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veedsboo James tells Adam he is not gonna campaign... 0 2:14PM 06/04/2008
veedsboo James is telling Adam things he knows aboout the game... 0 2:16PM 06/04/2008
veedsboo Adam and James are playing a game of pool in the BY. The three girls are still tanning. NT 0 2:18PM 06/04/2008
veedsboo Shelia and Sharon talking... 0 2:27PM 06/04/2008
veedsboo We get flames. NT 0 2:27PM 06/04/2008
veedsboo It's back...Adam talking about his friends... 0 2:29PM 06/04/2008
veedsboo James is now sitting with the girls (Shelia/Sharon/Nat) NT 0 2:52PM 06/04/2008
allen girls all out sunbathing in a line cam loves that shot of nat 0 2:58PM 06/04/2008
allen cam shot now across the bow ... 0 3:06PM 06/04/2008
veedsboo Shelia walks to the door from outside to inside... 0 3:08PM 06/04/2008
cindytexas Sheila walks by, Adam says to James that she's so unnatractive. James says Natalie has a butterface. 0 3:09PM 06/04/2008
allen Sheila says Adam prob did that to her photos when he was little 0 3:11PM 06/04/2008
cindytexas James says, "If I could just somehow get Shiela and Ryan." Then he says but Ryan is scared of him. Adam confirms it. 0 3:11PM 06/04/2008
veedsboo Adam tells James that Shelia is afraid to win. 0 3:11PM 06/04/2008
veedsboo James goes to the bathroom inside...the cam shows Adam in his HOH room.. 0 3:16PM 06/04/2008
veedsboo James is in the red room sorting through his stuff. NT 0 3:24PM 06/04/2008
allen still very quiet in BY 0 3:24PM 06/04/2008
veedsboo He puts on deordorent and sings this was an amazing experience.. NT 0 3:25PM 06/04/2008
veedsboo James is walking through the house, talking to himself... 0 3:28PM 06/04/2008
veedsboo James is in the storage room, he gets something then leaves. 0 3:31PM 06/04/2008
binkie94 DR Leak - James ask if he can get some Pabst Blue Ribbon the last few days he's there NT 0 3:31PM 06/04/2008
veedsboo Feeds cut back to Adam in his HOH trying to sleep. 0 3:32PM 06/04/2008
binkie94 Girls sunning in BY - James coloring his hair - No sign of Adam or Ryan NT 1 3:34PM 06/04/2008
allen sheila flips over to her stomach NT 0 3:38PM 06/04/2008
veedsboo James singing,,,"how bad do these ppl suck, they suck really bad..". 0 3:39PM 06/04/2008
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