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cindytexas James and Sheila discussing various books and now movies. James and Sheila have seen a lot of movies. 0 10:25AM 06/04/2008
cindytexas Sharon is talking about some of the fun times they've had in the house, talking about how funny James was just being. 0 10:28AM 06/04/2008
cindytexas Natalie and Sharon talking in bathroom. Nat brings up the subject (AGAIN) of wanting to slap Matty when she sees him for the 0 10:35AM 06/04/2008
cindytexas Ryan and Adam playing in back yard with remote control cars. Sheila is setting up the putting green and trying to play, but 0 10:41AM 06/04/2008
Adiva About 10 mins ago James drove one of the remote control cars into the pool. Adam fished it with the net and it is drying on the kitchen counter NT 0 10:59AM 06/04/2008
allen james says if he goes (adult) 0 11:01AM 06/04/2008
KingMac Ryan says the dr is trying to campain to him not to use the veto he says the dr saisd "are sure want to do this adam put the noms there ect" ... 0 11:02AM 06/04/2008
sharlee Trivia 1 11:06AM 06/04/2008
sharlee Three girls sitting on couch general chatting.. 0 11:11AM 06/04/2008
sharlee Adam sitting on couch.... 0 11:15AM 06/04/2008
VanWinkle Ryan in DR...outdoor LD for POV NT 0 11:18AM 06/04/2008
sharlee Ryan is in DR 0 11:20AM 06/04/2008
VanWinkle FLAMES! NT 0 11:20AM 06/04/2008
sharlee Flames! 0 11:20AM 06/04/2008
VanWinkle TRIVA...POV ceremony in progress NT 0 11:22AM 06/04/2008
626morgan Still POV ceremony... NT 0 11:40AM 06/04/2008
cerealmom Feeds back - sounds like James is up. NT 0 11:58AM 06/04/2008
VanWinkle James is on the block again! NT 0 11:58AM 06/04/2008
veedsboo The houseguests are now back from the Power of Veto ceremony... 0 11:58AM 06/04/2008
cerealmom James to Nat "Close call Nat - 50% chance you were going up!" Nat "I was sweating bullets!" NT 0 11:59AM 06/04/2008
VanWinkle James teases Nat that it was a close call...she had a 50% chance of going on the block. 0 11:59AM 06/04/2008
veedsboo Nat goes to get in her bikini to tan in... 0 12:00PM 06/04/2008
veedsboo Shelia calls James a "rebellous Boy" just like her son... 0 12:03PM 06/04/2008
veedsboo James refers to himself as gonohreah(spelling) or an STD in the house. 0 12:05PM 06/04/2008
veedsboo Sharon and Ryan talk in the BY... 0 12:06PM 06/04/2008
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