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Topic #8346157
DanaRose - Sharon telling James in BY that Matt mustve said stuff to Nat and played her hard for her to feel the way 0 Replies #8346157 12:54PM 20/03/2008
she does about him, Nat cant be that delusional Sharon doesnt think.
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Topic #8346195
DanaRose - Sharon: Adam has to be careful who he puts up or it'll come back to bite him James says Adam's gonna play the dumb card NT 0 Replies #8346195 12:56PM 20/03/2008
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Topic #8346233
DanaRose - James says hes not going to get bummed, if he goes up at least he's not getting BDed NT 0 Replies #8346233 12:57PM 20/03/2008
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Topic #8346280
DanaRose - Chelsia comes out and says Adam is so weird in the KT, that he's staring and then he pointed 0 Replies #8346280 1:00PM 20/03/2008
out to James and Ryan and laughs and says theyre pissed cuz I told them i was putting them up. Sharon says she thinks Adam is scared to put up Sheila. Chels says she doesnt think Adam knows what hes doing. James says he will get himself off the block and go for Adam then.
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Topic #8346296
DanaRose - Chelsia looking at her upper arm says, dam bruises, hickeys, zits, gross. NT 0 Replies #8346296 1:01PM 20/03/2008
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Topic #8346311
DanaRose - BB: Ryan to DR NT 0 Replies #8346311 1:02PM 20/03/2008
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Topic #8346326
DanaRose - James Sharon and Chelsia very quiet in BY. Sharon biting lip, NT 0 Replies #8346326 1:03PM 20/03/2008
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Topic #8346410
DanaRose - Nat talking to Adam And Josh inKT... 0 Replies #8346410 1:07PM 20/03/2008
Nat saying James and Chelsia have to be put up, Adam eating and listening, Adam says I just dont want to deal with it man. Adam says maybe James and Josh, Josh says then if Chelsia wins POV she takes James off and both of them are safe.
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Topic #8346458
DanaRose - Nat and Adam alone in KT... 0 Replies #8346458 1:09PM 20/03/2008
Nat heres another option, put up James and Josh, but your best bet is J/C. Dont put up anyone from our side. Adam says best bet is James/Chelsia. Nat, You gotta do it for Matty
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Topic #8346460
lakeview - Josh/Adam/Nat in kitchen 0 Replies #8346460 1:09PM 20/03/2008
Adam discussing James/Chelsia idea.

Josh saying that if James/Chelsia on block and he wins POV, he wouldn't use the POV. If either wins POV and one not on, they'll take the other off and both be safe.

Nat: it's too big of a risk, you need to put them both up.

Nat has mayo on the side of her lip.

Adam: my boy...

Nat: he's greedy, angry....

Adam: if he wins POV, I'll be f---ed.

Nat: do what's best for you, but those two are a threat. Josh/Sharon are not.

Nat: Josh admitted he can't win anything physical.

Josh goes outside.

Nat: Here's the other option: James and Josh. But best bet is James and Chelsia.

Nat: if you put another person from us, they'll send us home and next week it's only me and Ryan winning HOH and we're screwed. 4 of them left.

Nat: either way, people are going to be pissed, but it's a game. Matt will be happy if James is the first person out.

Adam: [Matt's] my boy.

Adam walking outside.
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Topic #8346555
DanaRose - James to Adam in BY...You voted me out now youre gonna put me up, Adam i didnt say...James i know i know...(more) 0 Replies #8346555 1:15PM 20/03/2008
Adam says either way someones gonna be pissed off dude. james yea they will. James playing pool, Adam smoking. James u know what im saying Adam i know wys, james ive been on the block twice, adam i know. James : im not saying you owe me anything either. Adam: I know, Josh: it sucks, Adam: it sucks dude. Adam: You gotta see it Jimmy, you a strong player in this game, James says so put me up, but youve never been a target for me.
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Topic #8346572
lakeview - James/Adam/Josh by pool table 0 Replies #8346572 1:16PM 20/03/2008
Adam says he's going to be a bad guy no matter what.

James: yeah, you voted me back in the house. I didn't put you up.

Adam: you didn't believe me.

James: obviously I did make a choice, and it was the right choice.

long quiet period.

James saying he's been HOH twice. James: Nat hasn't won dick.

James: I'm not saying you owe me anything either.

Josh: it sucks.

Adam: it sucks, dude.

Adam saying he doesn't want to have to backdoor him. Would he rather go up now. James is a big threat so best chance to keep in the game is to put him up. Better shot of winning the POV. Adam: Josh would probably take you off the block if he wins.

James: just tell me before you do it. All I can do is play games and hopefully next week win HOH.

James saying it'd be obvious that he was targeted. Adam: no it's not obvious. Don't act like that or I'm going to put you on the block.

