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Gorf Natalie reading the bible near the GP's just scared james by accident as he walked by NT 0 12:09AM 26/03/2008
Gorf Ryan joined James/Josh and Chelsia inthe kitchen for a few, he went back to bed Nat went with him. adam now up NT 0 12:15AM 26/03/2008
mkeep new 0 12:19AM 26/03/2008
Gorf Chelsia threw Grapes at adam, he then threw them back. Then threw the big stem at her and hit her face :) NT 1 12:19AM 26/03/2008
Gorf J/J/C now saying how violant Adam just got (he has gone back to bed) NT 0 12:22AM 26/03/2008
Gorf J/J pretned to go to bed but come back to the KT. Chelsia takes out the pictures of peoples faces fromt he halfway cake and puts her thumb print into 0 12:30AM 26/03/2008
Gorf J/J/C now make fun of everyones pictues on the memory wall NT 0 12:31AM 26/03/2008
Gorf James saying what would happen if one morning everyone got up and james was stuck in the GP cage eating them 0 12:36AM 26/03/2008
Gorf James told Josh and Chelsia that Adam and Ryan told him Matt had ADD NT 0 12:41AM 26/03/2008
Gorf J/J/C going through everyone saying what they will do if they win the money 0 12:43AM 26/03/2008
Gorf James saying its pretty much he and Josh vs the house. He wants to win the veto and tease people with it 0 12:46AM 26/03/2008
Gorf Josh: "out of the 7 left 5 of them want me and james dead" NT 0 12:47AM 26/03/2008
Gorf James teases Chelsia about going home tommorow, they then coatch her about BB afterlife NT 0 12:50AM 26/03/2008
Gorf James and Josh do the veto dance and continue to dance and prance NT 0 12:51AM 26/03/2008
Gorf Talking about "ghetto Sharon" wearing the gold veto necklace smoking a joint wearing a bandana NT 0 12:52AM 26/03/2008
Gorf James saying he bets one say they walk outside and Natalie will be at an olive tree on fire with a glowing bible 0 12:55AM 26/03/2008
mkeep James /Josh and chelsia talking about nat's abortions and how she can still express milk from breasts NT 0 12:56AM 26/03/2008
Gorf J/J/C head to bed and feed switch to adam reading the bible NT 1 12:57AM 26/03/2008
mkeep F1_nat sleeping F2- Sharon sleeping F3+4 adam in HOH reading bible NT 0 12:59AM 26/03/2008
mkeep unfortunately cut off feeds of J/J/C 0 1:03AM 26/03/2008
excellence482 Chels climbs on James after making out, now bed sqeaking. Feeds cut to Sharon/Josh now Sheila. NT 0 1:04AM 26/03/2008
mkeep All you can hear is Ryan snoring, chelsia laughing in background, but don't know about what. 0 1:06AM 26/03/2008
Gorf Off feeds but Josh asked J/C if they were done yet :) NT 1 1:16AM 26/03/2008
Gorf Chelsia saying it was like a minute. James sarcasticly thanks Josh and tells Josh "it is like a third hand down there" (chelsias cooch) NT 0 1:19AM 26/03/2008
Gorf Ryans mic has now been turned up super loud so his snoring can drown out the C/J/J talking NT 0 1:21AM 26/03/2008
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