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Sheila at KT counter and James making refried beans with cheese. all feeds in KT NT - CruiseCritic
9:41AM 12/03/2008

James looking at himself in mirror as he cooks his beans. Nat came in KT and her and Sheila were - CruiseCritic
9:42AM 12/03/2008

All quiet except for James making his beans. He looks at himself in mirror every now and then - CruiseCritic
9:45AM 12/03/2008

James tells Sharon - either way dude, I love you. Sharon says the game is not her life - CruiseCritic
9:46AM 12/03/2008

Chels asked Sharon what she is eating and she says leftover slop, yup, yup yuuupp - CruiseCritic
9:47AM 12/03/2008

Kitchen sink full of dishes and Sharon walking around in her dress - gets out her slop - CruiseCritic
9:49AM 12/03/2008

Josh vacuuming in front of memory wall and around table area - CruiseCritic
9:50AM 12/03/2008

Sharon leaves KT with her bowl of slop and all feeds now on Josh vacuuming NT - CruiseCritic
9:51AM 12/03/2008

all feeds go to pink room with Matt in his bed and Adam in his bed. Matt just - CruiseCritic
9:52AM 12/03/2008

All feeds on James and Chels, he is playing with her hair. He asks her if he stays - CruiseCritic
9:55AM 12/03/2008

James says I shouldnt be going, but I will be going. NT - CruiseCritic
9:56AM 12/03/2008

James wonders what that sound was, and Chels wonders if they are vacuuming upstairs and James - CruiseCritic
9:57AM 12/03/2008

James: I don't know if America would vote to keep me in NT - McSampson
9:57AM 12/03/2008

Chels still in her robe and cuddles close to James, he hits her with a pillow - CruiseCritic
9:59AM 12/03/2008

Hear Sharon saying Hi fur-ennnnds, I love you as she screeches in that voice NT - CruiseCritic
9:59AM 12/03/2008

James biting on a fingernail, Chels tells him to stop and he says sorry. the - CruiseCritic
10:00AM 12/03/2008

James pulls her close and hugs her and says I have really bad breath, he starts to get up and FLAMES NT - CruiseCritic
10:01AM 12/03/2008

Feeds back and all on Chels laying alone in bed. NT - CruiseCritic
10:03AM 12/03/2008

Somone walks thru BR and says something to Chelsia, she says YUP and all is quiet again besides for the - CruiseCritic
10:05AM 12/03/2008

James crawls on the floor in front of Josh/Sharons bed and Chels asks him what he is doing - CruiseCritic
10:06AM 12/03/2008

James sits on the ledge between the beds drinking water and Chels lays there - CruiseCritic
10:07AM 12/03/2008

Chels talking about maybe Sheilas son could be there, and she thinks at the finale they - CruiseCritic
10:10AM 12/03/2008

James/Chels spooning in bed. James is the big spoon. He has his leg over her NT - Sue
10:16AM 12/03/2008

James pulls a "glow in the dark rosary" out of Chels robe NT - Sue
10:18AM 12/03/2008

James: Are Rosaries strictly for women? Chels: no (small talk) says G'ma Doris uses a rosary all the time NT - Sue
10:20AM 12/03/2008

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