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CruiseCritic Josh rearranging pillows under his head and then puts his normal pillow over 0 2:56AM 20/03/2008
CruiseCritic Ryan back out of bed and is walking thru kitchen looking around and now into the toilet NT 0 2:59AM 20/03/2008
CruiseCritic Josh is tossing and turning and Ryan still in WC NT 0 3:04AM 20/03/2008
CruiseCritic Ryan opens door and goes and washes his hands, checks himself out in mirror for a sec 0 3:07AM 20/03/2008
emy James seems to still be awake...occasionally looks towards chels' bed NT 0 4:03AM 20/03/2008
MizzEvil25 Looks like all HGs are asleep right now NT 0 6:33AM 20/03/2008
vivianfarrell Flames NT 0 8:02AM 20/03/2008
mks trivia NT 0 8:09AM 20/03/2008
BBjunkie247 trivia NT 0 8:11AM 20/03/2008
echo adam smokin alone...sheila making hg's its time to get ready for the day NT 0 8:17AM 20/03/2008
echo sheila brushing teeth getting ready to shower...adam goes into n/r room to wake then hg's he says NT 0 8:20AM 20/03/2008
BBjunkie247 Adam tells Shelia not to act to excited about the noms NT 0 8:25AM 20/03/2008
BBjunkie247 shelia -this is the oldest young ppl I've ever met in my life NT 0 8:25AM 20/03/2008
echo sheila saying these are the oldest young people i have ver met to adam 0 8:26AM 20/03/2008
echo adam req into mic that they give a wake up...get these people up NT 0 8:28AM 20/03/2008
KarTrace Adam back in HOH bed. Shelia in bathroom doing makeup. NT 0 8:35AM 20/03/2008
echo sheila gettin ready and gettin coffee, adam back up to hoh jumped into bed NT 0 8:36AM 20/03/2008
BBjunkie247 BB-houseguest its time to get up for the day Flames NT 0 8:42AM 20/03/2008
BBjunkie247 adam and josh talking about noms, shelia has the runs from bad salad 0 9:01AM 20/03/2008
TheMike Josh in Adam in BY talking 0 9:02AM 20/03/2008
TheMike Josh says "you gotta put one of 'em up" 0 9:04AM 20/03/2008
TheMike Josh asks Sheila what would happen if they both went up 0 9:06AM 20/03/2008
TheMike Sheila now pleading her case with Adam in KT (Josh also in KT) 0 9:09AM 20/03/2008
TheMike Josh leaves KT 0 9:13AM 20/03/2008
TheMike Adam: "It's my time to get revenge" 0 9:16AM 20/03/2008
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