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Topic #8913069
Ashleee - Sheila says that they can not predict how J/J/C are planning on voting NT 0 Replies #8913069 10:50PM 22/04/2008
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Topic #8913113
dustytissue - Sheila: You don't know how they're going to vote. You can't read their minds. Mattie's been there a month, you don't know how he's going to vote. 0 Replies #8913113 10:53PM 22/04/2008
Adam: Who knows, Sheil.

Sheila: You can't predict what those people will ultimately do. Neither does Ryan.

Sheila says some people will be angry and go "I'd rather give it to him than him." She says Natalie definitely doesn't like her now. She had the deer in headlights look when she left.

Sheila says she might be there tomorrow (jury house). Lowers her voice and goes "And I'm the ultimate campaign queen." Says she'll be talking her game.

She tells him she's not bitter. Says how would they be in her position. "Would you just sit here and be defeated? No, you would talk to each other. You wouldn't just give up."

Adam says exactly but he doesn't tell anyone anything.
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Topic #8913124
dustytissue - Ryan tells Sheila she might not go to the jury house. Sheila says but you have to talk on a stage. She says she saw it for Dick and Daniele. NT 0 Replies #8913124 10:53PM 22/04/2008
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Topic #8913163
dustytissue - Adam tells Sheila her tone is like she's saying she's going to campaign against him if he picks Ryan over her. NT 0 Replies #8913163 10:56PM 22/04/2008
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Topic #8913247
Ashleee - Adam is tossing the comp to get her out Dun NT 0 Replies #8913247 11:01PM 22/04/2008
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Topic #8913297
dustytissue - Sheila leaves to storage room and asks for Tylenol PM, says she doesn't want to deal with this anymore. Ryan tells Adam that Sheila now knows he 0 Replies #8913297 11:03PM 22/04/2008
wouldn't have taken her anyway. She won't vote for him (Ryan).

Sheila comes back in and asks Adam for a truce and not to talk about it anymore. "I wish you both luck." She asks to squash it. She says good night and goes to boat room.

BB: Sheila go to DR.

Adam: Tylenol PM sittin' there for you babe.
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Topic #8913394
BBFanChelle - Ryan said he knew Sheila was going to do this. Pull at Adam's heart strings. NT 0 Replies #8913394 11:10PM 22/04/2008
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Topic #8913407
dustytissue - Adam: Dude you're winning tomorrow and that's it. 0 Replies #8913407 11:10PM 22/04/2008
Ryan says he knew this was going to happen at the end, she's going to start pulling the strings on your heart. Adam assures him and Ryan goes, I know. I know.

Adam says she'll campaign against him, Ryan says she won't. "She's not going to vote against you dude, no matter what."

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Topic #8913409
BBFanChelle - Adam: I'm throwing the last comp for you. NT 0 Replies #8913409 11:10PM 22/04/2008
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Topic #8913632
saskwatch - Adam calls Sheila says we can talk in private now. NT 0 Replies #8913632 11:25PM 22/04/2008
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Topic #8913646
cannotsleep - Ryan says Jen messed her game up so much. He says he's going to tell her how could she watch for 8 seasons and then come in (*LONG*, strategy) 0 Replies #8913646 11:25PM 22/04/2008
to the house and play the way that she did. Adam laughs. Ryan says he's going to go run outside.

Sheila, now alone with Adam, says I know he's not going to take me to the end if he wins, says she's not even going to ask him.

Sheila knows Adam is her only chance, Adam says Ryan has a lot of debt so he needs it too, and Sheila says but I'm a single mom.

Sheila says I think I've played a pretty amazing game. She says she may not have been as physically strong or mentally strong as him, but I've done other things.

Adam says he's going to do the best he can. Sheila says I know you're going to win it tomorrow.

She is hoping that she doesn't walk out of here empty handed. Sheila says she won't do it, she won't campaign to Ryan. She knows he won't take her. Adam says I hear you Sheila, it's a hard decision for me.

Sheila says if I won the final HOH, there would be no question that she would take Adam. Adam says you would win for sure over me. Sheila says you don't know that. They stand in front of the memory wall going over the votes.

Adam says I don't know what I'm going to do yet, but they (the DR) talk to me just like they talk to you. I have to go over my options. Sheila says you have to do what's right for you.

