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Topic #8692548
stewart - Ry and Adam off to play chess again...very hushed whispering. NT 0 Replies #8692548 10:08PM 09/04/2008
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Topic #8692589
stewart - Nat and Sharon talking about coming into house...Sharon who did you think would come after you first... 0 Replies #8692589 10:09PM 09/04/2008
N "chelsia for sure, negative vibes, always saying the F word"

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Topic #8692632
stewart - Sharon says that James was jumping on her back the other day and being a goofball like he always is, thats why her back hurts. NT 0 Replies #8692632 10:11PM 09/04/2008
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Topic #8692708
Rubykins - Nat says: 0 Replies #8692708 10:15PM 09/04/2008
The woman who wanted to ask her a question was either
A. religious and wanted to know what religion has to do with the game.
B. Is not religious and wanted to know why she is using it in the game.
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Topic #8692724
stewart - Nat and Sharon talking about being asked question on live show about religion and God... 0 Replies #8692724 10:15PM 09/04/2008
Nat says the flour was so funny and clear, she cant
wait to see how things are broke down after the show

Nat is in LR with boys now

sharon yells from kt that EVERYONE was laughing and
cracking up when they showed it

nat "i love it when they show us clips"

nat "my shirt is black from that pipe, its dirty and all
torn up"

ry "i was sweating bullets"

adam flicks booger on carpet, nat tells him to wipe it on his pants
asks dont you have a tissue

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Topic #8692758
stewart - Nat says her clothes was making her slip, so she used her butt crack and skin to stick... 0 Replies #8692758 10:17PM 09/04/2008
turns around shows guys and looks in the mirror

they laugh and tell her she was all "cracked up"

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Topic #8692778
Rubykins - Nat runs into the Livingroom where Adam is to show 0 Replies #8692778 10:18PM 09/04/2008
him what he looked like when they showed clip of sheila getting "floured".
Adam and Ryan playing chess and adam picking his nose again.
Nat talking about having her butt out in the comp...says she was using it to stick and avoid slipping on the side of the plexiglass
She asked adam no ccrack was showing huh and adam shook his head no.
Nat picking her eyes and flipping her hair with her hands in mirrored window in Livingroom.
Nat saying she is tired and wants to see the hoh before going to bed.
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Topic #8692820
stewart - Nat wonders if they will have food comp or luxery comp tomorrow.. 0 Replies #8692820 10:21PM 09/04/2008
nat yells "piggggggggggies"

nat to ry "your first did great...says the
disco ball sucked...this one was easier"

bb "natalie please do not obstruct you microphone"
nat "oh, my bad"

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Topic #8692900
stewart - Nat "i hear people" ry pauses to listen...faintly hear mumblings.. 0 Replies #8692900 10:26PM 09/04/2008
adam "some dogs up in our crib"

sharon talking to gp, then goes to LR
ry and adam still playing chess

nat is wondering who everyone thought they'd like and who
would be their enemies

nat "i thought for sure james and chelsia were going to be
my enemies right away and they were..negative vibes...if matt
and i had of won power couple, james and chelsia would have
been gone for sure, he had vibes about them too"

Natalie says its a happy house now, no negative energy

Nat "josh and i blessed the house"

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Topic #8692962
stewart - Sharon says she thought it was funny that Josh named her "hoops"... 0 Replies #8692962 10:30PM 09/04/2008
says with faked up ghetto attitude
"hoops is out"
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Topic #8693028
stewart - Nat says it was weird only 4 ppl playing for hoh, only 4 glass boxes out week ONLY 3 play... 0 Replies #8693028 10:33PM 09/04/2008
sharon "i know its crazy"

guys still mumbling about chess game

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Topic #8693065
stewart - Nat and Sharon yelling at the gp...say they need human contact..wnat to pick them up and hold them. 0 Replies #8693065 10:34PM 09/04/2008
and we get a cam shot of the two gp stars!

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Topic #8693216
stewart - Adam tried to cheat in chess and Ry called him on it.. NT 0 Replies #8693216 10:41PM 09/04/2008
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Topic #8693365
Toka - Nattie and Adam folding up James Bed. Nattie says 0 Replies #8693365 10:47PM 09/04/2008
Nasty Sex Juice bed is GONE.
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Topic #8693383
stewart - Adam and Nat both say Nat could have easily won that...that she did the christian thing... 0 Replies #8693383 10:48PM 09/04/2008
Nat "i didnt want to be like james...i'd already won one and
i know how that feels..he had already won one and he didnt
give it to me..all i wanted was pictures and a letter from home"

Adam leaves and nat does

sharon RUNS as fast as she can to the WC to whisper to ry
talking about whose going up

sharon says i have to make sure nat would keep you over adam
if she wins pov..says she knows her and adam are going up...
very hard to hear it all...(hope someone else go it)
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Topic #8693616
stewart - Everyone but Shelia is in couch room talking chit chat...that james left with out a scene.. 0 Replies #8693616 10:59PM 09/04/2008
shelia still in DR

ry "think she is going to be on a queenie power trip"
said she is in there crying her eyes out

now talking about wondering how old adam was when they first
came in the house

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Topic #8693661
BBFanChelle - Feeds 3 & 4 are in the HOH NT 0 Replies #8693661 11:01PM 09/04/2008
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Topic #8693694
BBFanChelle - Sheila is out of DR NT 0 Replies #8693694 11:03PM 09/04/2008
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Topic #8693723
stewart - Everyone going to Shelia hoh room... 0 Replies #8693723 11:04PM 09/04/2008
shelia has one of her penthouse photo
got pics of son when he was little and one at 16
she got makeup and wine and coldplay

and her brother michael, sister gigi

lots of ooooh and aaaahs

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Topic #8693782
stewart - Shelia says everyone on the bed...Ry is going to read the letter.. 0 Replies #8693782 11:09PM 09/04/2008
"dear mom i'm doing fine...i've been walking kitty...
george is taking good care of me..i love you"

gigi also wrote "i'm so very proud of you and that
you won hoh and have kept your integrity....everyone is
keeping in contact with how you are doing"

shelia mouth is open wide and she is all teared up
everyone is hugging her

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Topic #8693858
stewart - Shelia reads the letter again.. 0 Replies #8693858 11:12PM 09/04/2008
says she calls her sister "gee gee" but its really
gigi...her mom watched that movie when she was having her

adam and ry say her penthouse headshot looks like
michele phifer

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Topic #8693884
stewart - Shelia said when she was on David Letterman he made fun of her truck. NT 0 Replies #8693884 11:14PM 09/04/2008
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Topic #8693904
stewart - Shelia "you girls need to come and hang and have a slumber party" NT 0 Replies #8693904 11:15PM 09/04/2008
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Topic #8693920
Toka - Sheila got Coppola Merlot wine 0 Replies #8693920 11:17PM 09/04/2008
She says it's a really good wine really expensive (no more than $25 in a wine shop ed.) Baller later says there is a $48 price tag on it. (Maybe some kind of reserve?ed.)
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Topic #8693925
stewart - Shelia wants Nat to do the portrait they talked about before and is very excited about her makeup kit.. 0 Replies #8693925 11:17PM 09/04/2008
the colors and is excited about her wine...the girls
are going to drink

(ed. i'm out handing off)
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