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About 10 min ago Sheila, Adam and Sharon talking about the unitards they had to wear for POV - Shannon72
9:02PM 28/03/2008
unitards for food comp. not pov. NT - WieKacie
9:05PM 28/03/2008
Oops -- thanks for the correction! :-) NT - Shannon72
9:08PM 28/03/2008

Adam and Nat in kitchen making dinner. Only lucky one's not on slop! - Shannon72
9:08PM 28/03/2008

All 4 feeds on Nat and the Mac & Cheese challenged Adam in kitchen NT - Shannon72
9:10PM 28/03/2008

Adam blew nose really hard into napkin. Checked out the napkin before throwing it away, looked up his nostrils in the mirror then picked his butt. NT - Shannon72
9:14PM 28/03/2008

BBAD: J/J/S/S in BY sitting around hot tub, w/feet in water. Talking about people/happings in the house. - JanJan
9:14PM 28/03/2008

4 in BY talking about going to sequester, taking a DVD, what will/won't be shown on DVD. NT - JanJan
9:16PM 28/03/2008

Nat says go Team Christ to Adam. NT - FrouFrou
9:19PM 28/03/2008

Nat telling Adam that if Sheila wins HOH she won't put up Sharon or her because "girls stick together" - Shannon72
9:23PM 28/03/2008

Sheila says 'everyone underestimates the She-devil' ...Josh talking like he is going, and he's accepting it w/grace. - JanJan
9:24PM 28/03/2008

Sheila saying she won't talk to them any longer. She will let someone else take care of them. NT - FrouFrou
9:27PM 28/03/2008

Sharon saying if I get HOH next week...Sheila saying You never can predict. Sharon saying I will win HOH. I am pumped. Sheila saying this is what - FrouFrou
9:28PM 28/03/2008

Josh explaining how the vote and number of votes will work to the girls in the ht. NT - FrouFrou
9:29PM 28/03/2008

Nat stealth whispering in kitchen. I missed it. Anyone get it? NT - FrouFrou
9:30PM 28/03/2008
She was asking Adam what they should do, Adam said stick with the plan, keep sharon NT - WVpdles
9:31PM 28/03/2008

Nat saying once Josh ... he has done it before...Adam saying give it a day. Nat saying yes. It seems crucial. NT - FrouFrou
9:31PM 28/03/2008

J/S & S talking around HT. S & S talking about what will happen in the house...upcoming comps, how they will play, how they hope it goes down. - JanJan
9:33PM 28/03/2008

Poor Sharon -- in backyard with Josh and Sheila planning the next comps and who SHE is going to get out WHEN she wins HOH. - Shannon72
9:34PM 28/03/2008

Shar/She telling Josh that they will be sending him a friend in sequester. - Shannon72
9:40PM 28/03/2008

Sharon said she'll do whatever it takes to stay in the game. Sheila said she will stay in the game. - Shannon72
9:46PM 28/03/2008

Nat/Adam sitting at KT table enjoying their meal together. Ry comes over and puts his face about 4 inches above Ballers plate and - JanJan
9:50PM 28/03/2008

Sharon telling Sheila she asked James about Chels/Matt situation after Chels left house - Shannon72
9:56PM 28/03/2008

S/S at hot tub. Sharon stated that she "knows" this game and "Hoops" is gonna come out. (ed: Hoops is her badass alter-ego.... - JanJan
10:05PM 28/03/2008

Everyone in BY waving at a helicopter that is hovering; waving Josh's flag NT - ILuvMySoldier
10:06PM 28/03/2008

Shelia saying I gotta step it up a noch (ED: doesnt she say that every week) LOL - floridagurlcash
10:07PM 28/03/2008

Adam walking around the KT with both hands down his pants messing with his junk. NT - SouthernBelladonna
10:08PM 28/03/2008

Natalie downed the rest of her drink (milk?) and then burped. Ryan looking over the - Shannon72
10:08PM 28/03/2008

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