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Topic #8657308
echo - sharon eating her 1/2 of bagel with cream cheese 0 Replies #8657308 11:05AM 08/04/2008
so is sheila
sharon says i talked to the boys last night and nat better watch it
sheila says nat will target them and not the boys
sheila closes sliding door
sheila says nat told her last night she would put sheila up
sheila says i cant get stuck on the block cause ill go hom
sharon says trust me, call me the mole . ill do whats best for you and me sheila
sheila said she tried to avoid nat and game talk with her
sharon she told the boys we are goin after them
sharon says she gonna go off on nat and she told the boys that
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Topic #8657348
echo - sharon said she told the boys to trust her and sheila not nat 0 Replies #8657348 11:09AM 08/04/2008
sharon says she ***** with josh and james and ill show her karma shes gonna get it
sharon says unless nat wins hoh shes goin next
adam back in kitchen sheila asks whats up adam says one drove itslef in hottub i couldnt control it,
sheila says she needs adam later alone, blames nat for being up adams ass last nt so sheila couldnt talk to him
sheila needs to know adam still has her back, hes says of course i swear ill keep you sheila
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Topic #8657363
echo - sharon tells adam if what she told him comes out of nat today sharon 0 Replies #8657363 11:10AM 08/04/2008
will kick adams ass
sharon says im gonna pull this thru, im gonna win
sheila says she has to win next week in order to stay in
sharon thinks nat will throw hoh because shes lyin to everyone and will have to out herself
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Topic #8657391
echo - bb cranks sound we can hear planes outside but still feeds on kicthen 0 Replies #8657391 11:12AM 08/04/2008
adam says nats now obsessed with him
sheila says nat knew she could kick our asses this week
sharon hopes for double eviction and shes telling them theres no povs in de. (ed we know this is not true)

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Topic #8657419
echo - adam says it doesnt matter we have to win 0 Replies #8657419 11:15AM 08/04/2008
sheila says i gotta pick up my game, give me a chance
adam scared hes not sure what ryan would do, says nats the biggest threat
nat comes in they change subject to sheilas bday and what bb will do
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Topic #8657477
echo - nat and adam talkin in kitchen about nat drawing as a kid instead 0 Replies #8657477 11:19AM 08/04/2008
of playin with other kids, loves to paint mermaids
sharon doing dishes
nat glues jewels onto her paintings
nat says i can make our logo for girls kissing girls (ed they plan to go into business together after the show)
nat says we split 50/50 to adam
ryan in from by

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Topic #8657523
echo - nats ideas for tshirts for their girls on girls, eat a girl save a tree, i love beaver 0 Replies #8657523 11:22AM 08/04/2008
ryan changes subject and asks what her most memorable meal was
tells story about an uncle who had a spit ball at a family dinner and it fell off into his drink
ryan asking questions from table game, to nat worst sexual experience of ur life
when she did on the beach on murtle beach with ex under a deck and security drove by
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Topic #8657572
echo - quick flames, nat says she would ask god how he created such different types of people 0 Replies #8657572 11:26AM 08/04/2008
ryan said he would ask why god made baller (ed lol)
adam making list outloud to prep for party later
clean pool, stuff swiss burgers, grill needs to be on at 2-3 for camers
ryan says lets marinate meat
adam says he got the lays upstairs
ryan hopes they have enough meat, we have no buns
sharon says use bread
ryan says bacon
nat says bacon

