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JanJan Ryan in bed reading bible. Matt & Nat come in, Matt lies down by Ry. 0 10:01PM 15/03/2008
JanJan C/J & Josh in kitchen...a little stategy talk, (whispering/hard to hear). Joke about locking Sheila in room, locking everyone in bedrooms. 0 10:05PM 15/03/2008
JanJan James called to DR again. NT 0 10:07PM 15/03/2008
JanJan Josh in Kitchen, dancing, looking at his reflection, making "mm, mm" noises. (WTH?) NT 0 10:08PM 15/03/2008
JanJan Chelsea now trying a few ballet poses for Josh. Josh says he wanted Chel to win POV. NT 0 10:09PM 15/03/2008
JanJan Chelsea belches loudly (unexpectedly?) and Josh jokes "was that the siren?" NT 1 10:11PM 15/03/2008
JanJan Josh & Chel still hanging out in kitchen, waiting for water to boil (to add to the bathtub in HOH later). 0 10:18PM 15/03/2008
JanJan James out of the kitchen talking game w/Josh. 0 10:27PM 15/03/2008
JanJan Adam brings treats from kitchen back to bedroom for all (Mr. Goodbars).... 0 10:31PM 15/03/2008
JanJan James & Chelsea head to HOH bedroom with giant pot of boiling hot water to add to bathtub for bubble bath... 0 10:35PM 15/03/2008
JanJan The trivia game continues in BR - pretty funny - they are laughing at each others bad guesses. 0 10:43PM 15/03/2008
JanJan Boys club moves to kitchen, joins Josh. Told him he missed out on the fun Trivia time they just had. 0 10:51PM 15/03/2008
beccaluvswll Nat, Matt, Adam playing hide and seek NT 0 10:56PM 15/03/2008
JanJan Hide and Seek game continues....Nat hides, Ryan helps her out....Adam & Matt seek. 0 11:09PM 15/03/2008
beccaluvswll Nat is hiding... but the boys aren't lookin anymore NT 0 11:14PM 15/03/2008
JanJan Matt & Adam keep saying in sing-songy voices "Natalie, come out, come out wherever you are!" when looking for her. 0 11:16PM 15/03/2008
JanJan Boys are amused at themselves for not "seeking". Josh joins and says they are being heartless. 0 11:22PM 15/03/2008
JanJan Hide and seek game ends (for now)...they all are in storage room and find Sheila's unitard... 0 11:28PM 15/03/2008
SouthernBelladonna Ryan helps Nat find a new hiding place inside the couch-bed. NT 0 11:32PM 15/03/2008
JanJan "Hide and Seek part duece" Joshy wants to join in on the fun. Nat hides again and all four boys seeking. (counting to 50 continues to be a 0 11:33PM 15/03/2008
JanJan The boys look for Nat in storage room, A-balla looks in fridge (honestly! LOL). NT 0 11:34PM 15/03/2008
JanJan J/C come down from HOH. Nat hides again. All boys in kitchen. 0 11:39PM 15/03/2008
JanJan Game is done. Boys gather around kitchen counter and engage in lighthearted banter. 0 11:42PM 15/03/2008
ariel1981 boys/c/n all in KT teasing ryan about jen NT 0 11:44PM 15/03/2008
ariel1981 all talking about engagement rings/insurance scams 0 11:46PM 15/03/2008
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