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cindytexas Nat tells Adam and Ryan they sound "gay" calling coffee "Joe" NT 0 1:06PM 05/04/2008
voodoochild1207 nat and baller to open up their own business after BB. 0 1:06PM 05/04/2008
echo adam and ryan back with more joe they say and nat gets annoyed and says coffee 0 1:06PM 05/04/2008
cindytexas Adam asks Nat how can she serve coffee for a living and not know it's called Joe. NT 0 1:08PM 05/04/2008
voodoochild1207 sheila taking a nap in the boat room NT 0 1:08PM 05/04/2008
voodoochild1207 adam says slim shady hotter than a set of twin babies for the 12th time NT 0 1:08PM 05/04/2008
echo adam asks bb to say that coffee=joe over the loud speaker 0 1:09PM 05/04/2008
cindytexas Nat is asking Adam what he was talking about out there earlier when he was talking to the camera. 0 1:09PM 05/04/2008
voodoochild1207 adam said he buttplowed joe. ha. still going on with Cuppa Joe NT 0 1:11PM 05/04/2008
cindytexas Adam and Ryan still bring up "Joe." Ryan says he doesn't do anything in moderation, not even drinking Joe. 0 1:11PM 05/04/2008
echo ryans had 7-8 cups of joe he loves slamming joe nat says it sounds gay again 0 1:12PM 05/04/2008
cindytexas Nat to Sharon, "So James says he's ready to go, huh?" Sharon tells her yes, he just wants to enjoy his 0 1:15PM 05/04/2008
voodoochild1207 ryan asks sheila if she needs a cup of joe while she's takin a NT 0 1:15PM 05/04/2008
echo nat thinks the pool will over flow now if adam gets in calls him a beached whale 0 1:16PM 05/04/2008
echo nats goin to ask bb if she can die her hair dark tomorrow 0 1:18PM 05/04/2008
cindytexas Adam says, "59 today, right?" Sharon says yes. Nat says, "69 what?" 0 1:19PM 05/04/2008
voodoochild1207 sheila smiling awkwardly to herself while napping NT 0 1:19PM 05/04/2008
voodoochild1207 james is sleeping. NT 0 1:24PM 05/04/2008
echo sheila ow in by, tried to nap but couldnt sits down with adam and adma asks if she would 0 1:26PM 05/04/2008
cindytexas Nat mocking Sheila. Sheila says she likes making fun of her, doesn't she. Sheila says she's everybody's punching bag 0 1:26PM 05/04/2008
echo nat asks sheila if the guinis got their strawberries yet she says no 0 1:29PM 05/04/2008
echo sheila wants badminton, nat wants the bouncy thing, sheila thinks they will 0 1:33PM 05/04/2008
echo adam bouncing ball, sheila wants quality over quanity,(ADULT)... adam says once you get 0 1:38PM 05/04/2008
echo adam starts saying that jacob didnt wander until he was not being trusted and followed around... 0 1:41PM 05/04/2008
echo dr will is more attractive to sheila now since she found out janelle was 0 1:47PM 05/04/2008
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