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Topic #8657669
echo - ryan and sharon in sr hes gettin meat and they talk about nat and agree 0 Replies #8657669 11:34AM 08/04/2008
that shes talkin ***** cant be trusted and must go
sharon tells ryan she will win hoh and tell nat sharons gonna backdoor ryan so she feels safe and wont play hard for pov
they get interupted by adam followed by nat
ryan says we need pitas nat says we needs penis's? (ed lmao) he say NO pitas
they are loading up on food for their party
adam says its gonna be one hell of a party then called to dr
sheila asks what time ryan says at camera time, then arty time, we are a great cast
ryan tells sheila hes jacked on joe again today they all munch on chips
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Topic #8657720
echo - sheila claims shes the chicken george of this season (ed havent seen any costumes) 0 Replies #8657720 11:38AM 08/04/2008
ryan says lets munch all day
sheila and nat discuss dips for chips later
ryan says day 62 people
ryan prepping hamburger meat for later
adam out of dr
nats says that was fast
someone called to dr but cant hear over nats voice
nat says we r a creative bunch and asks if she paint pics for the party
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Topic #8657830
echo - ryan and sheila say they are both jacked on joe, adam brings something 0 Replies #8657830 11:47AM 08/04/2008
from sr and they debate if its still good, (ed pasta i think)
sheilas asks ryan who did the dishes
adam wants to make macaroni salad
nat says they have no veggies
they talk about making stronger coffee, nat and sheila loves espresso
sheila tells nat james wanted to dump all the coffee out when sheila was on slop and dr told him he couldnt nat says thats messed up
adam asks if he should get pickles
(ed not sure why they are planning so much if they won a luau from bb shouldnt bb supply them ??)
adam says this is gonna be off the hook today
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Topic #8657877
echo - ryan alone in kitchen still prepping food, james called to dr, adam now with ryan 0 Replies #8657877 11:51AM 08/04/2008
sheila has a pile of clothes in hand and looks like shes doin laundry
yep shes at the washer now all 4 feeds on by
adam is out there , sheila tells him shes washing towels later
cant see adam but sounds like hes at the pool or hottub i can hear water
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Topic #8657911
echo - sheila back in kitchen alone, washing more dishes in sink(ADULT) 0 Replies #8657911 11:54AM 08/04/2008
all 4 feeds on her, noone else seen anywhere
nat comes from wc and says look adams checkin water levels in pool
nat makin fun of him by imitating him and sheila joins
ryan joins them and laughs at adam thru the window
nat says she had a bad dream and adam was naked and she was traumitized by it
ryan heads outside
nat tells sheila the dream how she saw adams hooded warroior
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Topic #8657934
echo - sheila off to fold clothes nat off to put bathing suit on 0 Replies #8657934 11:56AM 08/04/2008
feeds switch to adam and ryan in by
adam says their pool party is national will be on tv
ryan skimming pool
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Topic #8658007
echo - adam now scrubing pool walls and sharon reading bible in her bed 0 Replies #8658007 12:01PM 08/04/2008
james layin awake in his bed
nat in bikini off to by
camera zooms in on james (ed lol)
adam thanks sheila for helping him in the game and around the house
sheila says i adore you adam but dont let it go to ur head
adam says he would never take advantage of her
adams now hosing down the ground says its gotta look good out here its a big day tells sheila to ask dr for wine
adam says no ill ask for anything to make it festive

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Topic #8658051
echo - adam says wooohooo i got a penthouse pet of the year and her friends 0 Replies #8658051 12:05PM 08/04/2008
coming to my party how cool is this (ed lmfao)
nats loud says hi baller
sharon tells ada to ask for strawberry daquieries
james pops head up and says to sharon u ready for a pool party
sharon in bed says this is the funniest day ever
adam says he req drinks in dr this the party of the yr

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Topic #8658100
echo - adam asks james if hes joinin the party he yells back to adam i dont 0 Replies #8658100 12:08PM 08/04/2008
know since you ***** me over with the veto am i invited (ed lmao)
adam yells its a house party all wlecome
adam back outside getting water hose out cont to spray pool area
james is up, kicks something sharon laughs at him
james in undies and sweatshirt in wc
ryan layin outside

