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CruiseCritic Sharon starts the shower and BB tells Ryan twice to move his microphone higher NT 0 4:48PM 09/03/2008
streetsense matt calls james --a pink hair locust --ryan says hes going-- operation locust NT 0 4:49PM 09/03/2008
CruiseCritic nat says that Josh is not a man of God or else he would not be treating us this way. Sharon says 0 4:49PM 09/03/2008
CruiseCritic Matt and Ryan still in HOH room talking about living with a girl and Ryan said he 0 4:51PM 09/03/2008
CruiseCritic James says - Julie in all honesty not everyone can see straight in this game (making fun of Matt) 0 4:53PM 09/03/2008
streetsense josh said nobody will come out w/ them cuz they scared of him NT 0 4:54PM 09/03/2008
CruiseCritic Sheila tells Sharon she wants them to stop blaming her - she was in bed and 0 4:56PM 09/03/2008
lalali sheila trying to get sharon, tells sharon she's tired of them blaming her (for the backdooring james plan) "hello! i was in bed," she lies. NT 0 4:56PM 09/03/2008
CruiseCritic Josh asks James if he is going to jury house and James says yes, but he may get the "itch" and says 0 4:57PM 09/03/2008
streetsense chelsia idea to make sheila vote for james is for josh to promise not to talk about her son--- NT 0 4:59PM 09/03/2008
CruiseCritic James says if he stays they would have at least 5 weeks of gun power and Chels says 0 5:01PM 09/03/2008
streetsense sheila telling sharons shes not aligned w/ anybody NT 0 5:04PM 09/03/2008
kandio M/R in hoh 0 5:10PM 09/03/2008
ostra Ryan, Matt and Nat in HoH, Matt tells Nat to go work on Sheila 0 5:12PM 09/03/2008
ostra Matt tells Ryan he hid James clothes, Nat just found her bible in storage room NT 0 5:20PM 09/03/2008
ostra Nat goes up to HoH to ask Matt to get James' clothes back down, and Josh's sunglasses 0 5:23PM 09/03/2008
raindrop110475 Sheila still saying she didnt know abotu plan to put james up to josh andd sharon 0 5:28PM 09/03/2008
raindrop110475 Sharon saying james is bigger threat cause he knows house in and out says is sad for nat that she defends matt 0 5:30PM 09/03/2008
ostra Matt plans to cut his hair, he says F... it, I have nobody to impress in this house, looks at Nat: No offense (LOL) NT 0 5:30PM 09/03/2008
ostra Matt is happy his crew now is way better than at the beginning, they discuss the name for it Bros and hos, Natalie trying to change the name 0 5:33PM 09/03/2008
KingMac OMG! Sharon is laying in the cursed bed!!!! NT 0 5:34PM 09/03/2008
KingMac Sharon say she does not belive in curses she belives in Jesus. NT 0 5:35PM 09/03/2008
kandio M/R...telling Nat she is 009..They will have missions for Nat. Matt saying their plan is the best 0 5:36PM 09/03/2008
IWantAJanieDoll2 Nat: "I need to baptize my mouth, I need some anti-bacterial stuff" (talking about kissing Chel I believe [not the thing with Matt] ) NT 0 5:39PM 09/03/2008
KingMac OMFG Nat says she wants to baptise her mouth after kissing chelsia LMFAO! NT 0 5:39PM 09/03/2008
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