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Topic #8361711
cindytexas - Nat just said that after this she might be moving to LA. NT 0 Replies #8361711 12:06PM 21/03/2008
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Topic #8361715
SouthernBelladonna - Chel tells Shar that she thinks they will put her (S) up to insure Chel goes home. 0 Replies #8361715 12:06PM 21/03/2008
She says she doesn't care...she'll go out with a bang.

Chel now hopping around saying both she and ED have Harley she's on top of James...kissing...playing around.
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Topic #8361718
kandio - Josh/Sharon. Talking about which one will go up. And who could get the most votes to stay. 0 Replies #8361718 12:06PM 21/03/2008
Josh says he is more at risk than she is. Joh saying something about C crying. Whispering so low. Something about the only way is to BD. Sharon saying people dont like her you better vote for me. James comes in. Josh saying if Ryan wins hoh he is putting up Sheila. James saying he told C he was going to vote against her because if she stays he is F..they will come after them every week..He likes her but this is a game.
Josh saying he hates to have to camp against C. James said i talked to her about it & she knows the deal. Its down to the wire.
C saying she will go off. She does not breast feed off anyone to stay in the game?
James/C playing
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Topic #8361724
cindytexas - Sheila didn't want to mention which airport is nearby because she's sure BB doesn't want the fans to know where the house is. (ed: lol) NT 0 Replies #8361724 12:07PM 21/03/2008
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Topic #8361745
kandio - N/Sheila saying Josh will be begging for votes if he goes up then he will owe us NT 0 Replies #8361745 12:07PM 21/03/2008
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Topic #8361789
cindytexas - Sharon asks for 15 minutes with Adam. They head up to HOH room. NT 0 Replies #8361789 12:09PM 21/03/2008
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Topic #8361805
cindytexas - Sharon is offering to go on the block against Chelsia. NT 0 Replies #8361805 12:10PM 21/03/2008
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Topic #8361816
SouthernBelladonna - Shar is telling Adam that she will be OK if she is nom'd. She thinks she has the votes. 0 Replies #8361816 12:11PM 21/03/2008
She wants him to know there will be no hard feelings...she won't come after him.
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Topic #8361879
SouthernBelladonna - Ryan/Josh talking about Sheils and how annoying she is. Ryan says he hates her...can't stand her. 0 Replies #8361879 12:13PM 21/03/2008
ryan wants Josh to go off on her. Josh says if he doesn't get nom'd, he will.
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Topic #8362023
lakeview - Sharon/Adam in HOH 0 Replies #8362023 12:19PM 21/03/2008
Sharon saying that Josh will be quieter now bc it's getting to the end game.

Adam says Josh shouldn't be yelling this week.

Sharon thinks Josh would be too nervous if he's up on the block. He'd be sleeping bad every day. "He's a very paranoid person. I have that military background going for me."

Sharon saying it will be a quieter house with her up instead of Josh.
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Topic #8362218
lakeview - Sharon/Josh in boat room 0 Replies #8362218 12:27PM 21/03/2008
Sharon saying she offered herself to go up to Adam. Saying that she would rather take the risk than have Josh stir something up and then get evicted instead.

Sharon saying Josh needs to stay quiet though bc everyone wants a quieter house and people are looking for excuses to get rid of them.

Josh nodding a lot, not saying much.
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Topic #8362266
cindytexas - Sheila just said if she would have won, she would have taken Chelsia off so Adam would put up Josh. 0 Replies #8362266 12:30PM 21/03/2008
Adam, Ryan and Nat all look at her and say, "Why would you want Adam to have to put someone else up?" Sheila starts ranting again about how she has to protect her son from Joshua.
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Topic #8362283
cindytexas - Adam told Sheila to stop using that card (her son being a minor, etc.) 0 Replies #8362283 12:31PM 21/03/2008
Sheila goes off on them, saying "Why is everybody going against me?"
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Topic #8362322
cindytexas - Nat told Sheila she's over-reacting to the Josh thing. Sheila and Nat are now arguing. Nat told Sheila she needs to calm down, she's riling up Adam. 0 Replies #8362322 12:32PM 21/03/2008
Sheila is mad at Nat and says, "I don't give a damn. Let him put me up." Nat keeps telling her to calm down. Sheila snaps back, "Okay, I heard you." Sheila says they are just mad because James won and they're taking it out on her.
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Topic #8362336
cindytexas - Sheila in the bathroom alone, says, "I hate these f'g people. I hate them all." NT 0 Replies #8362336 12:33PM 21/03/2008
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Topic #8362354
lakeview - Nat/Sheila in kitchen 0 Replies #8362354 12:34PM 21/03/2008
Nat telling Sheila not to tell Adam what to do all the time. "He's getting irritated with it." You don't want to get him upset and then he goes up.

