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LadyMadonna Feeds back: Ryan and Sheila nominated NT 0 5:55PM 13/03/2008
SouthernBelladonna M/N talk about the noms. Ryan and Sheila are nom'd. Both are voting for Ryan to stay. 0 5:55PM 13/03/2008
ostra Back from trivia, looks like Ryan and Sheila on the block, Matt and Nat in SR discussing who they can afford to lose this week, they decide Sheila 0 5:56PM 13/03/2008
RealitySwan Natalie's key was the first key pulled NT 0 5:58PM 13/03/2008
streetsense ryan and sheila--talking about how they on block--and in the block room-and james not wanting POV used NT 0 6:08PM 13/03/2008
streetsense sheila telling ryan shes not going to turn on him htis week--- NT 0 6:18PM 13/03/2008
streetsense sheila saying they should have gone w/ deal to get this one out -but his times almost up(points up)-and he hasnt even been on block and hell freak 0 6:19PM 13/03/2008
kandio Sheila/Ryan..R: saying they got screwed in this deal. 0 6:21PM 13/03/2008
streetsense chelsia comes in says shes bored --ryan says i dont know if you want to hang out in block/cursed room-- NT 0 6:26PM 13/03/2008
streetsense ryan leaves --chelsia/sheila now --chelsia saying it would have been dumb to bring somebody back that would have seen everything -- NT 0 6:31PM 13/03/2008
streetsense chelsia saying america didnt like alex --he didnt do anything--he was the quiet guy (said it would have been jen/allison)NT 0 6:33PM 13/03/2008
streetsense chelsia wondering if bb15 will be all the previous winner of BB NT 0 6:36PM 13/03/2008
streetsense sheila telling chelsia about james saying she lied (at noms ceremony?) ---and her saying ya and so did everybody else except your p NT 0 6:40PM 13/03/2008
streetsense sheila/chelsia talking future BB should have secret lesbian lovers--sheila: america is ready for it---guy guy thing overplayed NT 0 6:44PM 13/03/2008
streetsense chelsia talking --the self named "the sexy 6" alliance matt/nat jen/parker alex/amanda ---and asking chelsia/james if they want in after NT 0 6:46PM 13/03/2008
streetsense f3 f4 --sheila alone in room curled up in bed(thinking) NT 0 6:49PM 13/03/2008
streetsense sharon --chelsia--nat--james in kitchen talking sheila reaction to nom--sharon saying only 3 people didnt vote james back in so.... NT 0 6:52PM 13/03/2008
streetsense adam ryan matt talking (matt reading bible) ryan talking about james saying sheila strongest person here- NT 0 6:55PM 13/03/2008
streetsense f3 f4 --nat, sharon making dinner--chelsia goes up to hoh to see james NT 0 6:59PM 13/03/2008
streetsense james asked "how was talk w/ sheila" she says she thought more people were in there--but it was just those 2 ---and she couldnt leave right away NT 0 7:00PM 13/03/2008
streetsense chelsia saying sheial just kept talking and ryan left--and she was stuck there NT 0 7:01PM 13/03/2008
streetsense nat sharon talking votes for james coming back--and adams vote NT 0 7:06PM 13/03/2008
streetsense sharon asking nat why she made deal---- sharon/nat talking next HOH--sharon asking who Nat would put up NT 0 7:09PM 13/03/2008
streetsense nat saying shed put up josh cuz hes only one that hasnt been put up yet NT 0 7:10PM 13/03/2008
King_Kaysars_Queen adam reading bible, matt resting NT 0 7:15PM 13/03/2008
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