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Topic #8176735
CruiseCritic - Sharon starts the shower and BB tells Ryan twice to move his microphone higher NT 0 Replies #8176735 4:48PM 09/03/2008
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Topic #8176745
streetsense - matt calls james --a pink hair locust --ryan says hes going-- operation locust NT 0 Replies #8176745 4:49PM 09/03/2008
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Topic #8176753
CruiseCritic - nat says that Josh is not a man of God or else he would not be treating us this way. Sharon says 0 Replies #8176753 4:49PM 09/03/2008
she agrees and says it is all good girl. Nat goes in toilet and Sharon now in shower
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Topic #8176776
CruiseCritic - Matt and Ryan still in HOH room talking about living with a girl and Ryan said he 0 Replies #8176776 4:51PM 09/03/2008
never lived with one til he was 26. Sharon in shower.
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Topic #8176828
CruiseCritic - James says - Julie in all honesty not everyone can see straight in this game (making fun of Matt) 0 Replies #8176828 4:53PM 09/03/2008
Chels gets out of HT and puts her mic back on.

James and Josh talk about him being an oversized Tom Selleck (whatever that means) James says he will do good on his speech.

Chels tells him that at least he wont have to leave her a goodbye message and he says but now you have to leave me one.

Chels says she is starving. james says noone wants to come outside right now and Josh says they are all scared
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Topic #8176829
streetsense - josh said nobody will come out w/ them cuz they scared of him NT 0 Replies #8176829 4:54PM 09/03/2008
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Topic #8176870
CruiseCritic - Sheila tells Sharon she wants them to stop blaming her - she was in bed and 0 Replies #8176870 4:56PM 09/03/2008
didnt know anything.

Sharon out of shower, puts on some roll-on deoderant and gets her little case with hair items/jewelry and puts a rubber bracelet on and now a grey tanktop.

Feed goes back to HT - Josh says he is going to start reading Sharons bible just to keep it away from Natalie
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Topic #8176871
lalali - sheila trying to get sharon, tells sharon she's tired of them blaming her (for the backdooring james plan) "hello! i was in bed," she lies. NT 0 Replies #8176871 4:56PM 09/03/2008
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Topic #8176887
CruiseCritic - Josh asks James if he is going to jury house and James says yes, but he may get the "itch" and says 0 Replies #8176887 4:57PM 09/03/2008
that is my M O - I get the itch. Later.

Josh wants to know what they can do to bait Adam and Sheila - he says they are workable and Ryan cant protect them
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Topic #8176905
streetsense - chelsia idea to make sheila vote for james is for josh to promise not to talk about her son--- NT 0 Replies #8176905 4:59PM 09/03/2008
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Topic #8176933
CruiseCritic - James says if he stays they would have at least 5 weeks of gun power and Chels says 0 Replies #8176933 5:01PM 09/03/2008
that they will tell Sheila that if she votes to keep James that they will never say anyhting about her son...Josh says he will do that.

Now talk about making it a tie and Josh will pretend he is voting for Sharon.

james says Adam does not want to be a part of a tie. Chels says that they will tell Sheila that if she votes to keep James she will promise that Josh will never bring up her son.

Josh says sharon is so forgiving and will forgive in the sequester house.

(I am out for now - if someone can take over)
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Topic #8176969
streetsense - sheila telling sharons shes not aligned w/ anybody NT 0 Replies #8176969 5:04PM 09/03/2008
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Topic #8177053
kandio - M/R in hoh 0 Replies #8177053 5:10PM 09/03/2008
Matt told Nat to go down & work Sheila/Sharon play the little sad girl.

Saying they wont win hoh...they cant wait to see james without his stuff..Trash talking James..Saying he lie's about everything.

Saying he only gets a free T-shirt. Ryan saying James stole 1 cig from him.
Calling James a locust..They want hoh so they can stay up there.
Saying the have to stick tog if they are up w/Nat or Sheila.

Talking about hoh pictures they want next week.

Saying they dont have a BF. Except their girls.
Ryan saying he stole Jen from her BF. He can do that to any girl he wants.
Matt saying Jen seems like a nice girl. Ryan says Jen blacksout when drunk.