Adam says he came on this show to win $500,000 for these kids and his charity.

Sheila starts raising her voice, almost yelling, says her life is a charity, because she's a 46 year old single mom. She says she doesn't give a damn, she says she'll walk out of here tomorrow, she has an amazing family, she doesn't need any charity from him. Adam now raising his voice saying why are you getting mad at me for being honest with you. Why are you yelling at me for that, I told you I'm just going over my options!

Ryan comes in, and Sheila walks out into the BY. Adam says you gotta win, dog! Adam says he might just throw it to Ryan, because he feels bad.

Sheila comes back inside and says for about the third time, can I please just get some Tylenol PM, to BB. She's lying on the couch in the sauna room.

Ryan says quietly this is pissing him off, how Sheila is acting. Asks Adam if he wants to go run with him, Adam says no. Ryan says now that he's not feeling so good, that it's his heart, that he gets chest pains.

Ryan says this is why I didn't want her here, I wanted to avoid this sh!t right here, talking very quietly to Adam. Now Ryan heads to the bathroom and passes the sauna room, asks Sheila if she's alright, she says yeah.

Sheila says I'm not going to campaign to you, because I know you're taking him. She says Adam says he's not going to take her because he knows she will win over him. Adam hears them talking and comes into the sauna room. Sheila gets angry that he's in there, Adam says he's allowed to listen to what's going on. Sheila tells him to leave. He goes out and sits at the kitchen table, trying to still hear what they are saying.

Ryan says I think Adam is deserving, I'm not saying you're not but I think he is.

Ryan says I don't know for sure that he would take me if he wins, Sheila says no, he already told me he's taking you, that's why we were fighting.

Ryan says I might not even be able to win against him. Adam still listening from the kitchen. Sheila says I know he's your boy and you're going to take him, and that's why I'm not going to campaign. Ryan says it's not easy when you come this far and not get something, she says it's true. But you never know what will happen when you leave.

Ryan says I feel like I need to win tomorrow for me. Sheila says she understands. Ryan leaves the sauna room, Adam gets up and starts walking away, and when he hears Sheila coming into the kitchen he starts running into the bedroom so that Sheila won't see that he was listening. He goes to the couch and lies down to read the Bible. Ryan comes in and says I told her I'm taking you, Adam says good.

Sheila goes by the SR door, Adam asks if she's going to check to see if they gave her any Tylenol PM. She goes in and there isn't any there. She comes out and starts to campaign to Adam again.

Sheila says you don't need to make me seem like I'm a charity case. She says I'm not putting any pressure on you... you're my only option. I'm just being honest, It's a big decision. She says I'm not a beggar, and don't make me feel like that. She says I know you want to help the kids with autism. She says she could probably get someone to raise money for autism too. She says I know some people... I know people who know people.

Adam gets up and hugs her. Sheila says she's happy that she's going to get out of there and see her son, she says she wouldn't have done this show if he wasn't a teenager, that he is self sufficient. She says if I did this show and inspired one 46 year old single mother than it will be worth it. She hopes she has shown them that if she can do it, that they can do it too.

Sheila says I'll probably get hate mail because of how bad I treated you, but they didn't see how bad you treated me. Says she doesn't want to see the beginning of the show because she's going to hate herself for how she acted to him.

Sheila says he told me he's taking you if he wins tomorrow, so I'm glad he told me. She says you don't know how the people in the jury house are thinking. Says you might be screwing yourself with them (if you take him over me), you sent Sharon out of here.

Now Sheila is talking about how she has worked minimum wage jobs to support her son, she says she has played a good game in this house, maybe not in competitions, but with the people in this house. She says I've played with my heart and my gut.

She says I didn't plan to be a single parent, she said I told myself, woman up and take care of it, she said I don't want you to pick me because you think I'm a charity case. I haven't put a guilt trip on you. I haven't ever put a guilt trip on you in this entire game.

Sheila says I've been helping you for this entire game, Adam says he's helped her too.

Sheila says now I don't owe you anything, and Adam says I don't owe you anything.

Ryan comes in, Sheila says there's only going to be one winner tomorrow. She says "You can't just expect me to sit here and say thanks for voting me out, thanks for carrying me this far" ... flames.

Back from flames she says I hope they just give me some Tylenol PM, she said I know they are busy with a lot of stuff for the show, but I just need something to sleep.

