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Adam and Ryan joking that "Kimmy" was trying to get it on with Baller last night. NT - MyBestBud
9:29PM 04/04/2008

Everyone sitting down together for chicken and wine. - Vixter
9:30PM 04/04/2008
James still standing by himself in the kitchen NT - Roadkill23
9:33PM 04/04/2008

Natalie with a glass of red wine AND a glass of white wine in front of her NT - Roadkill23
9:31PM 04/04/2008

Natalie: What is a pedestal? NT - Roadkill23
9:40PM 04/04/2008
Natalie is continuing her education in the big brother house: - DrC
9:52PM 04/04/2008
And she now knows what monumental is too! NT - DanaRose
10:40PM 04/04/2008

James and Baller to the BY to smoke NT - Roadkill23
9:42PM 04/04/2008

Baller chipped a tooth on his dinner NT - Roadkill23
9:43PM 04/04/2008

Natalie: I want to start having babies soon. I want 6 or 7 babies. - Roadkill23
9:49PM 04/04/2008

Natalie: I want to name my son Job (from the bible) and my daughter Araya Sunshine NT - Roadkill23
9:54PM 04/04/2008
She also wants to name a girl Nirvana NT - AlexaRay
9:54PM 04/04/2008

James to the DR NT - Roadkill23
9:54PM 04/04/2008

Baller thinks the baby-names conversation "sucks" NT - Roadkill23
9:55PM 04/04/2008

Ryan says his biggest turn-on is a pretty face and a nice a$$, breasts don't matter NT - Roadkill23
9:58PM 04/04/2008

Natalie says a guy needs to have a nice face and a nice chest, Sharon likes nice teeth NT - Roadkill23
9:58PM 04/04/2008

Natalie again denies giving Matt BJs. Baller teasing her NT - Roadkill23
10:00PM 04/04/2008
Adam even mentions that matt did thumb up the camera NT - WVpdles
10:01PM 04/04/2008

Natalie: I give really good BJs and I do swallow, but I won't do it if there's nothing in return for me NT - Roadkill23
10:02PM 04/04/2008

Natalie says she swallows for the "protein" NT - Roadkill23
10:04PM 04/04/2008

Natalie: What color is my hair? NT - Roadkill23
10:06PM 04/04/2008

HGs discussing whether Allison was a swinger. Sheila says no way, Baller says definately - Roadkill23
10:08PM 04/04/2008
no it was james masterbating and Ali was talking dirty to him NT - WVpdles
10:11PM 04/04/2008

James out of DR NT - Roadkill23
10:12PM 04/04/2008

HG telling Ryan how Allison always said how much she liked him NT - jaguars06
10:12PM 04/04/2008

Sheila: I want a cross between Evil Dick and Dr. Will NT - Roadkill23
10:13PM 04/04/2008

Sheila: I like these guys that like to be the star, but it is always bad NT - jaguars06
10:13PM 04/04/2008

Sheila/Adam/Nat/Ryan talking about Allison being a swinger - dustytissue
10:14PM 04/04/2008

Sheila : discussing different types of personalities, Sharon is an A, James is an A NT - jaguars06
10:15PM 04/04/2008

Natalie: Stripping helped blossom my personality NT - Roadkill23
10:15PM 04/04/2008

Sheila: because Dick was an A personality you couldn't take your eyes off of him NT - jaguars06
10:15PM 04/04/2008

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