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streetsense josh has pillow over his head--sharon trying to mouth something to chelsia NT 0 8:38PM 13/03/2008
PartyN Another Chelsia quick-change at 8:40 BBT NT 0 8:42PM 13/03/2008
BBFanChelle All 4 feeds on Chel and Sharon in HT NT 0 8:48PM 13/03/2008
streetsense all 4 feeds on sharon chelsia in hot tub--talking game--saying if pov gets used get rid of matt- 0 8:49PM 13/03/2008
BBFanChelle Ryan, Matt, Shelia, Nat in KT getting beer and wine 0 8:50PM 13/03/2008
BBFanChelle Chelsia and Sharon in KT 1 8:51PM 13/03/2008
BBFanChelle Ryan to Shelia, What were you doing in the DR, Crying? 0 8:54PM 13/03/2008
BBFanChelle Correction: Adam asked Shelia if she was crying. NT 0 8:54PM 13/03/2008
BBFanChelle BB: Houseguests please go outside. NT 0 8:56PM 13/03/2008
BBFanChelle Flames NT 0 8:56PM 13/03/2008
streetsense chelsia --sharon hot tub talk 0 8:56PM 13/03/2008
BBFanChelle Matt and Shelia talk about drinking wine with someone 0 9:04PM 13/03/2008
BBFanChelle Matt asked James if he would ever enlist... 0 9:05PM 13/03/2008
BBFanChelle Josh, Sharon, Natalie and Chelsia in HT NT 0 9:07PM 13/03/2008
BBFanChelle Adam making faces behind Shelia LOL 0 9:08PM 13/03/2008
BBFanChelle BB: Houseguests the lockdown is over. NT 0 9:12PM 13/03/2008
BBFanChelle Josh: They did do something. They spelled out POV with the... 0 9:14PM 13/03/2008
streetsense sharon josh hot tub----sharon telling james on couch it was adam not matt voting him back in ---james no response-- NT 0 9:15PM 13/03/2008
streetsense sharon asking james who hed put up if POV used--james said IDK but we have to follow through w/ it(i think, cant hear him) NT 0 9:18PM 13/03/2008
BBFanChelle Shelia: Looking at memory wall... "Everyone is being evicted... 0 9:20PM 13/03/2008
BBFanChelle Shelia to Matt and Natalie, "I need a miracle." Nat:: "Start praying." NT 0 9:24PM 13/03/2008
streetsense sheila/nat talking pov comp--nat trying to help her--saying its gonna be w/ 4 colors NT 0 9:25PM 13/03/2008
ariel1981 josh/sharon/chelsia in HT talking about their fave comps so far 0 9:27PM 13/03/2008
streetsense nat brainstorming w/ sheila about giant blocks-sheila not following nat throwing out random ideas(lol) NT 0 9:28PM 13/03/2008
streetsense sheila" this has to go down the right way" nat---if nobody comes down it will be ryan goes--you stay--i know that for a fact NT 0 9:30PM 13/03/2008
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