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stewart Ry and Adam off to play chess again...very hushed whispering. NT 0 10:08PM 09/04/2008
stewart Nat and Sharon talking about coming into house...Sharon who did you think would come after you first... 0 10:09PM 09/04/2008
stewart Sharon says that James was jumping on her back the other day and being a goofball like he always is, thats why her back hurts. NT 0 10:11PM 09/04/2008
Rubykins Nat says: 0 10:15PM 09/04/2008
stewart Nat and Sharon talking about being asked question on live show about religion and God... 0 10:15PM 09/04/2008
stewart Nat says her clothes was making her slip, so she used her butt crack and skin to stick... 0 10:17PM 09/04/2008
Rubykins Nat runs into the Livingroom where Adam is to show 0 10:18PM 09/04/2008
stewart Nat wonders if they will have food comp or luxery comp tomorrow.. 0 10:21PM 09/04/2008
stewart Nat "i hear people" ry pauses to listen...faintly hear mumblings.. 0 10:26PM 09/04/2008
stewart Sharon says she thought it was funny that Josh named her "hoops"... 0 10:30PM 09/04/2008
stewart Nat says it was weird only 4 ppl playing for hoh, only 4 glass boxes out week ONLY 3 play... 0 10:33PM 09/04/2008
stewart Nat and Sharon yelling at the gp...say they need human contact..wnat to pick them up and hold them. 0 10:34PM 09/04/2008
stewart Adam tried to cheat in chess and Ry called him on it.. NT 0 10:41PM 09/04/2008
Toka Nattie and Adam folding up James Bed. Nattie says 0 10:47PM 09/04/2008
stewart Adam and Nat both say Nat could have easily won that...that she did the christian thing... 0 10:48PM 09/04/2008
stewart Everyone but Shelia is in couch room talking chit chat...that james left with out a scene.. 0 10:59PM 09/04/2008
BBFanChelle Feeds 3 & 4 are in the HOH NT 0 11:01PM 09/04/2008
BBFanChelle Sheila is out of DR NT 0 11:03PM 09/04/2008
stewart Everyone going to Shelia hoh room... 0 11:04PM 09/04/2008
stewart Shelia says everyone on the bed...Ry is going to read the letter.. 0 11:09PM 09/04/2008
stewart Shelia reads the letter again.. 0 11:12PM 09/04/2008
stewart Shelia said when she was on David Letterman he made fun of her truck. NT 0 11:14PM 09/04/2008
stewart Shelia "you girls need to come and hang and have a slumber party" NT 0 11:15PM 09/04/2008
Toka Sheila got Coppola Merlot wine 0 11:17PM 09/04/2008
stewart Shelia wants Nat to do the portrait they talked about before and is very excited about her makeup kit.. 0 11:17PM 09/04/2008
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