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Topic #8616731
cindytexas - Nat tells Adam and Ryan they sound "gay" calling coffee "Joe" NT 0 Replies #8616731 1:06PM 05/04/2008
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Topic #8616738
voodoochild1207 - nat and baller to open up their own business after BB. 0 Replies #8616738 1:06PM 05/04/2008
Nat gets to design the accessories and draw pin up girl on girl action.
boom. dun.
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Topic #8616740
echo - adam and ryan back with more joe they say and nat gets annoyed and says coffee 0 Replies #8616740 1:06PM 05/04/2008
ryan wants to open up bikini joes and wants nat to work for him
nat says her and adam are goin into business together after a road trip to fl
hot girls girl on girl action, nats the design girl, adam says they will mass produce, nat will get grape blunts for the trip, adam can drive the uhaul and tow her car
adam loves joe, nat says thats sounds gay i hope u know that
lol they tell her to go to burger king they have joe
nat says noone in the state of oregeon know what joe is , shes gonna ask everyone
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Topic #8616757
cindytexas - Adam asks Nat how can she serve coffee for a living and not know it's called Joe. NT 0 Replies #8616757 1:08PM 05/04/2008
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Topic #8616758
voodoochild1207 - sheila taking a nap in the boat room NT 0 Replies #8616758 1:08PM 05/04/2008
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Topic #8616766
voodoochild1207 - adam says slim shady hotter than a set of twin babies for the 12th time NT 0 Replies #8616766 1:08PM 05/04/2008
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Topic #8616769
echo - adam asks bb to say that coffee=joe over the loud speaker 0 Replies #8616769 1:09PM 05/04/2008
nat says it sounds like they put their penis in the coffee and stirred it, says this isnt the 1920s .
sheila laying down in her room
adam and ryan say she should be fired for not knowing joe
adam forgot the hose in the pool. says its full now, sharon quiet
nat asks what adam said to the camera earlier

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Topic #8616771
cindytexas - Nat is asking Adam what he was talking about out there earlier when he was talking to the camera. 0 Replies #8616771 1:09PM 05/04/2008
Adam says it was secret stuff.
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Topic #8616796
voodoochild1207 - adam said he buttplowed joe. ha. still going on with Cuppa Joe NT 0 Replies #8616796 1:11PM 05/04/2008
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Topic #8616799
cindytexas - Adam and Ryan still bring up "Joe." Ryan says he doesn't do anything in moderation, not even drinking Joe. 0 Replies #8616799 1:11PM 05/04/2008
Ryan says he's slamming Joe. Nat says (again) that sounds "gay."
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Topic #8616806
echo - ryans had 7-8 cups of joe he loves slamming joe nat says it sounds gay again 0 Replies #8616806 1:12PM 05/04/2008
she says it sounds sexual, like swallowing ....adam laughing
nat says sun is nice
nats says nice set yesterday it was funny to see adam fall, feet in the air
adam was yelling otev otev, hear i come. flipped in the air
nat loved rain machines it was coming down hard it was crazy
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Topic #8616865
cindytexas - Nat to Sharon, "So James says he's ready to go, huh?" Sharon tells her yes, he just wants to enjoy his 0 Replies #8616865 1:15PM 05/04/2008
last couple of days there. Nat asks if he's going to give everybody a hug goodbye. Sharon says, "Uh-huh." Sharon tells her he's just ready to go to sequester and hang out with Chelsia and Josh. Natalie says, "That's good."
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Topic #8616874
voodoochild1207 - ryan asks sheila if she needs a cup of joe while she's takin a NT 0 Replies #8616874 1:15PM 05/04/2008
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Topic #8616878
echo - nat thinks the pool will over flow now if adam gets in calls him a beached whale 0 Replies #8616878 1:16PM 05/04/2008
sheila looks worried in her bed and sad
ryan goes over to check shoes adam says they dont look good but smell ok
ryan says nope that was there before so we r good
nat talks about james, sharon says he just wants to have fun before he leaves nat asks if hes gonna hug everyone when he leaves, sharon says hes ready to hang with josh and chels and relax
planes over head
adam says he has a by voice, hes tryin to get on board
nats wants the toys , what time are they coming she asks adam
she wants the ultimate jumper, pool floaties, adam layin down in chair next to nat and sharon
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Topic #8616914
echo - nats goin to ask bb if she can die her hair dark tomorrow 0 Replies #8616914 1:18PM 05/04/2008
they all get quiet for a min you can hear the wind blow
adam says day 59 today? sharon says yep
all quiet again
sharon looks nervous as she chews her cheek and moves legs
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Topic #8616918
cindytexas - Adam says, "59 today, right?" Sharon says yes. Nat says, "69 what?" 0 Replies #8616918 1:19PM 05/04/2008
Adam says, "59. 59 days in the house." Nat, "Oh."