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Topic #8658162
echo - james looks at food on counter heads back to his room 0 Replies #8658162 12:12PM 08/04/2008
james asks if sharons packed yet she says no tonight i will
ryan tells adam pool looks great
sharon tells james hes gonna be funny today and giggles
james is mocking someone and says ***** ***** (ed nat i think)
james says he needs to do laundry, didnt go to bed till 5 am
james makin fun of everyone saying goodnite loudly so he got up and bbq'd a giant hamburger and felt sick
nat painting flower pics in spa, sheila and adam with her
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Topic #8658205
echo - adam says he req a festive drink of any kind, sheila doesnt like to 0 Replies #8658205 12:14PM 08/04/2008
drink in the day time thats why shes not an alcoloholic nat says she doesnt drink in the day either
sheilas impressed by the house creativity
nat says shes gonna prank sheila all
sheila says well then fine ill prank you all day nat how would you feel
nat says ok
james in sr still in undies
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Topic #8658356
shaynabug - When James was in SR he hid a whole bag of flour under his shirt when he left and then hid it in his suitcase on the dresser. NT 0 Replies #8658356 12:22PM 08/04/2008
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Topic #8658448
echo - james was told bt dr out of respect for the bb show he cant go out in tighty whities and robe 0 Replies #8658448 12:27PM 08/04/2008
he cont to make fun of the other house guests mostly nat and sharon giggles away
he was told be positive james
he hops back in bed, sharon still reading bible
sheila talkin in spa said she was 19-20 in a layout (talkin to adam) as nat paints
sheila says she was in rome on photo shoot once upon a time
sheila says shes taken more clothed photos than nudes
says shes very classy
adam joked with dr guys thats party is by word of mouth if they can make it (ed lmfao)
sharon and james silent in their room
adam asks nat if she ever thought she would be painting with nail polish
james says to sharon he should walk out naked , talkin about freakin nat out now he tells sharon hes goin back to sleep wake me when the party starts
back to spa
adam was a task producer on apprentise he tells sheila so he knows how to host parties, hes done parties for up to 3000 people
sheilas impressed
adam says he snaps and yells at people the day of the event but its fun
sheila says she would never want to work for adam
nat says me and baller are goin into business and are gonna make mad money
sheila wants to see adams clothing line
sheila talks about her ideas , says she had one and then the food network exploded we get flames

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Topic #8658470
echo - we r back...ryan lifting weights in by alone , sharon reading bible 0 Replies #8658470 12:28PM 08/04/2008
all i can hear is ryan breathing as he lifts
nats out there with her flower pics
adam out there too adam wants to show nat how to hang pics in by
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Topic #8658565
echo - bb tells nat and adam to knock it off, james tells sharon the producers 0 Replies #8658565 12:34PM 08/04/2008
would really like less drama in the game , people gettin along sharon says people told u that, he nods we get quick flames
james thinks he would love to work behind the scenes on bb watching someones demise play out, he thinks they totally try and guess how hgs react
sharon thinks james would be great at it
in by ryan layin out still adam says gonna be a great day today ryan req nat cutt his hair later ryan too nat goes to get a towel
in br james says ***** dicks (ed lmao)

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Topic #8658614
towie - James and Sharon 0 Replies #8658614 12:37PM 08/04/2008
Sharon sitting and reading bible

James says sucking each others Di*ks!! Shelia walks by he asks her if everyone is outside already, " yes ...ive been doing my nails"

she leaves James says she thinks she soooo he yawns.. now just slience between James and Sharon
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Topic #8658687
echo - james asks sheila where everyone is...she says by she was painting her nails 0 Replies #8658687 12:41PM 08/04/2008
sheila leaves, james yawns and says she thinks shes safe
nat lies next to ryan, ryan asks who invited him to the party, adam jokes and says ill revoke the invite
ryan and nat say its a breezy day and a bit chilly
adam great day for a party
ryan baller why u not workin on ur tan
adam says im nervous im hosting the party im worried about my turn out (ed lmao )
ryan asks did ya invite the guys in the walls
sharon reading bible and james staring into space
nat says sheila doesnt need to know anything
nat says big sheila says shes in (ed missed first part of convo)
adam says if sharon wins im *****
nats says adam and her would go up
adam says again im *****
nat says sheila told her not to put her up if nat wins hoh , and knows nats puttin boys up
nat says she told sheila she doesnt know who she would put up
ryan says shes goin up right nat she says ya ill tell her shes a pawn
ryan says sheilas pulling the bday card and they are annoyed with it and how she uses her kid
adam says dudes we are *****
nats says no we arent

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