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Topic #8642898
echo - nats says shes goin to read bible, sheila in kitchen then to wc 0 Replies #8642898 12:19PM 07/04/2008
james laying in bed
sheila in deep thought on wc couch alone
sharon in wc
nat reading bible quietly ryan looks asleep

sheila and sharon whisper hard to hear shes rubbin her mic
***** sheila said , nats full of ***** ,nat wants to go to the end with the boys
how stupid does she think we are sharon??
she knows we would both beat her
if she thinks i beleive that (sheila) its a bunch of crap, sharon do you believe that *****?
sharons not sure
sheila says nat cant win hoh
nat out of room
sharon walks off
all 3 now in bathroom nat says everyones sleeping
dr says sharon , sheila
sheila says i know i was obstructing my mic
sheila says listen (ed frustrated with sheila and her mic right now)
to nat , all 3 on couch, nat says the boys are tryin to take me and sharon out

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Topic #8642937
echo - james is sitting up in bed, girls cont to whisper in by 0 Replies #8642937 12:24PM 07/04/2008
they are talking about the veto comp last yr with jameka , (ed they have their facts wrong as usual)
nats says like sharon says this week could be double eviction then bam we are at 4
nat say i have to win
james layin down and ruan shown still sleeping
nat says shes gonna do whats best for her and the boys are a huge threat
adam and ryan will take each other cause they both won big prizes
sheila says adam told her hes gonna win the half a million dollars espcially if he makes f2
sheila says adam keeps stiring the pot , sheila keeps obstructing mic
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Topic #8642959
echo - nat says james will stir the pot some more before he leaves 0 Replies #8642959 12:27PM 07/04/2008
adam has never protected me, especially with chels
they discuss how josh and chels planned to throw ketchup on nat but dr stopped them
adam told nat to deal with it now and not later
sheila seems disgusted he should have let her stay up there, the guys have no spines why do they let the other guys attack us
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Topic #8642982
towie - girls in BR 0 Replies #8642982 12:30PM 07/04/2008
nat telling Sheila/Sharon that the boys keep telling her to put up Sheila/Sahron if she wins HOH

Sheila: said that was thinking that was what nat was going to do. Nat says no why would I? the boys are the threat
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Topic #8642998
towie - BB finally telling Sheila to stop playing with her mic NT 0 Replies #8642998 12:32PM 07/04/2008
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Topic #8643000
echo - bathroom convo cont... 0 Replies #8643000 12:32PM 07/04/2008
nat admits to s/s that they boys are tryin to get her to ......put the girls up sheila says hell no it aint goin down like that, the boys think they have nat
nat says shes puttin the boys up if she wins hoh it has to be done this is a game
someones goin to be bitter when they go to seq, nat says the boys will be ok one won a motor cycle the other won money
shiela says this is so crazy and worries nat is with the boys still
bb sheila plz stop playing with ur microphone
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Topic #8643048
echo - nat tells s/s god talks to her , just because she hass fake boobs and 0 Replies #8643048 12:37PM 07/04/2008
blond highlites shes not stupid, nows the time we form a new group, we have too, why would i get rid of sharon, again says shes taking the boys out
sheila says she thinks everyones after her (sheila)
sheila scared to be f3 she would be heartbroken to not get f2
nat says she just agrees with the boys to let them think shes with them

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Topic #8643087
echo - sheilas cryin ...about the boys thinkin like that , that they want the two boys at the end 0 Replies #8643087 12:40PM 07/04/2008
sheila says again adam says hes gonna win this game
sharon says adam told james that if he gambles his money away at a casino adam would call his mom to fly him home
sheila says so adam has money?? sharon says that why they call him baller cause hes a high roller
sheila says baller is dirty money gambling ,, he wears 250 for jeans , hes got money
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Topic #8643091
towie - Sheila starts to cry 0 Replies #8643091 12:40PM 07/04/2008
shes upset that the boys are thinking they cant take her to final 3 because she is a bad player..

