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Josh comes into the KT talking about how he's going to make fun of peoples family on the live show - Timot
2:29PM 19/03/2008
James does not say that TO Sheila. He said it after she went into DR, to Ryan and Matt NT - Taffy
2:40PM 19/03/2008

Josh calls Sheila that she is a two faced lying (adult) - Timot
2:34PM 19/03/2008

Matt says to Josh: "Don't bring her son into this" Josh said: "She brought her son into this on day 2" - TheMike
2:35PM 19/03/2008

Josh: "What's she gonna do, get Allison Grodner to talk to me?" TRIVIA NT - TheMike
2:37PM 19/03/2008

Josh starts on Sheila and she gets him right back...Tells him Allison is - Taffy
2:37PM 19/03/2008

Josh still ranting in kitchen about Sheila to James Matt and Ryan - TheMike
2:44PM 19/03/2008

Sheila tells Josh he's going to be called to DR, Josh says he doesn't care - Taffy
2:48PM 19/03/2008

Flames NT - Stella222
2:48PM 19/03/2008

Sheila comes out of DR, she and Josh argue and Sheila says they want you in the diary room Josh, Josh says - DanaRose
2:48PM 19/03/2008

Trivia again NT - DanaRose
2:49PM 19/03/2008

Feeds still not back. Trivia NT - Taffy
5:03PM 19/03/2008

still trivia NT - alex_davis
5:42PM 19/03/2008

Still trivia. NT - Queeny34
6:01PM 19/03/2008

Live Eviction show on NT - emplula
6:13PM 19/03/2008

Feeds Back. Everyone in kitchen. Adam happy and loud. NT - FrouFrou
7:11PM 19/03/2008

Back to trivia. NT - FrouFrou
7:12PM 19/03/2008

They are talking about HOH comp and the order. NT - FrouFrou
7:12PM 19/03/2008

They are shocked that Parker came in 2nd. NT - FrouFrou
7:14PM 19/03/2008

James sulking alone on F3/F4 NT - Tikkanen
7:14PM 19/03/2008

Adam still very pleased. Sheila has apron on. Her and Nat are starting their talking. Adam walks out of room. NT - FrouFrou
7:15PM 19/03/2008

James lying in bed, alone, just staring. Telling Adam he did not want to make the decision to evict. NT - camera12
7:15PM 19/03/2008

James says what he did tonight was really hard. NT - SouthernBelladonna
7:15PM 19/03/2008

James and Adam confab. James telling Adam do what is right for you in the game. James saying it was hard to decide which one. James saying I made a - FrouFrou
7:18PM 19/03/2008

James laying down looking sad in the red room while the - Taffy
7:19PM 19/03/2008
Adam came into the Bedroom with James and said "U need to help me with this HoH" NT - Gorf
7:20PM 19/03/2008

Adam in his room alone, shaking his head like he can't believe he won. Packing. NT - camera12
7:19PM 19/03/2008

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