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echo sharon eating her 1/2 of bagel with cream cheese 0 11:05AM 08/04/2008
echo sharon said she told the boys to trust her and sheila not nat 0 11:09AM 08/04/2008
echo sharon tells adam if what she told him comes out of nat today sharon 0 11:10AM 08/04/2008
echo bb cranks sound we can hear planes outside but still feeds on kicthen 0 11:12AM 08/04/2008
echo adam says it doesnt matter we have to win 0 11:15AM 08/04/2008
echo nat and adam talkin in kitchen about nat drawing as a kid instead 0 11:19AM 08/04/2008
echo nats ideas for tshirts for their girls on girls, eat a girl save a tree, i love beaver 0 11:22AM 08/04/2008
echo quick flames, nat says she would ask god how he created such different types of people 0 11:26AM 08/04/2008
echo ryan and sharon in sr hes gettin meat and they talk about nat and agree 0 11:34AM 08/04/2008
echo sheila claims shes the chicken george of this season (ed havent seen any costumes) 0 11:38AM 08/04/2008
echo ryan and sheila say they are both jacked on joe, adam brings something 0 11:47AM 08/04/2008
echo ryan alone in kitchen still prepping food, james called to dr, adam now with ryan 0 11:51AM 08/04/2008
echo sheila back in kitchen alone, washing more dishes in sink(ADULT) 0 11:54AM 08/04/2008
echo sheila off to fold clothes nat off to put bathing suit on 0 11:56AM 08/04/2008
echo adam now scrubing pool walls and sharon reading bible in her bed 0 12:01PM 08/04/2008
echo adam says wooohooo i got a penthouse pet of the year and her friends 0 12:05PM 08/04/2008
echo adam asks james if hes joinin the party he yells back to adam i dont 0 12:08PM 08/04/2008
echo james looks at food on counter heads back to his room 0 12:12PM 08/04/2008
echo adam says he req a festive drink of any kind, sheila doesnt like to 0 12:14PM 08/04/2008
shaynabug When James was in SR he hid a whole bag of flour under his shirt when he left and then hid it in his suitcase on the dresser. NT 0 12:22PM 08/04/2008
echo james was told bt dr out of respect for the bb show he cant go out in tighty whities and robe 0 12:27PM 08/04/2008
echo we r back...ryan lifting weights in by alone , sharon reading bible 0 12:28PM 08/04/2008
echo bb tells nat and adam to knock it off, james tells sharon the producers 0 12:34PM 08/04/2008
towie James and Sharon 0 12:37PM 08/04/2008
echo james asks sheila where everyone is...she says by she was painting her nails 0 12:41PM 08/04/2008
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