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ryan goes inside to nap josh trys to reasure sharon she is safe that the 3 will vote him out - allen
4:52PM 30/03/2008

Nat and Baller in the kitchen talking about what they're making for dinner NT - BB_Addiction
5:03PM 30/03/2008

Sharon saying we caught a bad streak. Josh says they think you are stronger than me. But the link between James and I is too strong. - FrouFrou
5:11PM 30/03/2008

Nat says she is having Hallibut, potatoes and salad NT - BB_Addiction
5:11PM 30/03/2008

Natalie to DR NT - TracyTurnblad
5:13PM 30/03/2008

Josh and Sharon in the hot tub going over possible scenarios for whichever one stays in the game NT - TracyTurnblad
5:14PM 30/03/2008
Sharon is playing it off well saying this will be harder than when Jacob - DrC
5:54PM 30/03/2008

All HG in house, Ryan and Sharon talk briefly in BR - DrC
5:37PM 30/03/2008

Josh and Natalie meet up in SR - DrC
5:40PM 30/03/2008

Josh and James talking. Josh talks about wanting to leave the game. Josh saying Nat running her mouth. He wants to leave. No outlet. NT - FrouFrou
5:49PM 30/03/2008

Josh saying he wants to eat. James saying you aren't eating slop only bbq sauce. NT - FrouFrou
5:50PM 30/03/2008

James saying sometimes he wants to know what they are talking about. I know it is just...but how are you going to be one way to my face and then do - FrouFrou
5:51PM 30/03/2008

James saying the same with Adam and the same with Sharon (? not sure on Sharon might be Sheila). NT - FrouFrou
5:52PM 30/03/2008

James saying has anyone given you their word. Josh says no. Josh saying he talked with Nat and she said yes. James says do you believe her? NT - FrouFrou
5:53PM 30/03/2008

Josh wants to sleep till Wednesday. NT - FrouFrou
5:54PM 30/03/2008

Sharon working Ryan now. We are very subtle. It's subtle as long as we aren't against each other. NT - FrouFrou
5:55PM 30/03/2008

Sharon making deal with Ryan. Sharon saying people won't think we are together, because you put me up. Ryan saying we just have to have each other's - FrouFrou
5:56PM 30/03/2008

Sharon saying that James will work with me, because he has no one. NT - FrouFrou
5:57PM 30/03/2008

Sharon saying I wouldn't make a deal with the girls. NT - FrouFrou
5:57PM 30/03/2008

Ryan saying that Sheila can't do anything for you. Sharon saying that is why Nat wants me to stay. Sharon saying Nat will win endurance. NT - FrouFrou
5:58PM 30/03/2008

Sharon saying we just drag Sheila through the game. Ryan saying we keep this. And look at all different scenarios. NT - FrouFrou
5:58PM 30/03/2008

Sharon saying you and me F2. NT - FrouFrou
6:00PM 30/03/2008

Sharon saying I got him (Josh) this far. Twice now I got screwed over. Ryan saying Josh underestimates you. NT - FrouFrou
6:01PM 30/03/2008

Sharon saying that Adam is the biggest threat. Saying he is the last man standing. NT - FrouFrou
6:02PM 30/03/2008

Ryan explaining that if you don't win anything, then you won't get voted for in the F2. NT - FrouFrou
6:06PM 30/03/2008
Sheila has joined Ryan and Sharon at the HT NT - WVpdles
6:07PM 30/03/2008

Nat and Adam enjoying their meal together nat wearing a red hankie dew rag NT - allen
6:12PM 30/03/2008

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