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Josh says he heard a coo NT - WildestOrchid
3:06AM 24/03/2008

James and Chelsia think back to the first time they had sex. NT - WildestOrchid
3:08AM 24/03/2008
James said it was b4 he was evicted, Chel says it was after he came back and was HoH - WVpdles
3:10AM 24/03/2008

josh said he got a warning, for hiding food, the beers they hid for Chel - WVpdles
3:11AM 24/03/2008

Josh says he will not hide beers for chelsia agian NT - WildestOrchid
3:11AM 24/03/2008

James and Chelsia in the BR on the couch... - Taffy
3:15AM 24/03/2008

After Josh leaves the BR...James spreads Chelsia's legs (adult) ... - Taffy
3:28AM 24/03/2008

sleeping HGs on feeds but we can hear some heavy breathing (as in someone having sex ed) for a little while then they seem to cut the sound... - Taffy
3:44AM 24/03/2008

James and Chelsia going at it - Ymans
3:46AM 24/03/2008

Heard heavy breathing (sounded like Chelsia) and movement from red BR - CruiseCritic
3:46AM 24/03/2008

Chelsia walks into bedroom (as if to get something ed) then disappears from view again (I guess James and her were doing it in the bathroom ed.) NT - Taffy
4:19AM 24/03/2008
I think they actually did it in bed. She got dressed and went out of the room for a bit then came back. :) NT - dontjudgeme
4:21AM 24/03/2008

All four feeds on sleeping Hgs and no sound other than people breathing as they sleep... - Taffy
4:27AM 24/03/2008

All HGs sleeping soundly NT - DanaRose
6:27AM 24/03/2008

Theres a lot of noise coming from james and chelsia's side of the room - JLPrinzess
8:34AM 24/03/2008

josh sharon still sleeping james chels still sleeping was some noise from their side of room then silence. - sunflower721
9:01AM 24/03/2008

Josh seems to be awake NT - emy
9:04AM 24/03/2008

Sheila tossing a bit, All other HGs sleeping, someone snoring loud, sounds like Ryan's snore! NT - DanaRose
9:37AM 24/03/2008

and Ryan is sawing logs ...LOUDLY NT - emy
9:39AM 24/03/2008

Lots of noise - Tara555
9:54AM 24/03/2008

Someone just farted! NT - Tara555
10:01AM 24/03/2008

****FLAMES*** )BB probably waking up HGS for the day ed.) NT - sunflower721
10:03AM 24/03/2008

Chelsia is making some eggs and Sheila said (a few minutes ago) that she will - CruiseCritic
10:36AM 24/03/2008

Chelsia cooking Sheila putting dishes away, Josh and Sharon in BY NT - DanaRose
10:36AM 24/03/2008
Josh telling Sharon, Sheila is related to Matt NT - WVpdles
10:38AM 24/03/2008

Josh thinking that Matt is part of Sheila's family, says he is either her son or they are in - CruiseCritic
10:37AM 24/03/2008

Josh says that Chelsia is just crazy and on her way out she is going to blow out - he says - CruiseCritic
10:39AM 24/03/2008

Sharon talking about the lesbian story and how they didnt raise their hands when - CruiseCritic
10:42AM 24/03/2008

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