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Roadkill23 Ryan goes inside. Sheila tells him she will get to the bottom of the relationship-in-the-house issue 0 9:54PM 16/04/2008
saskwatch Sheila and Adam will take each other down if they can or save each other. Adam still questioning pre-existing relationships. NT 0 9:54PM 16/04/2008
saskwatch Sheila asks if guys think they'll have somethng tomorrow. Adam says maybe a luxury. NT 0 9:54PM 16/04/2008
saskwatch Sheila wondering if they showed things about Alex. ryan says for sure. Now asking Sheila's age and comparing to his moms' NT 0 9:55PM 16/04/2008
saskwatch Both Sheila and Ryan questioning possibility. Adam says but that's not a pre-existing relationship. Ryan says Adam and Sheila have been married 0 9:57PM 16/04/2008
saskwatch Now Ryan says he can see Matty surfing the myspace to get a girl and that Sheila and Matty prolly hooked up prior. 0 9:59PM 16/04/2008
saskwatch Ryan says BB would not have made incestual relations go down in response to Jen saying she wished Sheila and Ryan would hook up. Ryan says Sheila 0 10:00PM 16/04/2008
saskwatch Adam back out and Sheila exposes Ryan's offer of F2.. so Ryan jokes it. Now Ryan saying Sheila killed the slug. 0 10:02PM 16/04/2008
saskwatch Ryan still practicing golf while joking with Adam. BB- Ryan stop that. Ryan's was trying to hit some button. Now both Adam and Ryan yelled at by BB 0 10:05PM 16/04/2008
saskwatch More gold chat between Ryan and Adam while Sheila wonders if it's Sharon with the preexisting relationship. NT 0 10:06PM 16/04/2008
saskwatch Now talking about Ryan's neices and Sheila's asking where else Ryan has lived. .. Toledo and new Philly NT 0 10:06PM 16/04/2008
saskwatch BB Sheila please put on your microphone. Sheila gets out of hot tub. and grabs mike. NT 0 10:07PM 16/04/2008
saskwatch BB gave them 4 balls and only have 2 left. Adam parked one last night and Ryan just now. NT 0 10:08PM 16/04/2008
saskwatch Sheila says this game is getting so brutal. Ryan thinks they've survived the most brutal part... it's just win and you're good. NT 0 10:09PM 16/04/2008
saskwatch Sharon discussing votes with Ryan and says so you put me up..etc. Ryan says Adam's up on the block NT 1 10:10PM 16/04/2008
saskwatch Sheila going over scenarios with Ryan.. POV winner gets the vote. and normal week. NT 0 10:10PM 16/04/2008
saskwatch Adam says Ryan is going to win POV. Sheila says she' not good with those things but she's good at golf. NT 0 10:11PM 16/04/2008
saskwatch Sheila encouraging Adam in winning final HOH. Adam keeps hitting low. Sheila saying you guys are bros right.. Adam says well you girls plotted us 0 10:13PM 16/04/2008
saskwatch Sheila was encouraging Adam when Ryan went in for more beer. 0 10:14PM 16/04/2008
saskwatch Sharon's slug is missing. It was hanging around stick.. and now it's missing. Sharon says its what 0 10:17PM 16/04/2008
saskwatch Someone was called to DR a couple min ago.. maybe Ryan.. can't see or hear him. NT 0 10:17PM 16/04/2008
saskwatch Sharon saying someone needs to play with me and win.. cause I have a slop pass. Sharon says her and Ryan will throw food comp to Adam and Sheila so 0 10:19PM 16/04/2008
saskwatch Sharon thinks it could be food, luxury comp or quick POV. NT 0 10:20PM 16/04/2008
saskwatch Tomorrow is Baller's dad's birthday (Diddy) NT 0 10:20PM 16/04/2008
saskwatch Sheila saying one of us leave... and then it's down to 3 of us. NT 0 10:21PM 16/04/2008
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