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Topic #8299281
FrouFrou - Josh says we will see if it comes together. James if she can pull it off. NT 0 Replies #8299281 6:04PM 17/03/2008
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Topic #8299292
FrouFrou - James saying hang out. Sharon says be normal. Sharon saying I hope it doesn't burn us. Instead of 5-1 it will go 3-3. NT 0 Replies #8299292 6:05PM 17/03/2008
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Topic #8299300
FrouFrou - Josh saying he will put Sheila and Nat on the block and backdoor Adam if one comes up. NT 0 Replies #8299300 6:05PM 17/03/2008
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Topic #8299332
FrouFrou - Sharon saying Sheila asks her what she should do if she gets the HOH. NT 0 Replies #8299332 6:08PM 17/03/2008
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Topic #8299357
FrouFrou - Sharon doesn't trust Sheila because of the ht and Sheila didn't list Sharon as someone she would talk to after the show. NT 0 Replies #8299357 6:09PM 17/03/2008
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Topic #8299361
SouthernBelladonna - Che is now in the hammock chatting with the boys in the BY. NT 0 Replies #8299361 6:09PM 17/03/2008
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Topic #8299385
FrouFrou - Josh saying Sheila will come and ask us. Sharon saying I don't hang out with Chelsia. We'll see says James. NT 0 Replies #8299385 6:10PM 17/03/2008
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Topic #8299410
FrouFrou - Josh saying let's send Sharon down too. Let them think it will be 5-1 for Matt to stay. Flames. NT 0 Replies #8299410 6:12PM 17/03/2008
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Topic #8299412
lakeview - J/J/C/S in HOH room 0 Replies #8299412 6:12PM 17/03/2008
Josh thinks they'll figure out if it works if Matt starts acting more cocky.

James asks if Ryan made deals with Josh/Sharon. Both say he told them separately that Ryan said he wouldn't put them up next week.

Josh: this is fun. Can I do anything?

Sharon: no, just be normal like we always are. Hope it doesn't backfire.

Josh: it can't backfire. we're taking it 5-1 to 3-3.

Sharon saying now she'll tell Matt she's defintely voting to keep Ryan.

Josh: Sheila's deadly. Sheila's going to go for what others do.

James; Natalie and Chelsia have so much to bond on. If they take this next week, she's embedded with them for next week.

Sharon says Sheila already told Nat that she promised her vote to Ryan.

James doesn't buy it. "They're in cahoots."

Josh saying Ryan had attacked Sheila before by the hot tub.

Sharon says the people Sharon would keep in contact with were Parker, Adam and Allison? But she's going to go against him at some point?

Sharon: James were you always gunning for Matt since day 1?

James: yeah, I guess.

James: this will work now.

Sharon: hope they don't see right through her.

Josh thinks Sheila will come to them and say "what's wrong with her?"

Sharon says the good thing is Sharon never hangs out with Chelsia. "I've made that clear".

According to Sheila, Sharon says, Matt thinks he can get her.

Josh asking if Sharon should also play the game.

"James to the diary room"

Josh thinks yeah, Sharon should go that way too. Sharon is going to wait and see first. Josh says no, send Sharon down too.

James leaves.

Josh says: you know it's going to f--- Chelsia.
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Topic #8299469
FrouFrou - Matt got cake I think. All in storage room. There is beer. NT 2 Replies #8299469 6:16PM 17/03/2008
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SouthernBelladonna - It's not for Matt, it's the 1/2 way party. NT #8299561 6:20PM 17/03/2008
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Bilbo - there was pizza, something in tin foil (prolly pasta of some sort), beer, wine and a cake with their pictures on it NT #8299539 6:19PM 17/03/2008
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Topic #8299495
FrouFrou - Flames again. Someone take over when it comes back please? NT 0 Replies #8299495 6:17PM 17/03/2008
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Topic #8299505
SouthernBelladonna - Josh is saying today is the 1/2 way mark. BB gave them cake, pizza, beer, wine... 0 Replies #8299505 6:18PM 17/03/2008
There are others large containers of food, but I can't tell what it is.

Sharon and Josh say the cake is so cool...they don't want to even ruin it by cutting it.

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Topic #8299567
SouthernBelladonna - Flames. NT 0 Replies #8299567 6:20PM 17/03/2008
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Topic #8299675
SouthernBelladonna - Trivia. NT 0 Replies #8299675 6:25PM 17/03/2008
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Topic #8299963
BBFanChelle - Still Trivia. NT 0 Replies #8299963 6:54PM 17/03/2008
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Topic #8299968
WildestOrchid - more Trivia NT 0 Replies #8299968 6:55PM 17/03/2008
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Topic #8300039
FrouFrou - Back. Cake still intact. People outside. NT 0 Replies #8300039 7:04PM 17/03/2008
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Topic #8300046
FrouFrou - Ryan James Adam playing pool. NT 0 Replies #8300046 7:05PM 17/03/2008
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Topic #8300053
FrouFrou - The cake has all their pictures on it. NT 0 Replies #8300053 7:06PM 17/03/2008
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Topic #8300055
SouthernBelladonna - Feeds back. Sharon and Sheila are talking about the night of kissing at the pool. 0 Replies #8300055 7:06PM 17/03/2008
Josh is ready to cut the cake. Sharon is sad because she can't take a picture of it.

James, Ry, Adam, are playing pool.

The cake has all the HGs' faces on it...Josh is eating it...Sharon wants to save the pieces with her face and Jacob's face..she's never seen a picture cake before and is freaking over it.
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Topic #8300056
FrouFrou - Also have pizza and beer. NT 0 Replies #8300056 7:06PM 17/03/2008
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Topic #8300073
SouthernBelladonna - The girls are admiring the cake. Sheila is saying several of the HGs look better in person (rather than in the BB pics) NT 0 Replies #8300073 7:08PM 17/03/2008
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Topic #8300098
SouthernBelladonna - Josh is the only one eating cake. Sheila comes ove to talka to him. They talk about how boring the house is. 0 Replies #8300098 7:10PM 17/03/2008
Sheila: "40 days and it's the same frickin' thing. It's like Groundhog Day"
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Topic #8300116
SouthernBelladonna - R/M/Adam are talking about what would have heppened if James had gone and they had won HOH. 0 Replies #8300116 7:12PM 17/03/2008
"woulda, coulda, shoulda"

Now talking about "Chenbot" and whether she will want to "kick it" with Adam. Adam doesn't think so.
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Topic #8300125
SouthernBelladonna - The boys in the BY are talking about hanging out after BB. NT 0 Replies #8300125 7:13PM 17/03/2008
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