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Sharon telling James in BY that Matt mustve said stuff to Nat and played her hard for her to feel the way - DanaRose
12:54PM 20/03/2008

Sharon: Adam has to be careful who he puts up or it'll come back to bite him James says Adam's gonna play the dumb card NT - DanaRose
12:56PM 20/03/2008

James says hes not going to get bummed, if he goes up at least he's not getting BDed NT - DanaRose
12:57PM 20/03/2008

Chelsia comes out and says Adam is so weird in the KT, that he's staring and then he pointed - DanaRose
1:00PM 20/03/2008

Chelsia looking at her upper arm says, dam bruises, hickeys, zits, gross. NT - DanaRose
1:01PM 20/03/2008

BB: Ryan to DR NT - DanaRose
1:02PM 20/03/2008

James Sharon and Chelsia very quiet in BY. Sharon biting lip, NT - DanaRose
1:03PM 20/03/2008

Nat talking to Adam And Josh inKT... - DanaRose
1:07PM 20/03/2008

Nat and Adam alone in KT... - DanaRose
1:09PM 20/03/2008

Josh/Adam/Nat in kitchen - lakeview
1:09PM 20/03/2008

James to Adam in BY...You voted me out now youre gonna put me up, Adam i didnt say...James i know i know...(more) - DanaRose
1:15PM 20/03/2008

James/Adam/Josh by pool table - lakeview
1:16PM 20/03/2008

Sharon says this could be the best week or the worst week, Both J/J say WORST! NT - DanaRose
1:17PM 20/03/2008

Sheila comes outside saying its hard to take a nap in this house, and shes wondering why everyone thinks EvelDick would hate her NT - DanaRose
1:18PM 20/03/2008

Adam and Chelsia in Living room... - DanaRose
1:20PM 20/03/2008

Adam says its a risk no matter who he puts up. NT - DanaRose
1:21PM 20/03/2008

Adam is confirming with first ryan and now nat that he is puttign up james and cchel - raindrop110475
1:41PM 20/03/2008

Nat and Adam saying James gotta go to avenge Matt's eviction NT - streetsense
1:50PM 20/03/2008

Nat/Adam in HOH; Nat saying that their side will win POV b/c it's week 7 & that is her & Mattie's lucky number... - scandalous
2:02PM 20/03/2008

Nat finds Ryan in the WC & reiterates to him the gist of everything she & Adam spoke about: James has to go, James was jealous of Mattie, we have to.. - scandalous
2:07PM 20/03/2008

James/Josh/Chels in Red room, discuss the benefits of sequester: not having to do comps, Josh says not having to hold his tongue/ listen to anyone NT - scandalous
2:09PM 20/03/2008

Josh thinks Adam will but 2 up & then pull one off the block just to mess with them; James says if he picks Nat for POV he'll be pissed NT - scandalous
2:10PM 20/03/2008

JJC also doing a lot of hard core whispering that I haven't heard; now they're playing (adult) "truth or dare" @ Chels' suggestion... - scandalous
2:16PM 20/03/2008

James said if he's voted out "THEY" will bring him back in the house.. Josh agrees NT - Birdie
2:21PM 20/03/2008

Chel says if we all end up in sequester can we share out secrets then, Josh says yes James says no. Now say he has a secret related to the show... - scandalous
2:23PM 20/03/2008

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