Adam, Sharon and Nat sitting on loungers silently.

Sheila is in bed. Every now and then she opens her eyes, either looking around and thinking and/or appears to be listening for something.
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Topic #8616921
voodoochild1207 - sheila smiling awkwardly to herself while napping NT 0 Replies #8616921 1:19PM 05/04/2008
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Topic #8616981
voodoochild1207 - james is sleeping. NT 0 Replies #8616981 1:24PM 05/04/2008
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Topic #8616991
echo - sheila ow in by, tried to nap but couldnt sits down with adam and adma asks if she would 0 Replies #8616991 1:26PM 05/04/2008
be pissed if he took off her mic and threw her in pool
they talk about james still sleeping and he went to bed early
adam says he jerled off twice
nat says she went to bed at 3 ryan was snoring she had pillow over her ears
she had her ammo ready 3 pillows but chickened out ryan says dont feel bad hit me
sheila says it feels soooo much btter outside
nat and adam mock sheila and she sayin they pick on her but she easy to make fun of
adam asked to exchange mic
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Topic #8616993
cindytexas - Nat mocking Sheila. Sheila says she likes making fun of her, doesn't she. Sheila says she's everybody's punching bag 0 Replies #8616993 1:26PM 05/04/2008
in the house. Everybody says she's dumb, she can't do anything. Adam says she's easy to make fun of. Sheila says, "I guess I am."
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Topic #8617028
echo - nat asks sheila if the guinis got their strawberries yet she says no 0 Replies #8617028 1:29PM 05/04/2008
nat whistling at the birds, pretty birds she says and whistles again
ryan says nattys a true nature girl
sheila says they are talkin back to nat how cute
nat cont her convo with the birds (ed. lmao)
sharon says while shiela now you will have the birthday you wanted
sheila says a big party adamsays no a shitty one
sheila says ryan hasnt decided to take her off yet and laughs
ryan tries to whistle and adam says ur not a nature person dude
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Topic #8617065
echo - sheila wants badminton, nat wants the bouncy thing, sheila thinks they will 0 Replies #8617065 1:33PM 05/04/2008
be on lock down when they get the toys
they talk about gabrielle reesse
adam talks about vollypalooza in miami lots of babes
nat needs one good guy not lots
nats says nutsack we cant say it but we can say nuts in a bag, kiwis
sheila agrees one guy not many
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Topic #8617113
echo - adam bouncing ball, sheila wants quality over quanity,(ADULT)... adam says once you get 0 Replies #8617113 1:38PM 05/04/2008
quality you need quantity, like doin it 4-5 times a nat says gross
adam says it does not need to be a chore
ryan says guys want it all the time, girls want it more while they are gettin it
ryan says men are a complex species...sheila wants and explanation
ryan says sheila u start and why you hate the meat? why cant u commit to relationships? she lies and ryan busts her
sheila says it has to do with her childhood she will tell them after the show
nat dumps liars, adam says women want to be lied to
they are getting loud arguing
adam says women will lie and take their secrets to the grave
nat says shes never cheated
ryan starts in on sharon thats shes the sneaky type, she says no

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Topic #8617142
echo - adam starts saying that jacob didnt wander until he was not being trusted and followed around... 0 Replies #8617142 1:41PM 05/04/2008
sharon says bring it baller
ryan finds it hard to trust women in general , he does trust jen though
sheila says we all make mistakes noones perfect ryan says when alcohol gets involved with girls then it gets really hard...get a commited girl drunk she will cheat
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Topic #8617223
echo - dr will is more attractive to sheila now since she found out janelle was 0 Replies #8617223 1:47PM 05/04/2008
into him but he wasnt attracted to janelle at all....adam says he probably gets alot....ryan says matts not picky...nats not in love with him, now claiming to be disgusted by him, adma says hes jealous of matt , thumbs up matty , thumbs up, she tells them matty lied to them about th bjs
she keeps saying she told him many times she was against him (ed lmao)
hes a jerkoff, sheilas glad it turned out like this, nat says god punished matty for his lies about her thats why he left, shes not admitting anything
why would i lie? why would i stay with him...sheila says i thought u said u stayed with a guy who said he didnt love you she says yes for a a yr and a half, sheila says i would never stay with a man like that adam says you fall all the *****
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