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MerryForDean Still Trivia NT 0 3:15PM 26/03/2008
ILuvMySoldier Feeds back: She/Nat in boatroom and Adam in WC Not sure about others NT 0 3:28PM 26/03/2008
WVpdles Nat/Sheila talking about Sharon is still with J/J(don't know what brought this convo on) NT 0 3:29PM 26/03/2008
bluejays6 Nat putting on makeup, her and Ry in bathroom. 0 3:41PM 26/03/2008
bluejays6 Ry taking shower, Nat doing makeup NT 0 3:42PM 26/03/2008
bluejays6 Adam came in, said 'do you have any idea how big this is??' (ed meaning pov) 1 3:44PM 26/03/2008
bluejays6 Adam: I cant believe the enormity of this challenge. 0 3:48PM 26/03/2008
WVpdles nat told adam she's gonna get all the questions right, Ryan too NT 1 3:50PM 26/03/2008
bluejays6 Nat whispers to Adam, Sharon's still with them, she will always be with them 0 3:51PM 26/03/2008
bluejays6 N: I can't wait to do this. 0 3:54PM 26/03/2008
sexylexie1 Nat to Adam - Sharon is working with the evil doers! NT 0 3:54PM 26/03/2008
bluejays6 N: Sharon is working with the evil doers, shame on her. 0 3:56PM 26/03/2008
bluejays6 N: I got this. no wonder they're so scared. 0 3:58PM 26/03/2008
sexylexie1 Adam to Nat - You got the B A double G! Nat says B A double G? Adam says in the bag! NT 0 3:59PM 26/03/2008
bluejays6 LOL N: Ry if they DO ask about the books....' and she's filling his head with major numbers! NT 0 4:00PM 26/03/2008
bluejays6 N: FOUR law books, 17 shakespeare....' LMAO 0 4:01PM 26/03/2008
bluejays6 Josh comes in to use the BR, says 'everyone looks so NERVOUS!' 0 4:03PM 26/03/2008
bluejays6 Chel comes in now to do her makeup, NO talking between N and Ch NT 0 4:03PM 26/03/2008
bluejays6 Ch: oh do you want me to take some of Matty's sh@t? 0 4:06PM 26/03/2008
bluejays6 Ch to Josh: I'm going to say something to you when I leave, and I just want you to think it the rest of the game. 0 4:08PM 26/03/2008
bluejays6 FLAMES NT 0 4:09PM 26/03/2008
admiral Trivia! NT 0 4:09PM 26/03/2008
Queeny34 Still trivia NT 0 4:36PM 26/03/2008
admiral Still Trivia, Live Show in progress. NT 0 5:00PM 26/03/2008
TracyTurnblad Chelsia was evicted by a vote of 5-0 NT 0 5:40PM 26/03/2008
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