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realitydoll Flames! NT 0 12:49PM 15/03/2008
realitydoll Feeds Back. Hg's starting to prepare lunch. Matt says Good morning Sheila!!! NT 0 12:51PM 15/03/2008
realitydoll James/C/Josh/Ryan in Kitchen preparing food. Matt & the rest are in PY yapping - general chat NT 0 12:54PM 15/03/2008
KarTrace house talking about live feed 0 12:56PM 15/03/2008
realitydoll Nat goes inside to fix lunch, Matt mentions his girl came in second in Survivor, Daniele, my bfs, g/f's sister (ed: your girl?) then we get flames! NT 0 12:57PM 15/03/2008
DanaRose Nat just said she wants to do playboy, maybe they could 0 12:59PM 15/03/2008
DanaRose James, Matt, Ryan and Chelsia in KT making/eating lunch, Josh in BY lifting weights, Nat, Sharon and Sheila sunbathing. I think Adam is in hammock NT 1 1:03PM 15/03/2008
BBFanChelle Shelia in bathroom. "Just trying to put a face on." NT 0 1:08PM 15/03/2008
DanaRose Ryan looking at puzzle in GP cage, says to James, You cant be right, this thing... 0 1:09PM 15/03/2008
DanaRose Matt goes out to BY with a plate, Adam asks whatcha got? Matt says tuna, cheese and pita pocket 0 1:15PM 15/03/2008
BBFanChelle Sharon and Natalie in dbl chaise. James in other chaise. Adam in DR. 0 1:22PM 15/03/2008
BBFanChelle Ryan in bathroom. Adam in kitchen. NT 1 1:26PM 15/03/2008
BBFanChelle Shelia telling Adam that he degraded her. NT 0 1:35PM 15/03/2008
Rubykins Sheila talking to Adam in kitchen 1 1:38PM 15/03/2008
BBFanChelle Flames NT 0 1:38PM 15/03/2008
BBFanChelle Adam: Are you threatening me? I'm trying to help you out Shelia. 0 1:41PM 15/03/2008
BBFanChelle Shelia: And the saga continues. NT 0 1:47PM 15/03/2008
BBFanChelle Shelia: James I really need to talk to you. They head to the HOH NT 0 1:47PM 15/03/2008
DanaRose Josh said to Chelsia, 'i cant believe Natalie gave Matt(adult) 0 1:58PM 15/03/2008
DanaRose Flamessss NT 0 1:59PM 15/03/2008
Brendabythebay Sheila just asked James who started Op Condor and Op Gardner and he said Adam. NT 0 1:59PM 15/03/2008
realitydoll Shelia is now reiterating her whole story to James how Nat wouldn't vote for her, Adam wouldn't support her... 0 2:00PM 15/03/2008
SouthernBelladonna James tells Josh and Che that they need to get Sheila on thier side. 0 2:16PM 15/03/2008
SouthernBelladonna James think M/N and Adam will be shocked by the POV ceremony. NT 0 2:16PM 15/03/2008
SouthernBelladonna J/J/C wonder about the next HOH. James thinks it will be mental. Che thinks it might be faces. 0 2:18PM 15/03/2008
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