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Ryan goes in and whispering with Sharon warns her about the plan to wake up Sheila all night. - Brendabythebay
12:06AM 30/03/2008

Adam says the waking up of Sheila is too much, they all are doublethinking that plan. - Brendabythebay
12:15AM 30/03/2008

Ryan Adam Josh James in KT - discussing pov comp where they had to drink - Brendabythebay
12:19AM 30/03/2008

Adam & James say if Sheila gets hoh, she's putting them up, James says - Brendabythebay
12:24AM 30/03/2008

Adam opened the door on Ryan on the pot as a joke. NT - lakeview
12:30AM 30/03/2008
Adam & James went to go see if Ry was - Brendabythebay
12:31AM 30/03/2008

Ryan going to bed. Adam is slamming flipflops on counter. Josh reminds Adam they don't want to wake her up. NT - Brendabythebay
12:30AM 30/03/2008

James & Josh talk about being tired, should they wake her up and go to bed? - Brendabythebay
12:34AM 30/03/2008

Ryan to bed. James to bed after J/J/A decide to wake up Sheila in the middle of the night tmw instead of tnt NT - lakeview
12:34AM 30/03/2008

Adam asks Josh if Chels is in sequester with Matt yet, Josh says oh yeah, - Brendabythebay
12:37AM 30/03/2008
Actually Josh said Early show Thursday, House Calls on Friday and sequester today - WhatdoIKnow
12:44AM 30/03/2008

Adam & Josh in BY now Josh says "Hows it lookin for me" - Brendabythebay
12:45AM 30/03/2008

Ryan back up and in BY with Adam & josh. Talking about it misting. NT - Brendabythebay
12:50AM 30/03/2008

Josh goes inside and Adam tells Ry how Josh had asked him if was staying/going NT - Brendabythebay
12:51AM 30/03/2008

FLAMES NT - mcoop
12:52AM 30/03/2008

Adam/Ryan laughing, saying he'll break, be cryin, its only Saturday too. Flames. NT - Brendabythebay
12:52AM 30/03/2008

Back from Flames and Adam/Ry go into KT Josh there. NT - Brendabythebay
12:58AM 30/03/2008

Ryan asking Josh about his shoes, how much they cost, what is italian leather - Brendabythebay
1:00AM 30/03/2008

Ry says to Adam/Josh that slop is the worst, it wouldnt be so bad if everyone was on it. - Brendabythebay
1:03AM 30/03/2008

Boys now discussing what time bars stop serving. Josh says he hopes tomorrow gets here quick, this - Brendabythebay
1:05AM 30/03/2008

Ry asks Adam if he pays attention to glasses, fish & stuff. Adam: no. you? Ry laughs no. - Brendabythebay
1:06AM 30/03/2008

Adam/Ry now looking at pics on the wall & laughing at them, critiquing. - Brendabythebay
1:11AM 30/03/2008

Ryan pointing out which pictures are missing bark (bark around the frames) Like Natalie... that MEANS something. Missing bark. NT - Brendabythebay
1:12AM 30/03/2008

Ryan pulls over chair and stands on it and it tips and he almost falls and Adam says he's fat. - Brendabythebay
1:13AM 30/03/2008
Ryan was talking about Jen saying her picture was first because she was going to win the game NT - lindarie
1:18AM 30/03/2008

Ry asks if Adam is gonna smoke, he wants two hits before going to bed. They go out to BY. - Brendabythebay
1:16AM 30/03/2008

Ry says he's goin to bed, goes & weighs himself, now Adam & Ryan go to bed. - Brendabythebay
1:18AM 30/03/2008

Adam & Ry talking in bed... - Brendabythebay
1:20AM 30/03/2008
The reason for Ry's hatred - Brendabythebay
1:22AM 30/03/2008

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