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Sheila telling Ryan Sharon and Nat about her dream, they were in a boat that capsized NT - DanaRose
10:08AM 19/03/2008

Nat saying she was on a Hawaiian Tropic modeling trip and she and her friend capsized... - DanaRose
10:10AM 19/03/2008

Sharon and Adam loudly saying each others names and big hugs in KT NT - DanaRose
10:13AM 19/03/2008

Adam quite jovial, goes over to Sheila staring at her, She says whats up Adam, why are you - DanaRose
10:16AM 19/03/2008

Natalie/Sheila chitchat on fashion, mutual lovefest (all feeds). NT - Tikkanen
10:42AM 19/03/2008

Nat/Shiela in KT talking about finding love..some one who loves them regardless of their past ..stripping,playboy - iupshaw
10:46AM 19/03/2008

Sheila STILL trying to get Adam to commit. whispering thru her teeth to him that 'we' are voting for Ryan to leave NT - Bilbo
11:07AM 19/03/2008

Sheila in kitchen whispering to Adam: "we are voting for Ryan out. Yes, Adam tell me. He - camera12
11:08AM 19/03/2008

All 4 feeds on Sheila drying hair and Chels putting on make-up. NT - camera12
11:09AM 19/03/2008

All feeds now on Sheila, Chelsia and Sharon in Bathroom. - BB_Addiction
11:10AM 19/03/2008

Natalie taking a shower. NT - camera12
11:13AM 19/03/2008

Josh came out of toilet, washed his hands, stood next to Shebot, NO TALKING, awkward silence. NT - camera12
11:16AM 19/03/2008

Wake-up song was "love to Love ya Baby" by Donna Summers. S- thinks they played an Abba song too. NT - camera12
11:22AM 19/03/2008

S/N talking about Madonna, her career, he marriage, needs to help Britney. NT - camera12
11:24AM 19/03/2008

Sheila tells Adam he must've drove his mom crazy growing up, that she'd like to meet his - DanaRose
11:29AM 19/03/2008

Sh talking about her beard. She is gonna have to pluck it (lol). NT - camera12
11:29AM 19/03/2008
Camera does a super zoom on Nat's butt as Sheila helps her out with her underwear. NT - KevSlider
11:30AM 19/03/2008

Nat tells Sheila that one thing about Chelsia is she wont just lie to your face (lol) NT - DanaRose
11:37AM 19/03/2008

Nat: Josh will probably vote for Matt to stay, and Sharon will follow. I think it (more) - DanaRose
11:38AM 19/03/2008

All 4 feeds on Nat and Sheila STILL. (Cameramen getting way too lazy) NT - DanaRose
11:40AM 19/03/2008

Flames...... NT - DanaRose
11:44AM 19/03/2008

..flames NT - BB_Addiction
11:44AM 19/03/2008

Feeds back, now in HOH...James, Josh and Chelsia in there. Josh saying - DanaRose
11:50AM 19/03/2008

All feeds on Josh, James and Chelsia in HoH. Chelsia saying she has a hickey and Josh tells her that she'll need to cover it up NT - BB_Addiction
11:50AM 19/03/2008

Sharon joins C/J/J in HoH and they are all talking about the votes. NT - BB_Addiction
11:59AM 19/03/2008

Sharon goes up to HOH, tells J/J/C she overheard Sheila and Adam talking... - DanaRose
12:00PM 19/03/2008

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