Talking about Jens DWI's her car does not have plates

Nat all happy comming to hoh saying Sharon says James thinks he has your vote...Sharon will be on our side.
N saying she was teased as a kid because nobody liked her, she was a tom boy, liked sports, was poor. Nat talking about the smell on C again..M/R doing it to.
Nat said we need quiz night..
Matt saying when they give them beer they wont give any to James and put the chess set in hoh. Nat is excited that [they]are to scared to com in the house
...Nat goes ,way to go. non stop trashing to fast to write it all.
Nat saying she was never on their side only tried to get info..
she says Josh is a Lunatic and will end up Institution. Natt going on about abortion
saying nobody cares about the kid when its out.
the boys laughing about sending Natt to do dirty work.
Ryan says shes a good girl..Matt saying he is not psycho enough for me
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Topic #8177080
ostra - Ryan, Matt and Nat in HoH, Matt tells Nat to go work on Sheila 0 Replies #8177080 5:12PM 09/03/2008
he tells her to use the mom thing, to ask her what if Sheila was Nat's mom, how would Sheila feel about all those people attacking her kid

Nat leaves, Mat smiles and does a finger puppet move, proud that he tells Nat what to do and she goes and does that. Ryan sounds impressed, saying she's a great girl, she loves Matt and would do anything for him, they talk about how she's annoying sometimes but Matt should remember every time he's annoyed with her that Nat would probably take a bullet for him at this time, Matt explains he knows that and his whole agenda in the house is to keep her happy
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Topic #8177199
ostra - Matt tells Ryan he hid James clothes, Nat just found her bible in storage room NT 0 Replies #8177199 5:20PM 09/03/2008
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Topic #8177235
ostra - Nat goes up to HoH to ask Matt to get James' clothes back down, and Josh's sunglasses 0 Replies #8177235 5:23PM 09/03/2008
Nat excitedly explains how she and Sheila had a prayer before they went to look for bible, asking god to lead her straight to her bible and first place she checked was storage room and there it was! She's very excited and happy about God leading her to her bible, Matt congratulates her
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Topic #8177333
raindrop110475 - Sheila still saying she didnt know abotu plan to put james up to josh andd sharon 0 Replies #8177333 5:28PM 09/03/2008
Josh is tellign them sucks for them cause none of them won HOH we have and we are pretty damn good so we will just put them up and take them out
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Topic #8177364
raindrop110475 - Sharon saying james is bigger threat cause he knows house in and out says is sad for nat that she defends matt 0 Replies #8177364 5:30PM 09/03/2008
Josh says he is equal oppurtunity makeer funner and he will go after Matt
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Topic #8177365
ostra - Matt plans to cut his hair, he says F... it, I have nobody to impress in this house, looks at Nat: No offense (LOL) NT 0 Replies #8177365 5:30PM 09/03/2008
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Topic #8177436
ostra - Matt is happy his crew now is way better than at the beginning, they discuss the name for it Bros and hos, Natalie trying to change the name 0 Replies #8177436 5:33PM 09/03/2008
proposes Bros and Angels, Heavenly Bros, Bros and little ladies
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Topic #8177444
KingMac - OMG! Sharon is laying in the cursed bed!!!! NT 0 Replies #8177444 5:34PM 09/03/2008
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Topic #8177455
KingMac - Sharon say she does not belive in curses she belives in Jesus. NT 0 Replies #8177455 5:35PM 09/03/2008
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Topic #8177473
kandio - M/R...telling Nat she is 009..They will have missions for Nat. Matt saying their plan is the best 0 Replies #8177473 5:36PM 09/03/2008
BB plan of all the BB's he has watchd..
Feeds switch to J/J/C
Josh says Nat just came down from heaven..[nat coming down from hoh]
Josh says Sheila ask that he not attack her son.
Talking about where to hide stuff.

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Topic #8177504
IWantAJanieDoll2 - Nat: "I need to baptize my mouth, I need some anti-bacterial stuff" (talking about kissing Chel I believe [not the thing with Matt] ) NT 0 Replies #8177504 5:39PM 09/03/2008
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Topic #8177514
KingMac - OMFG Nat says she wants to baptise her mouth after kissing chelsia LMFAO! NT 0 Replies #8177514 5:39PM 09/03/2008
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