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sheila says she is off to bed ,josh says he is too,chels puts the puzzle together at table.sheila leaves to brush teeth and go to bed. NT - sunflower721
2:02AM 24/03/2008

chels now in bedroom sitting at end of josh and sharon bed saying she was not bad out there josh says no not too bad. NT - sunflower721
2:05AM 24/03/2008

Josh and shelia in the BR NT - WildestOrchid
2:05AM 24/03/2008

Josh says I know he not your son (Matt) NT - WildestOrchid
2:05AM 24/03/2008

Shelia says no I'm not related to him theres just stuff going on I cant talk about NT - WildestOrchid
2:07AM 24/03/2008

josh in bathroom talking to sheila she is confirming that matt is not her son. she says there is something but I cant talk about it ????? NT - sunflower721
2:08AM 24/03/2008

Josh joking that Matt and Shelia are the twist. NT - WildestOrchid
2:16AM 24/03/2008

Josh telling sheila in the BR that Chelsia is crazy and is "not gonna let it rest" - Taffy
2:24AM 24/03/2008

Chelsia and James whishpering in be. Sorry cant hear, but someone is snoring loud. NT - WildestOrchid
2:26AM 24/03/2008

James and Chelsia on all four cams NT - WildestOrchid
2:33AM 24/03/2008

All four Cams on BR NT - WildestOrchid
2:36AM 24/03/2008

Nat in BR NT - WildestOrchid
2:41AM 24/03/2008

Chelsia and James got out of bed camaras did not follow NT - WildestOrchid
2:45AM 24/03/2008

somebody just scared the cr*p out of Josh (off camera), he screamed really loud then says "Gosh! you're trying to give me a heart attack! - Taffy
2:46AM 24/03/2008
It was James and Chel who scared Josh. Nat was already in the bedroom about to put a pillow over Ryan's snoring face NT - WVpdles
2:55AM 24/03/2008

cams on josh/sharon, Nat/ryan sleeping NT - WildestOrchid
2:47AM 24/03/2008

Still showing sleeping HG...But james and chelsia are missing NT - WildestOrchid
2:52AM 24/03/2008

Josh hiding near James and Chelsias bed to scare them when they come back NT - Gorf
2:53AM 24/03/2008

josh is on the floor at the wall waiting for J/C to come back to their bed, he's now crawled under his bed NT - WVpdles
2:56AM 24/03/2008

James and Chelsia in BR NT - WildestOrchid
2:56AM 24/03/2008

On couch NT - WildestOrchid
2:57AM 24/03/2008

James and Chelsia on Bathroom Chair, Chelsia has her legs over james shoulder. Cam now on Adam reading bible NT - Gorf
2:59AM 24/03/2008

Now Adam reading the bible NT - WildestOrchid
2:59AM 24/03/2008

Chels and James agian in BR Josh walks in..James"I want to watch him piss in your mouth". ( how romantic) NT - WildestOrchid
3:04AM 24/03/2008

Chelsia and James talk about them having sex! NT - WildestOrchid
3:06AM 24/03/2008

James and Chelsia telling Josh about how they have had sex in the house NT - Gorf
3:06AM 24/03/2008

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