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Nat is looking to make a deal now - jamoke
10:14PM 12/03/2008

HG are telling Natalie they won't put her up. - LadyFeetus
10:14PM 12/03/2008

natty whimpering--saying shes gonna vomit NT - streetsense
10:14PM 12/03/2008

James says he didnt come back in to f*** ppl over..he learned from that.. - stewart
10:15PM 12/03/2008

natty dry heaved--says deal and dropped NT - streetsense
10:15PM 12/03/2008

James telling Nat that she's fine with him, he'll protect her,,,Nat says she's feeling sick...She feels like she's going to vomit...James offering - Taffy
10:15PM 12/03/2008

Nat drops out after making a deal and James is the new HOH in 4 hours, 24 minutes! - ktan
10:16PM 12/03/2008

Natalie fell and vomited NT - LadyFeetus
10:16PM 12/03/2008

James looks at Matt and says unlike the rest of the house, he is keeping his word, Matt and Natt wont go up. NT - stewart
10:17PM 12/03/2008

Everyone rushes over to take care of Natt while she barfs...tells her she did awesome, great, not to cry.. - stewart
10:20PM 12/03/2008

james smoking a cig--- then goes and hugs nat--they embracing--nats crying--james saying hes not going to break word NT - streetsense
10:20PM 12/03/2008

James and Chelsia hugged happily...Nat crying on the ground sheila telling her that her mom is proud of her - Taffy
10:20PM 12/03/2008

Producer's voice heard through speakers - teamdonatolove
10:21PM 12/03/2008

trivia and music now but we can hear the HGs in the background...feeds back NT - Taffy
10:22PM 12/03/2008

Natt is now crying and Matt is hugging her telling her she did great, she is apologizing and crying. - stewart
10:24PM 12/03/2008

Chels tells Nat she was awesome...Matt says you get a massage later..her eyes are still filled with tears and she is wimpering. NT - stewart
10:25PM 12/03/2008

james to matt-hopefully after this week you can trust what i say and not f me over--they shake-- NT - streetsense
10:26PM 12/03/2008

Matt says you should not be crying right should have a smile on your face... - stewart
10:29PM 12/03/2008

chelsia james hugging --you can hear racing heartbeats -- - streetsense
10:30PM 12/03/2008

James in KT looking directly at Natt tells her he will keep his word, he will not f"k her over. NT - stewart
10:32PM 12/03/2008

James is in so much pain. Taking a shower. His back is killing him. - FrouFrou
10:33PM 12/03/2008

Josh tells Natt that they wont show the pickles or anything bad that was said about her mom..she says really, that was the only - stewart
10:34PM 12/03/2008

Nat is in LR telling Josh she was picturing faces and things from home...he tells her maybe she will get HOH next week, that he'd rather her get - stewart
10:38PM 12/03/2008

Ryan says to Nat "you looked fine one minute and then the next.." Nat "i felt like i was going to puke for about 2O or 3O minutes" NT - stewart
10:40PM 12/03/2008

Sharon and Josh in SR wondering if Josh will go up...Sharon says she couldnt take the chance that - stewart
10:43PM 12/03/2008

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