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cindytexas Nat just said that after this she might be moving to LA. NT 0 12:06PM 21/03/2008
SouthernBelladonna Chel tells Shar that she thinks they will put her (S) up to insure Chel goes home. 0 12:06PM 21/03/2008
kandio Josh/Sharon. Talking about which one will go up. And who could get the most votes to stay. 0 12:06PM 21/03/2008
cindytexas Sheila didn't want to mention which airport is nearby because she's sure BB doesn't want the fans to know where the house is. (ed: lol) NT 0 12:07PM 21/03/2008
kandio N/Sheila saying Josh will be begging for votes if he goes up then he will owe us NT 0 12:07PM 21/03/2008
cindytexas Sharon asks for 15 minutes with Adam. They head up to HOH room. NT 0 12:09PM 21/03/2008
cindytexas Sharon is offering to go on the block against Chelsia. NT 0 12:10PM 21/03/2008
SouthernBelladonna Shar is telling Adam that she will be OK if she is nom'd. She thinks she has the votes. 0 12:11PM 21/03/2008
SouthernBelladonna Ryan/Josh talking about Sheils and how annoying she is. Ryan says he hates her...can't stand her. 0 12:13PM 21/03/2008
lakeview Sharon/Adam in HOH 0 12:19PM 21/03/2008
lakeview Sharon/Josh in boat room 0 12:27PM 21/03/2008
cindytexas Sheila just said if she would have won, she would have taken Chelsia off so Adam would put up Josh. 0 12:30PM 21/03/2008
cindytexas Adam told Sheila to stop using that card (her son being a minor, etc.) 0 12:31PM 21/03/2008
cindytexas Nat told Sheila she's over-reacting to the Josh thing. Sheila and Nat are now arguing. Nat told Sheila she needs to calm down, she's riling up Adam. 0 12:32PM 21/03/2008
cindytexas Sheila in the bathroom alone, says, "I hate these f'g people. I hate them all." NT 0 12:33PM 21/03/2008
lakeview Nat/Sheila in kitchen 0 12:34PM 21/03/2008
cindytexas Sheila goes in and demands to speak with Adam in private. He doesn't want to. He's mouthing off to her in front of all the others. He finally 0 12:36PM 21/03/2008
cindytexas Sheila just told Adam that she's afraid of Joshua because of her son. 0 12:39PM 21/03/2008
lakeview Sheila/Adam in HOH 0 12:40PM 21/03/2008
Gibbled1 FLAMES NT 0 12:55PM 21/03/2008
lilbitty Before flames- Chelsia on top of James, kissing him..James says 0 1:04PM 21/03/2008
raindrop110475 James outside with nat and Adam 0 1:22PM 21/03/2008
raindrop110475 chel comes outside loses her top and james makes face 0 1:24PM 21/03/2008
raindrop110475 sheila called to DR adam tells James Sheila was yellign at him earlier and he told hir its not your decision NT 0 1:25PM 21/03/2008
realitydoll Adam and James playing pool. Girls lying out in the sun, sunning less Shel in DR NT 0 1:31PM 21/03/2008
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