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FrouFrou Josh says we will see if it comes together. James if she can pull it off. NT 0 6:04PM 17/03/2008
FrouFrou James saying hang out. Sharon says be normal. Sharon saying I hope it doesn't burn us. Instead of 5-1 it will go 3-3. NT 0 6:05PM 17/03/2008
FrouFrou Josh saying he will put Sheila and Nat on the block and backdoor Adam if one comes up. NT 0 6:05PM 17/03/2008
FrouFrou Sharon saying Sheila asks her what she should do if she gets the HOH. NT 0 6:08PM 17/03/2008
FrouFrou Sharon doesn't trust Sheila because of the ht and Sheila didn't list Sharon as someone she would talk to after the show. NT 0 6:09PM 17/03/2008
SouthernBelladonna Che is now in the hammock chatting with the boys in the BY. NT 0 6:09PM 17/03/2008
FrouFrou Josh saying Sheila will come and ask us. Sharon saying I don't hang out with Chelsia. We'll see says James. NT 0 6:10PM 17/03/2008
FrouFrou Josh saying let's send Sharon down too. Let them think it will be 5-1 for Matt to stay. Flames. NT 0 6:12PM 17/03/2008
lakeview J/J/C/S in HOH room 0 6:12PM 17/03/2008
FrouFrou Matt got cake I think. All in storage room. There is beer. NT 2 6:16PM 17/03/2008
FrouFrou Flames again. Someone take over when it comes back please? NT 0 6:17PM 17/03/2008
SouthernBelladonna Josh is saying today is the 1/2 way mark. BB gave them cake, pizza, beer, wine... 0 6:18PM 17/03/2008
SouthernBelladonna Flames. NT 0 6:20PM 17/03/2008
SouthernBelladonna Trivia. NT 0 6:25PM 17/03/2008
BBFanChelle Still Trivia. NT 0 6:54PM 17/03/2008
WildestOrchid more Trivia NT 0 6:55PM 17/03/2008
FrouFrou Back. Cake still intact. People outside. NT 0 7:04PM 17/03/2008
FrouFrou Ryan James Adam playing pool. NT 0 7:05PM 17/03/2008
FrouFrou The cake has all their pictures on it. NT 0 7:06PM 17/03/2008
SouthernBelladonna Feeds back. Sharon and Sheila are talking about the night of kissing at the pool. 0 7:06PM 17/03/2008
FrouFrou Also have pizza and beer. NT 0 7:06PM 17/03/2008
SouthernBelladonna The girls are admiring the cake. Sheila is saying several of the HGs look better in person (rather than in the BB pics) NT 0 7:08PM 17/03/2008
SouthernBelladonna Josh is the only one eating cake. Sheila comes ove to talka to him. They talk about how boring the house is. 0 7:10PM 17/03/2008
SouthernBelladonna R/M/Adam are talking about what would have heppened if James had gone and they had won HOH. 0 7:12PM 17/03/2008
SouthernBelladonna The boys in the BY are talking about hanging out after BB. NT 0 7:13PM 17/03/2008
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