her specialty is painting people. - kimberlyk
4:36PM 08/03/2008

James/Josh/Sharon in kitchen James asks if they get the slop online Josh says he thinks it's what the Gov drops to the poor Haitian children NT - my0wn
4:38PM 08/03/2008

Josh putting a lot of effort into making a slop house. James and Sharon in kitchen with him. NT - kimberlyk
4:40PM 08/03/2008

Ryan and Natalie talk about possibly getting recognized after BB. - kimberlyk
4:42PM 08/03/2008

Natalie tells Ryan she was happy she did not have to evict him (b/c of the twist). - kimberlyk
4:49PM 08/03/2008

Ryan/Nat/Sheila continue talking. Sheila says it is "done deal" as far as voting out James. - kimberlyk
4:55PM 08/03/2008

Sheila says Josh had the opportunity to save Sharon, but he chose - kimberlyk
4:58PM 08/03/2008

Ryan "The higher their hopes today, the more they will be smashed tomorrow." - kimberlyk
5:01PM 08/03/2008

Sheila says they have to get Sharon away from Chelsia. Talk turns to Josh. - kimberlyk
5:07PM 08/03/2008

Chelsia Bashing by Ryan/Nat/Sheila.. - kimberlyk
5:10PM 08/03/2008

James, Chelsia, and Sharon watch Josh make his slop house in the kitchen. - kimberlyk
5:16PM 08/03/2008

Sheila and Natalie whisper in bedroom. That they HAVE to stick together. - kimberlyk
5:24PM 08/03/2008

Sheila and Natalie study Natalie's notes for HOH comp NT - kimberlyk
5:32PM 08/03/2008

Slop fight in kitchen - Josh, James, and Chelsia; throwing it everywhere and laughing NT - kimberlyk
5:42PM 08/03/2008

FOOD FIGHT. slop being thrown around (josh,james,chelsea) NT - teamdonatolove
5:42PM 08/03/2008

Chelsia takes of her bikini top - all 3 are covered in slop. Sheila comes in - in shock over the mess. NT - kimberlyk
5:43PM 08/03/2008

James naked - washing slop off in outdoor shower NT - kimberlyk
5:46PM 08/03/2008

Chelisia now washing off in outdoor shower - James helping her and laughing NT - kimberlyk
5:48PM 08/03/2008

Chelsea showered fully nude for a few seconds in the oustide shower NT - teamdonatolove
5:48PM 08/03/2008

Matt now up and in the kitchen. Sheila and Nat studying in bedroom. James/Chelsia/Josh cleaning slop mess. NT - kimberlyk
5:51PM 08/03/2008

Chelsia now called to the diary room NT - seasickfan
5:53PM 08/03/2008

James is sweeping the floor in his underwear. Josh resumes making the slop house. NT - kimberlyk
5:55PM 08/03/2008

Ryan comes to kitchen. Admires the slop house, says he could hear them yelling . Ryan is going to work out. NT - kimberlyk
5:57PM 08/03/2008

Ryan joins Natalie and Sheila in the bedroom - all 3 trying to interpret clues from Natalie's notes. NT - kimberlyk
6:06PM 08/03/2008

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