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Ashleee Sheila says that they can not predict how J/J/C are planning on voting NT 0 10:50PM 22/04/2008
dustytissue Sheila: You don't know how they're going to vote. You can't read their minds. Mattie's been there a month, you don't know how he's going to vote. 0 10:53PM 22/04/2008
dustytissue Ryan tells Sheila she might not go to the jury house. Sheila says but you have to talk on a stage. She says she saw it for Dick and Daniele. NT 0 10:53PM 22/04/2008
dustytissue Adam tells Sheila her tone is like she's saying she's going to campaign against him if he picks Ryan over her. NT 0 10:56PM 22/04/2008
Ashleee Adam is tossing the comp to get her out Dun NT 0 11:01PM 22/04/2008
dustytissue Sheila leaves to storage room and asks for Tylenol PM, says she doesn't want to deal with this anymore. Ryan tells Adam that Sheila now knows he 0 11:03PM 22/04/2008
BBFanChelle Ryan said he knew Sheila was going to do this. Pull at Adam's heart strings. NT 0 11:10PM 22/04/2008
dustytissue Adam: Dude you're winning tomorrow and that's it. 0 11:10PM 22/04/2008
BBFanChelle Adam: I'm throwing the last comp for you. NT 0 11:10PM 22/04/2008
saskwatch Adam calls Sheila says we can talk in private now. NT 0 11:25PM 22/04/2008
cannotsleep Ryan says Jen messed her game up so much. He says he's going to tell her how could she watch for 8 seasons and then come in (*LONG*, strategy) 0 11:25PM 22/04/2008
saskwatch She tells Adam to come to her bedroom BB tells them to turn the lights on. She had to do it in front of him. 0 11:26PM 22/04/2008
saskwatch Adam says his gut is in a wrench. Sheila says Adam is her only hope to 0 11:28PM 22/04/2008
saskwatch Still rehashing. Adam crying and saying that dude was his partner just as much as she was 0 11:30PM 22/04/2008
dustytissue Ryan in DR. Sheila asks Adam to talk. 0 11:31PM 22/04/2008
saskwatch Sheila telling Adam if you win tomorrow, you already have those. Sheila says no matter how you look at it. 0 11:35PM 22/04/2008
saskwatch Sheila in bed. Someone in wc. NT 0 11:35PM 22/04/2008
saskwatch Ryan in washroom. Adam in wc. Sheila did not get her tylenol pm and has a headache. holding top of nose. NT 0 11:36PM 22/04/2008
saskwatch Sheila in sr. Ryan there. No pills. Sheila please put on microphone. Ryan asks if she wants to talk to him. 0 11:41PM 22/04/2008
saskwatch Adam listening outside the door and Sheila calls him out. He is in room now. 0 11:45PM 22/04/2008
saskwatch ryan says that adam is sheila's only hope. Asks what either guy would do if they 0 11:49PM 22/04/2008
saskwatch they all realize that no matter who gets evicted tomorrow, they will lose a vote. NT 0 11:50PM 22/04/2008
saskwatch Ryan says if Adam evicted him he wouldn't campaign against him, just wouldn't vote for him. Sheila says well we just can't predict what's going to 0 11:57PM 22/04/2008
saskwatch Adam says he'd wonder why Ryan would pick her over him and Sheila says well that's how I feel. NT 0 11:58PM 22/04/2008
saskwatch Ryan says you know how close we are dude to sheila. We'll be friends outside this house too. 0 11:59PM 22/04/2008
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