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Topic #8218262
CruiseCritic - Sheila at KT counter and James making refried beans with cheese. all feeds in KT NT 0 Replies #8218262 9:41AM 12/03/2008
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Topic #8218289
CruiseCritic - James looking at himself in mirror as he cooks his beans. Nat came in KT and her and Sheila were 0 Replies #8218289 9:42AM 12/03/2008
heading to sauna room. Sharon in KT in black dress with pink trim and high heels.
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Topic #8218322
CruiseCritic - All quiet except for James making his beans. He looks at himself in mirror every now and then 0 Replies #8218322 9:45AM 12/03/2008
Takes his frying pan of beans and goes and grabs a plate out of the cupboard. Scrapes everything onto the plate, licks his finger and runs water in frying pan at the sink.

Quick glimpse of Josh in the area as well - loosk like he is vacuuming. James gets out a bag of cheese from fridge at tops his bowl of refried beans with it.

Sharon in KT now as well
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Topic #8218335
CruiseCritic - James tells Sharon - either way dude, I love you. Sharon says the game is not her life 0 Replies #8218335 9:46AM 12/03/2008
Josh vacuuming and Chels in her jeans with her red robe on over them.
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Topic #8218354
CruiseCritic - Chels asked Sharon what she is eating and she says leftover slop, yup, yup yuuupp 0 Replies #8218354 9:47AM 12/03/2008
Josh drinking some water and plugs vacuum into a outlet on the kt counter. Sharon at the counter and Josh starts to vacuum, but it wont turn on - he goes and flips switch on coutner and it comes on.

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Topic #8218375
CruiseCritic - Kitchen sink full of dishes and Sharon walking around in her dress - gets out her slop 0 Replies #8218375 9:49AM 12/03/2008
bowl and fills it over by the fridge. Josh now out of view of the KT area, but can hear him vacuuming. Now they show him byt the KT table.

He is in jeans and what looks like a brown or maroon long sleeve shirt.
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Topic #8218396
CruiseCritic - Josh vacuuming in front of memory wall and around table area 0 Replies #8218396 9:50AM 12/03/2008
nothing else as all feeds are on Sharon and Josh in the kitchen. You can hear Sharon mixing up her slop
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Topic #8218411
CruiseCritic - Sharon leaves KT with her bowl of slop and all feeds now on Josh vacuuming NT 0 Replies #8218411 9:51AM 12/03/2008
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Topic #8218431
CruiseCritic - all feeds go to pink room with Matt in his bed and Adam in his bed. Matt just 0 Replies #8218431 9:52AM 12/03/2008
pulled his hoodie over his head. Looks like Adam is reading. 2 feeds just switched to james and Chels. He has his bowl of beans.

you can hear chels say it makes no sense
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Topic #8218473
CruiseCritic - All feeds on James and Chels, he is playing with her hair. He asks her if he stays 0 Replies #8218473 9:55AM 12/03/2008
who do you want me to vote out. Chels had just said that she and Josh will probably be up next week.

James says it was a fun time for him

BB- Ryan, please put on your microphone.

Chels talks about her cat Sylvia that she had to put down was already dead and wants to know what that dream meant and James says it means that he is leaving.
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Topic #8218479
CruiseCritic - James says I shouldnt be going, but I will be going. NT 0 Replies #8218479 9:56AM 12/03/2008
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Topic #8218492
CruiseCritic - James wonders what that sound was, and Chels wonders if they are vacuuming upstairs and James 0 Replies #8218492 9:57AM 12/03/2008
says no and makes some type of noise that he is referring it to.

Both are quiet for a minute.......

I dont know if AMerica would vote to keep me here (says james)
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Topic #8218493
McSampson - James: I don't know if America would vote to keep me in NT 0 Replies #8218493 9:57AM 12/03/2008
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Topic #8218505
CruiseCritic - Chels still in her robe and cuddles close to James, he hits her with a pillow 0 Replies #8218505 9:59AM 12/03/2008
and she says doooon't

he asks her if she is putting makeup on and she says yes.

quiet again.....
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Topic #8218513
CruiseCritic - Hear Sharon saying Hi fur-ennnnds, I love you as she screeches in that voice NT 0 Replies #8218513 9:59AM 12/03/2008
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Topic #8218526
CruiseCritic - James biting on a fingernail, Chels tells him to stop and he says sorry. the 0 Replies #8218526 10:00AM 12/03/2008
feeds are all on the two of them. mostly in silence
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Topic #8218534
CruiseCritic - James pulls her close and hugs her and says I have really bad breath, he starts to get up and FLAMES NT 0 Replies #8218534 10:01AM 12/03/2008
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Topic #8218563
CruiseCritic - Feeds back and all on Chels laying alone in bed. NT 0 Replies #8218563 10:03AM 12/03/2008
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Topic #8218578
CruiseCritic - Somone walks thru BR and says something to Chelsia, she says YUP and all is quiet again besides for the 0 Replies #8218578 10:05AM 12/03/2008
sounds of Sharons voice in the background
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Topic #8218592
CruiseCritic - James crawls on the floor in front of Josh/Sharons bed and Chels asks him what he is doing 0 Replies #8218592 10:06AM 12/03/2008
and James makes up some voice and tells her she is really a b!tch and talks about going up to the room that they tainted with their love.
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Topic #8218603
CruiseCritic - James sits on the ledge between the beds drinking water and Chels lays there 0 Replies #8218603 10:07AM 12/03/2008
he does the fingers at her like the vote will be 6-0

james says beliefs of falseness....starts singing something..FLAMES
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Topic #8218623
CruiseCritic - Chels talking about maybe Sheilas son could be there, and she thinks at the finale they 0 Replies #8218623 10:10AM 12/03/2008
might fly ppl there from sequester and friends and family

(ed-going to go eat some lunch)
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Topic #8218675
Sue - James/Chels spooning in bed. James is the big spoon. He has his leg over her NT 0 Replies #8218675 10:16AM 12/03/2008
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Topic #8218693
Sue - James pulls a "glow in the dark rosary" out of Chels robe NT 0 Replies #8218693 10:18AM 12/03/2008
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Topic #8218701
Sue - James: Are Rosaries strictly for women? Chels: no (small talk) says G'ma Doris uses a rosary all the time NT 0 Replies #8218701 10:20AM 12/03/2008
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