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Sharon starts to "baby-talk" the GPs NT - Roadkill23
10:16PM 04/04/2008

Sheila was afraid to go on because she read a lot of blogs, looked at every bit of it. She's kind of glad she did because it gave her insight. - dustytissue
10:16PM 04/04/2008

Natalie: I don't know how to NOT be honest/Sheila: it takes alot of guts to be that way NT - jaguars06
10:17PM 04/04/2008

Sheila says she now has a lot of respect for Evil Dick. Before the game, she hated him. NT - Roadkill23
10:18PM 04/04/2008

A/R outside hotboxing cig and discussing J. NT - Vixter
10:19PM 04/04/2008

Ryan and Baller smoking in BY NT - Roadkill23
10:19PM 04/04/2008

Sharon: hi beeeebeeebies! / Sheila to Nat- I totally get this game from having insight - jaguars06
10:19PM 04/04/2008

Ryan to Adam: Our biggest threat is gone (meaning James) NT - Roadkill23
10:20PM 04/04/2008

Adam begging Ryan to trust him again that he will put James on the block. Ryan says he trusts Baller and it''s all good NT - Roadkill23
10:21PM 04/04/2008

Ryan/Adam in BY discussing no matter what James says he is going home NT - jaguars06
10:21PM 04/04/2008

Ryan/Adam head back inside, ..Adam teasing Nat about taking her wine NT - jaguars06
10:23PM 04/04/2008

Saturday is Ryan and Jen's 11-month anniverary. - Roadkill23
10:24PM 04/04/2008

James laying in his bed NT - Roadkill23
10:25PM 04/04/2008

Ryan: I've dated nothing but good-looking girls who love attention NT - Roadkill23
10:26PM 04/04/2008

Baller: I dated a woman who was a librarian by day and a dominatrix by night - Roadkill23
10:27PM 04/04/2008

Sheila: We are the most lively cast BB has ever had. NT - Roadkill23
10:29PM 04/04/2008

Sheila tells Ryan all women like attention, even someone who's a librarian. Adam mentions that he knew a girl who - dustytissue
10:30PM 04/04/2008

Sheila doesn't like being called "She-Bot". Says she doesn't think she's robotic. - Roadkill23
10:31PM 04/04/2008

Ryan: Do you think the camera-men ever (masterbate) back there? Baller: Definately NT - Roadkill23
10:33PM 04/04/2008

Ryan says he likes women shaved down there. Sheila says "I think I'm going to get waxed when I get out of here." NT - dustytissue
10:35PM 04/04/2008

Sheila is marinating salmon for the grill tomorrow NT - Roadkill23
10:36PM 04/04/2008

Nat tells Sheila and Adam that they look great on TV (when she was sitting in HOH talking to Julie). NT - dustytissue
10:38PM 04/04/2008

Ryan says the night Natalie and Chelsea stripped for the HGs, Chelsea slapped him across the face NT - Roadkill23
10:46PM 04/04/2008

Natalie: I love the (BJ) stories, I think they're hillarious NT - Roadkill23
10:49PM 04/04/2008

Ryan says he doesn't believe that Nat didn't give a BJ to Matt NT - TJHooker
10:51PM 04/04/2008

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