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saskwatch All 4 feeds back on boys who are still in their beds.. NT 0 10:15AM 16/04/2008
saskwatch Adam restless in bed. Keeps shifting postions. Ry has pillow over face and is still on his back in his bed. NT 0 10:32AM 16/04/2008
saskwatch Ryan snoring. Flames. NT 0 10:35AM 16/04/2008
saskwatch All 4 feeds back on boys still in bed. NT 0 10:36AM 16/04/2008
saskwatch BB announces fresh batts in sr and asks have you changed batts. She asking Sha if they will let her keep the blanket. Sha says yes. NT 0 10:37AM 16/04/2008
saskwatch She says she has to change linen in HOH .. Down to wc with toiletries. Hair chit chat with Sha. Feeds back on boys still in beds. 0 10:40AM 16/04/2008
saskwatch Nat alone in wc. NT 0 10:41AM 16/04/2008
saskwatch Nat goes to see Baller 1 10:46AM 16/04/2008
saskwatch All 4 feeds on sleeping boys. NT 0 10:47AM 16/04/2008
BB9Sucked HOH lockdown. NT 0 11:01AM 16/04/2008
BB9Sucked General convo in the HOH room. Sharon and Nat discussing how horrible to put salt on a slug... NT 0 11:14AM 16/04/2008
BBFanChelle Ryan telling Sharon she's gonna get back together with 0 11:21AM 16/04/2008
BBFanChelle Ryan, Nat, Adam, and Sheila in HOH bed in that order. Ryan and Nat 0 11:23AM 16/04/2008
BB9Sucked All HGs asleep (again) in HOH room. NT 0 11:28AM 16/04/2008
BBFanChelle All are quiet in HOH lockdown. NT 0 11:28AM 16/04/2008
BB_Addiction Adam, Nat, and Ry are sleeping in the HoH bed.. Sharon is sleeping on the chair.. (Sheila not in view) NT 0 11:46AM 16/04/2008
BB9Sucked Sharon sleeping on F1 and F3 making the STRANGEST faces. NT 0 11:53AM 16/04/2008
ghostman Sheila is on the floor!! NT 0 11:59AM 16/04/2008
BBInsider1 Adam saw Sheila on the ground and asked why she was down there and if she wanted to come on the bed since there was space and she 0 12:07PM 16/04/2008
amesworth Sharon is awake now! NT 0 12:16PM 16/04/2008
amesworth Lockdown over! NT 0 12:20PM 16/04/2008
PunkyPower HOH Lockdown over, HGs go downstairs. NT 0 12:20PM 16/04/2008
BBFanChelle F1 & F3 on Natalie alone at KT counter eating cereal. NT 0 12:25PM 16/04/2008
BBFanChelle F2 & F4 KT view from LR. NT 0 12:26PM 16/04/2008
BBFanChelle All feeds in pink BR. Adam in bed. Nat going to take a shower. NT 0 12:27PM 16/04/2008
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