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Nat and James are both saying that Sheila bugs them Nat: That's why if she wants to go up on the block she can go on the block, she won't be saved NT - WhatdoIKnow
11:59AM 28/03/2008

J: Sheila just bugs me; N: She bugs me too. That's why if someone gets saved, she wants to go up on the block, I'll just give her her wish NT - erin33520
11:59AM 28/03/2008

Sheila asking Sharon (more) - cjo
12:01PM 28/03/2008

Sharon crying; Best I can tell its because she is standing by Josh and taking care of him and doesn't really want to? NT - erin33520
12:06PM 28/03/2008

Now Sharon crying because Sheila is talking about Josh ... - cjo
12:08PM 28/03/2008

FLAMES NT - ghostman
12:08PM 28/03/2008

Natalie & Josh in the LR - keekeet
12:09PM 28/03/2008

Sheila telling Sharon people don't want to hear the truth in this game - cjo
12:13PM 28/03/2008

Sharon saying she wanted to take Josh as far as she can in the game - cjo
12:15PM 28/03/2008

Sheila saying it's ok to be human, to care. Not to those people out there - cjo
12:16PM 28/03/2008

Sheila saying she's not afraid of anyone in the house... she's not - cjo
12:20PM 28/03/2008

James & Josh playing chess NT - keekeet
12:23PM 28/03/2008
They're paying checkers with the chess set NT - WVpdles
12:24PM 28/03/2008

Natalie telling Sheila bout her Yellowcard CD again. Listen to #10. NT - Survivorluvr33
12:34PM 28/03/2008

Josh and James playing chess in LR. NT - Survivorluvr33
12:35PM 28/03/2008
They're paying checkers with the chess set NT - WVpdles
12:36PM 28/03/2008

Sharon and Nat saying James has to go. Sharon says James is trying to turn - Survivorluvr33
12:38PM 28/03/2008

FLAMES. NT - Survivorluvr33
12:39PM 28/03/2008

Sharon says James came to do what he had to do. He got Matty out, "Now go." NT - Survivorluvr33
12:40PM 28/03/2008

Josh pacing and cleaning up Red Room. Putting away clothes. NT - Survivorluvr33
12:41PM 28/03/2008

Nat says she saved Sharon from Sheila by putting the headphones on her in the HOH. NT - Survivorluvr33
12:42PM 28/03/2008

Sharon in HOH tells Sheila she feels responsible for Josh and that he is depending on her LOL NT - Survivorluvr33
12:43PM 28/03/2008

Natalie in HOH says she is ready to do this. Ready to win this POV. NT - Survivorluvr33
12:44PM 28/03/2008

Sheila and Sharon both want to win HOH next week. They are saying then need to to stay in this game. - Survivorluvr33
12:46PM 28/03/2008

Sheila says last night was proof that Sheila is James's biggest threat. NT - Survivorluvr33
12:47PM 28/03/2008

I believe Josh is reading his letter again in the Red Room. NT - Survivorluvr33
12:48PM 28/03/2008

Sheila says that Matty had a spine and he was the only one that ever stuck up for the girls. - Survivorluvr33
12:49PM 28/03/2008

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