now talking about how much $$ adam has and that he blows it all in the casino...high rollers, thats why they call him Baller
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Topic #8643245
echo - sheila says she needs a vacation after this, shes goin the memphis 0 Replies #8643245 12:54PM 07/04/2008
shes never had this much stress in her life, she was worried someone was goin to come do something to her when she was tryin to go to sleep, shes really paranoid
nat says there will be no more drama when james leaves
sheila says shes done with the personal attacks
sharon says shes always on edge cause shes always on the block
james up in wc rubbin eyes , uses restroom
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Topic #8643273
echo - sheila drops mic, a knob is falling off cabinet, sharon sitting on floor 0 Replies #8643273 12:57PM 07/04/2008
sheila looking for missing black screw, she found it and say ah ha
sharon scraping feet (ed gross)
sahron says when she was workin in day care...we get flames
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Topic #8643297
echo - sheila fixed cabinet, she says she does it all at her place 0 Replies #8643297 12:59PM 07/04/2008
sheila said her and matty fixed shower door with dental floss (ed lmao wtf is she talkin about )
sheila says all you need is a butter knife
sheila talks about b3 when gerry was called out on not washing hands
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Topic #8643311
echo - nat tells sharon james just took a crap and didnt wash his hands 0 Replies #8643311 1:01PM 07/04/2008
sheila says no way hes cookin tonite
nat calls him a dirty boy ( ed lmao)
nat yawns and says she wants to lay back out
sheila loves that they get to lay out alot
sharons gonna floss
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Topic #8643347
SMGWGirl - Girl talking about their first time and one night stands... 0 Replies #8643347 1:04PM 07/04/2008
Sharon made Jacob wait until they were 19.
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Topic #8643366
echo - ADULT sharon says she made jacob wait till she was 19 to have sex, 0 Replies #8643366 1:06PM 07/04/2008
sheila made a guy wait 15 yrs (ed lmfao )
sharon said they had to wait till they were old enough to know wtf they were doin
sheila tells sharon shes a rare breed
sharon says she was 12 when she met jacob (ed.weve heard this a million times before) she didnt kiss jacob till she was 15 but their first real kiss they were 17
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Topic #8643367
SMGWGirl - Flames 0 Replies #8643367 1:06PM 07/04/2008
for a moment. Then back to girls convo. F1 James laying down?
F2 Ryan sleeping. F3 & 4 - Nat Shar & Sheila talking about past relationships. Mostly about Sharon and Jacob's old relationship
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Topic #8643401
echo - the girls all say happy bday matty, then they go back to convo 0 Replies #8643401 1:10PM 07/04/2008
sharon says jacob is still a boy, when you can take care of a woman is a man even if ur 50
sharon came on bb to get away from jacob , shes thank ful for her friends and family and will get her life back on track and this is the longest shes ever not talked to jacob in 12 yrs
sheila says the same about her ex and herself
sharon says shes ok not talkin to jacob and thankful shes on the show for that, she will be excited to see him though, she says she thought she was gonna suffocate when she saw him walk in the door, since she came on the show to get away from him
jacob told her he heard her voice before he went in so he was preparing himself

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Topic #8643408
SMGWGirl - Sharon and Jacob 0 Replies #8643408 1:11PM 07/04/2008
are the main topic of conversation. Sharon mentions shes taken care of Jacob all their life. Shes really happy shes on the show because its making her grow up and realize how Jacob really treated her. Sharon says she had a panic attack the first day she saw Jacob when they walked into house.

Now the girls are discusssing the real couples that walked into the house (Sharon, Jacob, Ryan, Jen...) and if there are any left. Nat doesn't believe so.
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Topic #8643427
jaguars06 - Natalie has a hair in her eye/ S&S talking about Sharon & Jacob NT 0 Replies #8643427 1:13PM 07/04/2008
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Topic #8643431
SMGWGirl - F2 - Ryan twitching while sleeping. F4 Nat putting earrings in NT 0 Replies #8643431 1:13PM 07/04/2008
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Topic #8643454
jaguars06 - Sharon - talking lots about Jacob & her relationship to Sheila & Sharon ..Sheila 0 Replies #8643454 1:15PM 07/04/2008
telling her that being in the house is good for her, no contact forces Jacob to deal with his c#ap. You & I have something in common...we want to take care of people.
Sharon: were co-dependent
Sheila: well I'm a mother so that is why I take care of people
Sharon: I've always wanted to be the person to "take care of people"
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Topic #8643467
SMGWGirl - F1 - James lying awake in bed 0 Replies #8643467 1:17PM 07/04/2008
F2 - Ryan sleeping; clutching onto pillows
F3 - Switching between girls. Sharon talks about Jacob never being able to attach himself to anyone growing up except for her. How much she's always taken care of him. Sheila and Sharon talk about the need to care for people. Sheila is already raising a teenage son. She doesn't want to raise a man. Sheila wants a man to take care of her.
F4 - Large shot of N/S/S
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Topic #8643473
echo - sheila talks about why shes on the show, it will force others that they cant 0 Replies #8643473 1:17PM 07/04/2008
rely on them and that they have to do it on their on
sharon says we both have co dependency
sheila wants a man to take care of her fo a change
sharon says she was told she was co dependant on jacob
sheila says thats just wanting to take care of him thats not co dependancy
sharon tells sheila jacob would lie about paying the bills, havin to grill him make sure he paid them, she didnt like having to be his mom
he did 20% sharon did 80%
jacob left her with, cc bills furniture
nat interupts the to quote bible (ed s/s not intersested)
as s/s cont convo
sheila says she does everything for her son which is enabling him not to do anything. its a blessing for her and her son....its forced her to get out of her comfort zone to see why her life wasnt working
her ex needs to get her life togther so she can raise her kid
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Topic #8643487
jaguars06 - Sheila: I can't say no to my son, I enable him to do the things he does, I'm his Mom & Dad 0 Replies #8643487 1:18PM 07/04/2008
So this seperation for him & I is forcing him to do things with his life. It forced me to get out of my comfort zone.
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Topic #8643510
jaguars06 - Girls all agree their lives have changed because of BB that they are happy for NT 0 Replies #8643510 1:20PM 07/04/2008
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