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echo nats says shes goin to read bible, sheila in kitchen then to wc 0 12:19PM 07/04/2008
echo james is sitting up in bed, girls cont to whisper in by 0 12:24PM 07/04/2008
echo nat says james will stir the pot some more before he leaves 0 12:27PM 07/04/2008
towie girls in BR 0 12:30PM 07/04/2008
towie BB finally telling Sheila to stop playing with her mic NT 0 12:32PM 07/04/2008
echo bathroom convo cont... 0 12:32PM 07/04/2008
echo nat tells s/s god talks to her , just because she hass fake boobs and 0 12:37PM 07/04/2008
echo sheilas cryin ...about the boys thinkin like that , that they want the two boys at the end 0 12:40PM 07/04/2008
towie Sheila starts to cry 0 12:40PM 07/04/2008
echo sheila says she needs a vacation after this, shes goin the memphis 0 12:54PM 07/04/2008
echo sheila drops mic, a knob is falling off cabinet, sharon sitting on floor 0 12:57PM 07/04/2008
echo sheila fixed cabinet, she says she does it all at her place 0 12:59PM 07/04/2008
echo nat tells sharon james just took a crap and didnt wash his hands 0 1:01PM 07/04/2008
SMGWGirl Girl talking about their first time and one night stands... 0 1:04PM 07/04/2008
echo ADULT sharon says she made jacob wait till she was 19 to have sex, 0 1:06PM 07/04/2008
SMGWGirl Flames 0 1:06PM 07/04/2008
echo the girls all say happy bday matty, then they go back to convo 0 1:10PM 07/04/2008
SMGWGirl Sharon and Jacob 0 1:11PM 07/04/2008
jaguars06 Natalie has a hair in her eye/ S&S talking about Sharon & Jacob NT 0 1:13PM 07/04/2008
SMGWGirl F2 - Ryan twitching while sleeping. F4 Nat putting earrings in NT 0 1:13PM 07/04/2008
jaguars06 Sharon - talking lots about Jacob & her relationship to Sheila & Sharon ..Sheila 0 1:15PM 07/04/2008
SMGWGirl F1 - James lying awake in bed 0 1:17PM 07/04/2008
echo sheila talks about why shes on the show, it will force others that they cant 0 1:17PM 07/04/2008
jaguars06 Sheila: I can't say no to my son, I enable him to do the things he does, I'm his Mom & Dad 0 1:18PM 07/04/2008
jaguars06 Girls all agree their lives have changed because of BB that they are happy for NT 0 1:20PM 07/04/2008
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