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now talking about sharons bra NT - td30
12:05PM 21/04/2008

now talking about shelia missing the boat room NT - td30
12:06PM 21/04/2008

shelia saying to sharon it's bad luck for shoes to be on the bed sharon quickly moves them NT - td30
12:07PM 21/04/2008

whispering about keeping each other if one of them get off the block NT - td30
12:09PM 21/04/2008

Flames again! NT - amesworth
12:22PM 21/04/2008

LD in boat room NT - BBSheri
12:25PM 21/04/2008

Adam laying on the cursed bed, Sheila on her bed, Sharon in the chair - BBSheri
12:30PM 21/04/2008

House guest talking silly ideas about why they are lock down, - BBSheri
12:32PM 21/04/2008

Now both boys on the cursed bed. Adam says it is ok as long as you don't sleep on it NT - BBSheri
12:34PM 21/04/2008

House Guests analyzing Jacob and Sharons relationship or lack there of NT - BBSheri
12:51PM 21/04/2008

Still LD in the blue boat room NT - BBSheri
12:52PM 21/04/2008

Lockdown Over. NT - Dr0n3
1:10PM 21/04/2008

HGs getting ready for POV/Eviction Ceremonies. NT - Dr0n3
1:15PM 21/04/2008

All feeds on A/R in bathroom primping, Sharon on big couch with them.. Earlier when feeds came back it - Woofie
1:18PM 21/04/2008

Shelia sitting at mini table, Sharon wandering around bored now getting some chinese, Ryan grazing in kitchen NT - Woofie
1:21PM 21/04/2008

Shelia telling funny story about her son who won a costume contest when he was little... - Woofie
1:24PM 21/04/2008

Random acts of eating from R/S/S in kitchen.. Don't know where adam is NT - Woofie
1:27PM 21/04/2008

All 4 feeds on Sharon/Shelia in kitchen eating talking about how wierd that they were on lockdown in the boat room. Ryan in BR with Adam NT - Woofie
1:31PM 21/04/2008

Flames NT - Woofie
1:35PM 21/04/2008

Lockdown in Boatroom again. NT - Dr0n3
1:37PM 21/04/2008

Hgs talk about relationships. Sheila says she would never date someone too young. - SouthernBelladonna
2:12PM 21/04/2008

Sheila asks about Baller's dating range. Ryan jokes 18-97. - SouthernBelladonna
2:16PM 21/04/2008

Ryan says he's going nuts from being locked in the house for the past 26 hours. NT - SouthernBelladonna
2:17PM 21/04/2008

LD over. HGs are moving around the house. NT - SouthernBelladonna
2:20PM 21/04/2008

Ryan and Sheila use the pottty. You can see flames and hear the BB theme playing on the TV screen in the house. NT - RockinThePink
2:22PM 21/04/2008

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