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Topic #8233290
jamoke - Nat is looking to make a deal now 0 Replies #8233290 10:14PM 12/03/2008
Josh is telling her that he wouldn't vote her out.

Nat says she is feeling sick.

Nat makes James promise that she and Matty are safe.

Matt tells her to stay strong.

Nat is starting to cry.
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Topic #8233293
LadyFeetus - HG are telling Natalie they won't put her up. 0 Replies #8233293 10:14PM 12/03/2008
Nat says to James she has to think.
James says he got fu**ed and he has to learn from that.
Nat is panting and crying.
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Topic #8233301
streetsense - natty whimpering--saying shes gonna vomit NT 0 Replies #8233301 10:14PM 12/03/2008
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Topic #8233320
stewart - James says he didnt come back in to f*** ppl over..he learned from that.. 0 Replies #8233320 10:15PM 12/03/2008
Natt says she is going to vomit.

Sharon and Josh both sayt they wont vote her out.
James says he wont stoop to everyones level that F"d
him over last week..he learned from that...James is
begging...Nat syas deal

and jumps off
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Topic #8233324
streetsense - natty dry heaved--says deal and dropped NT 0 Replies #8233324 10:15PM 12/03/2008
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Topic #8233326
Taffy - James telling Nat that she's fine with him, he'll protect her,,,Nat says she's feeling sick...She feels like she's going to vomit...James offering 0 Replies #8233326 10:15PM 12/03/2008
a deal...tells Nat he got a second chance, he's not going to f*ck people over, that he got f*cked and he learned from that. now Josh, sharon, Chelsia offering her protection for her and Matt. James says he hopes she sees he is the bigger person. Nat drops!
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Topic #8233327
ktan - Nat drops out after making a deal and James is the new HOH in 4 hours, 24 minutes! 0 Replies #8233327 10:16PM 12/03/2008
Summary of previous eliminations (in hours:minutes):

Chelsia 3:12
Sharon 2:26
Sheila 0:54
Matt 0:36
Josh <0:30 (not shown on feeds)
Adam <0:30 (not shown on feeds)

HOH comp started at 5:51 PT. After 3 hours, BB announced that no squatting was allowed.
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Topic #8233331
LadyFeetus - Natalie fell and vomited NT 0 Replies #8233331 10:16PM 12/03/2008
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Topic #8233365
stewart - James looks at Matt and says unlike the rest of the house, he is keeping his word, Matt and Natt wont go up. NT 0 Replies #8233365 10:17PM 12/03/2008
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Topic #8233445
stewart - Everyone rushes over to take care of Natt while she barfs...tells her she did awesome, great, not to cry.. 0 Replies #8233445 10:20PM 12/03/2008
Matt hugs Nat and tells her she did great, not to cry.

James hugs Nat..tells her its okay..she is boohooing..
he says "you know i had to do this for me"

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Topic #8233449
streetsense - james smoking a cig--- then goes and hugs nat--they embracing--nats crying--james saying hes not going to break word NT 0 Replies #8233449 10:20PM 12/03/2008
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Topic #8233454
Taffy - James and Chelsia hugged happily...Nat crying on the ground sheila telling her that her mom is proud of her 0 Replies #8233454 10:20PM 12/03/2008
that she did amazing...that it's okay...
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Topic #8233496
teamdonatolove - Producer's voice heard through speakers 0 Replies #8233496 10:21PM 12/03/2008
"Good job you two, Natalie and James... Natalie if you can get a cup
of water.. etc" i missed the rest.
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Topic #8233521
Taffy - trivia and music now but we can hear the HGs in the background...feeds back NT 0 Replies #8233521 10:22PM 12/03/2008
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Topic #8233599
stewart - Natt is now crying and Matt is hugging her telling her she did great, she is apologizing and crying. 0 Replies #8233599 10:24PM 12/03/2008
Matt is consoling her, telling she was awesome.

inside lockdown
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Topic #8233644
stewart - Chels tells Nat she was awesome...Matt says you get a massage later..her eyes are still filled with tears and she is wimpering. NT 0 Replies #8233644 10:25PM 12/03/2008
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Topic #8233691
streetsense - james to matt-hopefully after this week you can trust what i say and not f me over--they shake-- NT 0 Replies #8233691 10:26PM 12/03/2008
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Topic #8233802
stewart - Matt says you should not be crying right should have a smile on your face... 0 Replies #8233802 10:29PM 12/03/2008
James and Chels in bedroom whispering.
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Topic #8233839
streetsense - chelsia james hugging --you can hear racing heartbeats -- 0 Replies #8233839 10:30PM 12/03/2008
james saying it was weird walking inside walls and multiple rooms upstairs---he was blindfolded--but said it was huge amazing
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Topic #8233902
stewart - James in KT looking directly at Natt tells her he will keep his word, he will not f"k her over. NT 0 Replies #8233902 10:32PM 12/03/2008
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Topic #8233928
FrouFrou - James is in so much pain. Taking a shower. His back is killing him. 0 Replies #8233928 10:33PM 12/03/2008
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Topic #8233941
stewart - Josh tells Natt that they wont show the pickles or anything bad that was said about her mom..she says really, that was the only 0 Replies #8233941 10:34PM 12/03/2008
thing she was worried about..that she is shy and
she would die, wouldnt watch anymore...josh assures
her they wouldnt have anything bad about her mom on.

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Topic #8234064
stewart - Nat is in LR telling Josh she was picturing faces and things from home...he tells her maybe she will get HOH next week, that he'd rather her get 0 Replies #8234064 10:38PM 12/03/2008
it than him...says they are hard feelings

he tells her again, she should be very proud of
what she did..if james had not of come back, she
would have won, hands down

they hug, go back into KT where rest of gang is

Chels fixes Nats bra strap that came loose
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Topic #8234144
stewart - Ryan says to Nat "you looked fine one minute and then the next.." Nat "i felt like i was going to puke for about 2O or 3O minutes" NT 0 Replies #8234144 10:40PM 12/03/2008
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Topic #8234258
stewart - Sharon and Josh in SR wondering if Josh will go up...Sharon says she couldnt take the chance that 0 Replies #8234258 10:43PM 12/03/2008
Jacob would be in the box or Parker.
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