Sheila: you tell him what to do.

Nat saying it's the way Sheila brings it up makes Adam think she's being snitty. Bring up your ideas in a nice way.

Sheila: ok, Natalie. I heard you.

Sheila now wants to talk to Adam. Nat says wait until he comes back out there and pull him aside.

Nat walks away into bedroom.

Sheila brushes teeth and then goes to Adam in bedroom and asks that they talk in private. He at first just wants them to talk in front of everyone but then agrees. "I'll fill all of you in after."
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Topic #8362378
cindytexas - Sheila goes in and demands to speak with Adam in private. He doesn't want to. He's mouthing off to her in front of all the others. He finally 0 Replies #8362378 12:36PM 21/03/2008
leaves and says he will come back and tell them all about it later.

Adam is sincerely mad, but now Sheila is trying to tell him that it was all an act, they they NEED to make the others think they can't stand each other.
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Topic #8362431
cindytexas - Sheila just told Adam that she's afraid of Joshua because of her son. 0 Replies #8362431 12:39PM 21/03/2008
Adam tells her again that if she wants Joshua out of the house she needs to win HOH and do it herself.
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Topic #8362465
lakeview - Sheila/Adam in HOH 0 Replies #8362465 12:40PM 21/03/2008
Sheila telling Adam that they have to act like they can't stand each other. Sheila has his back. Sheila: but you have to protect me Adam.

Sheila: Nat gets sh-- starting too.

Sheila saying they do want to get Chelsia out.

Sheila now telling Adam how to tell everyone what they were talking about. Adam says he already told Josh not to go off on the girls.

Adam saying Chelsia's gotta go.

Adam says "what she did to Matty last week..."

Sheila understands.

Sheila saying Josh had told BB that there are loopholes and he can attack Sheila about her child when he warned again.

Sheila now wants to backdoor James. [ed. you're running out of time to do that Sheila....]

Sheila: you have to play the game with me Adam [fake fighting]

Adam understands.

Sheila: you're a better actor than I thought.

They hug.

Adam: Chelsia's gonna be rude as f--- this week too.

Sheila and Adam go downstairs. Sheila saying tell them that Sheila was afraid he'd put her up.
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Topic #8362744
Gibbled1 - FLAMES NT 0 Replies #8362744 12:55PM 21/03/2008
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Topic #8362945
lilbitty - Before flames- Chelsia on top of James, kissing him..James says 0 Replies #8362945 1:04PM 21/03/2008
"We got this"..Chelsia shrugs.

James: "Are you going to look back and say this was a stupid move?"
Chelsia: "Dont make me.."
James "Make you...You better keep it...You know it's up to you from this point on..(kiss)..where you want to take this."
James: "I'm telling you..(couldn't make it out) worth 500 thousand dollars"

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Topic #8363242
raindrop110475 - James outside with nat and Adam 0 Replies #8363242 1:22PM 21/03/2008
James telling them he told chel he wont vote for her or work with her anymore cause she makes him a target they all agree next week to go after shelia and then everyone happy. James trashing on chel and how its over and done. Nat saying whoel house get out shelaia will be easy week and then everyone can fight it out from there
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Topic #8363293
raindrop110475 - chel comes outside loses her top and james makes face 0 Replies #8363293 1:24PM 21/03/2008
chel says shes gonna go home and james says atleast your playing positive Chel offers adma her movie ticket if hell put up sheila and adam says I dont know about that.
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Topic #8363310
raindrop110475 - sheila called to DR adam tells James Sheila was yellign at him earlier and he told hir its not your decision NT 0 Replies #8363310 1:25PM 21/03/2008
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Topic #8363416
realitydoll - Adam and James playing pool. Girls lying out in the sun, sunning less Shel in DR NT 0 Replies #8363416 1:31PM 21/03/2008
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