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Brendabythebay Sheila asks Nat if they told her anythign and she says nope. S: great as my stomach turns. 0 7:49PM 20/03/2008
Brendabythebay Josh/Che in storage room 0 7:51PM 20/03/2008
Brendabythebay Josh/Chelsea in SR 0 7:55PM 20/03/2008
Brendabythebay More Josh/Che in SR 0 7:59PM 20/03/2008
KingMac WOW now Josh is throwing Sharon under the bus... Saying we should make it Sharon vs James and we vote out Sharon NT 0 8:00PM 20/03/2008
lakeview Chelsia/Josh in storage room 0 8:00PM 20/03/2008
Brendabythebay Josh Chels go to Sharon and Sharon reads from the bible to them Psalm 23. 0 8:05PM 20/03/2008
Brendabythebay Sharon just told Chels Nat doesnt want girl in sequester with matt she wants a guy. She will keep you here. NT 0 8:07PM 20/03/2008
Brendabythebay Che (mimics BB) Chelsea, please go to the DR. Oh I thought I heard a door. (Then we hear a door) Che laughs. 0 8:09PM 20/03/2008
lakeview James saying he'd throw the POV for a (ADULT) 0 8:11PM 20/03/2008
Birdie chel says it's a deal.. NT 0 8:12PM 20/03/2008
lakeview Chelia says "oh now? no, after" NT 0 8:12PM 20/03/2008
Brendabythebay Che just told james that she would ((ADULT)) 0 8:13PM 20/03/2008
SouthernBelladonna James says if he doesn't win PopV, he will walk out the door. He and Chel still joking (sorta) about him... 0 8:14PM 20/03/2008
Brendabythebay Che says lets not tell those guys about that. James says no. What does Jesus think about that tho? NT 0 8:14PM 20/03/2008
Brendabythebay James not offers oral to Chels if she throws it. For TWO hours. "How bout you just throw it. I've already been 0 8:15PM 20/03/2008
SouthernBelladonna Now James offering to orally pleasure Chel if she throws it. They're joking back and forth. 0 8:16PM 20/03/2008
Brendabythebay Che: No pushing. Bite if you push. James laughs and says you dont like that. NT 0 8:16PM 20/03/2008
Brendabythebay James just said... 0 8:17PM 20/03/2008
SouthernBelladonna James mimics...(adult content) 0 8:18PM 20/03/2008
Brendabythebay J/C now talking about being asked if they would do 0 8:19PM 20/03/2008
SouthernBelladonna Chel says it will make a great bar story. James says.... 0 8:19PM 20/03/2008
raindrop110475 havent seen tis on here but chel said she was cast cause she told producers she would do sexual favors to get ahead in game NT 0 8:21PM 20/03/2008
raindrop110475 feeds switch to sheila and nat nat says if she wins money she will fly matt to oregon then go to vegas NT 0 8:23PM 20/03/2008
raindrop110475 sheila and nat still on all feeds nothing new being said josh will save james blah blah if anything new illpost no worries NT 0 8:27PM 20/03/2008
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