Adam walks inside.

James: he's an idiot.

James: he definitely does not handle this position well.
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Topic #8346592
DanaRose - Sharon says this could be the best week or the worst week, Both J/J say WORST! NT 0 Replies #8346592 1:17PM 20/03/2008
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Topic #8346617
DanaRose - Sheila comes outside saying its hard to take a nap in this house, and shes wondering why everyone thinks EvelDick would hate her NT 0 Replies #8346617 1:18PM 20/03/2008
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Topic #8346638
DanaRose - Adam and Chelsia in Living room... 0 Replies #8346638 1:20PM 20/03/2008
Chelsia thinks Adam should put up Josh and Sheila. Adam says this is so hard.
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Topic #8346654
DanaRose - Adam says its a risk no matter who he puts up. NT 0 Replies #8346654 1:21PM 20/03/2008
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Topic #8347072
raindrop110475 - Adam is confirming with first ryan and now nat that he is puttign up james and cchel 0 Replies #8347072 1:41PM 20/03/2008
adam says there was no reason to put up matt last week for james was hypocrite move
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Topic #8347265
streetsense - Nat and Adam saying James gotta go to avenge Matt's eviction NT 0 Replies #8347265 1:50PM 20/03/2008
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Topic #8347558
scandalous - Nat/Adam in HOH; Nat saying that their side will win POV b/c it's week 7 & that is her & Mattie's lucky number... 0 Replies #8347558 2:02PM 20/03/2008
She said James had luck on his side last week b/c it was week 6 & that is "the Devil's number, not that James is the devil but he's an atheist."

Nat continues to say how psyched Matt would be if they got Pink out this week & it would be a great b-day present for him.

Adam: Matt loves me
Nat: yeah he does, from day 1 you were his boy

Nat talks about how she also feels guilty b/c she voted James back in & was afraid of the mystery box; she says "that was dumb"

Adam: "Dumb; D U M, Dumb"

Nat repeats D U M & the laugh

Adam gets called to the DR
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Topic #8347652
scandalous - Nat finds Ryan in the WC & reiterates to him the gist of everything she & Adam spoke about: James has to go, James was jealous of Mattie, we have to.. 0 Replies #8347652 2:07PM 20/03/2008
win POV. James is a hypocrite, noone has crossed Adam yet, but with James' actions to others it's probably just a matter of time, Josh is a liar & would take James off the block if he won POV, but Chelsia has come very close or won almost every competition, so it would be good to get her out too, (ed. yadda yadda....)
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Topic #8347699
scandalous - James/Josh/Chels in Red room, discuss the benefits of sequester: not having to do comps, Josh says not having to hold his tongue/ listen to anyone NT 0 Replies #8347699 2:09PM 20/03/2008
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Topic #8347720
scandalous - Josh thinks Adam will but 2 up & then pull one off the block just to mess with them; James says if he picks Nat for POV he'll be pissed NT 0 Replies #8347720 2:10PM 20/03/2008
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Topic #8347827
scandalous - JJC also doing a lot of hard core whispering that I haven't heard; now they're playing (adult) "truth or dare" @ Chels' suggestion... 0 Replies #8347827 2:16PM 20/03/2008
Chels 1st: Truth
James: Has a female ever eaten your ass?
Chels: No

James 2nd: Truth
Chels: Does your secret have to do with your physical abilities?
James: Yes

Chels: Dare
James: Go naked in the pool right now
Chels: I'll take a truth. James: no. They opt for rain check after noms

Chels: Truth
Josh: Have you ever Pugsley (one of her pets?) at her poon (or something like that...ed. eww)
Chels: I'm gonna go with no, on that.

Josh says that his dad does work in the refinery/oil business, but maintains that he has $5 in his account.

James starts saying he does not have a secret in the house, that he was only pulling her chain.
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Topic #8347878
Birdie - James said if he's voted out "THEY" will bring him back in the house.. Josh agrees NT 0 Replies #8347878 2:21PM 20/03/2008
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Topic #8347930
scandalous - Chel says if we all end up in sequester can we share out secrets then, Josh says yes James says no. Now say he has a secret related to the show... 0 Replies #8347930 2:23PM 20/03/2008
James plays along with it & says if he got voted out he'd end up right back in there.

James then telling Josh & Chels that he doesn't have another secret outside of the house...He said that his secret is that he's biking around the world on $100. Chels still thinks there's more to it, but she's still focused on biking.

They think Sharon has a really dark side to her & she lets it rip in the DR.

James thinks Chels' secret has to do with her past, something bad that happened to her in her family, but not molestation.

Josh says Chels' secret is that she's a 2 time World Rodeo Queen, then maybe a total biker chic & rides all over the world. James says she doesn't even have a motorcycle license.

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