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Ryan says all right and Adam says as soon as she drops, I will drop. They shake on it. - CruiseCritic
5:22PM 21/04/2008

Adam says he is saying what he feels, it is in his gut and he wanted to bring it to the - CruiseCritic
5:23PM 21/04/2008

Adam again says it is best and that their original plan was to have the three of them at F3 - CruiseCritic
5:24PM 21/04/2008

ryan says will trust your gut adam.. NT - Laura
5:26PM 21/04/2008

Ryan says alright man if thats what you are doing. Adam says God forbid if she does beat me - CruiseCritic
5:27PM 21/04/2008

Adam saying boys til the end - they are both laughing, smiling. Adam mentions a 23 year-old girl - CruiseCritic
5:29PM 21/04/2008

Adam tells Ryan to get all pi$$ed off at him when he votes Sharon out and throw his hands up - CruiseCritic
5:30PM 21/04/2008

Adam finishes up hotdog as he puts ketchup away - he wipes counter off with the papertowel he - CruiseCritic
5:34PM 21/04/2008

Adam says "getting soaked tonight" as he gets out a yogurt and Adam comes in WC - CruiseCritic
5:36PM 21/04/2008

Ryan asks ADam if he is wearing jeans out there and Adam says he is wearing jeans with Julie and then bathing suit - CruiseCritic
5:39PM 21/04/2008

Adam & Ryan in the bathroom...Ryan tells Adam that hes glad adam came to him with this (idea)...Ryan goes into bathroom stall - milkmoney
5:41PM 21/04/2008

Adam put on jeans over hsis swim trunks and carries his bag out of the pink BR - he rings door to SR - CruiseCritic
5:42PM 21/04/2008

Sheila remembers the first two weeks when she and Adam were on the floor in sleeping bags - CruiseCritic
5:44PM 21/04/2008

ryan & adam stretching in the kitchen (LOL) adam telling ryan Shelia will throw the comp hoping one of them takes her to the end NT - milkmoney
5:48PM 21/04/2008

adam was showing ryan how to strecth the new shoes they have....adam saying 13 minutes thats it NT - Laura
5:49PM 21/04/2008

Adam just told Ryan -- "13 minutes" -- (ed.6pmBBT = GAME ON!) NT - Shannon72
5:49PM 21/04/2008

Trivia!!!! NT - Shannon72
5:50PM 21/04/2008

Trivia still NT - BBSheri
6:53PM 21/04/2008

3hrs 45min and counting trivia Trivia TRIVIA NT - BopthoR
9:33PM 21/04/2008

Sheila's back, ryan's back. NT - saskwatch
10:07PM 21/04/2008

feeds back.. sharon voted out NT - tammy420
10:07PM 21/04/2008

Feeds back and I see She fix 3 chairs at mini table NT - BBFanChelle
10:07PM 21/04/2008

shelia just said to ryan i got my key back NT - Laura
10:07PM 21/04/2008

Sheila said, "So you guys... Adam kept her! NT - saskwatch
10:09PM 21/04/2008

Sharon's gone NT - WVpdles
10:09PM 21/04/2008

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