She says you don't know what the jury is going to do. Matty has been there for a really long time. Says you don't know what each of the jury members is going to do. Goes through each jury member by name.

Ryan comes back in. Now Sheila says a lot of the people in that jury house hate me. I've pissed a lot of them off. I know Natatlie does. She gave me this deer in the headlights look when she left. But I am the campaigning queen. Adam says yeah you are. She says so I know that I might be there tomorrow.

Adam says I was just being honest with you that I'm weighing my options about what to do. Sheila says she's glad Ryan told her what he's doing because now she knows. Ryan says you may not even go to the jury house. She says yeah, but the whole jury has to talk, I saw it for Dick and Daniele. They all go on a stage and talk, I saw it. Ryan says they probably already have their minds made up, well maybe not.

Adam says the "scenario" kings and queens are all already there. Then Sharon is going to walk in, and I guarantee you that they already have their minds made up. Sheila still thinks she will go to the jury house.

Adam tells Sheila I don't know if I even have a decision to make yet. I don't know if I'm going to win tomorrow. He says you don't need to threaten me that you are going to campaign against me if I don't pick you. Sheila says I didn't threaten you, raising her voice.

She says I don't even need to talk to you about it anymore. Stop, stop, I heard you loud and clear. She goes into the SR again, saying please, please give me some Tylenol PM.

Ryan and Adam alone, Ryan says I bet she's in there right now asking for Tylenol PM.

Sheila comes out and says let's call a truce. I'm not going to say another word to you. That was not a threat. I did not threaten you. She's telling Adam that he shouldn't talk to Ryan about what they are going to do any more tonight. Sheila again tells Adam not to talk to Ryan again. She wants to get some sleep.

Adam says you just told me that if I win and don't pick you, that you're going to go to the jury house tomorrow and destroy me. She says no I did not. You have a big day tomorrow. Don't talk to Ryan any more. She closes the boat room door.

Adam says kind of quietly, well I guess I'm not allowed to talk to you anymore. They laugh. Adam says I just told her I'm weighing my options, Ryan says this is exactly why I didn't want her to be here, this exact situation.

Sheila gets called to the DR, Adam says they'll have Tylenol PM in there waiting for you on the chair.

Sheila goes in the DR.

Adam says you've got to win tomorrow, dude. Ryan says it's a 95% chance that I'll win it if you throw it to me. But if it comes down to it, they say they'll have to figure out that if there's a tie, one of them will pick a really low number and one will pick a high one, so that Ryan still wins.

They both start walking to the bathroom. Adam says she was threatening me wasn't she? Ryan says yeah, she was. Adam says she said she was the campaigning queen. Ryan agrees, says let me guess, she was playing the kid card, everything? Adam says yeah. Ryan says I knew it.

Ryan says how Sheila said they're not allowed to talk to each other. They laugh. He says she said she's going to sleep, so Ryan is not allowed to campaign to Adam for his vote while she's sleeping.

Ryan says I know she was pulling the kid card, the 46 year old single mother card, all of that. Adam says yeah.

Ryan says, I'm going to make a prediction. She's going to come out of the DR and ask to speak to you alone. She's going to play the whole I'm sorry for threatening you card, and then play the kid card, and the single mother card again.

Adam said she's going to hit you up real hard, dude. Ryan said she started to, and then she stopped really fast.

They talk about how they want champagne, beer and cigarettes tomorrow night. Ryan says everything will be over, it's chill time dude. He says to BB give us some cigarettes, hook us up. Ryan says, I got cash dude, they can give them to us. They laugh.

Sheila comes out of the DR. Adam says are you okay? Sheila says no, I'd actually like to talk to you for a little while.

Ryan smiles to Adam because he predicted this. They call Ryan to the DR.
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Topic #8913657
saskwatch - She tells Adam to come to her bedroom BB tells them to turn the lights on. She had to do it in front of him. 0 Replies #8913657 11:26PM 22/04/2008
She was still trying to protect Adam. Explaining jury to him. Explaining who she thinks will vote for him.
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Topic #8913694
saskwatch - Adam says his gut is in a wrench. Sheila says Adam is her only hope to 0 Replies #8913694 11:28PM 22/04/2008
stay in the game. It's heartbreaking for her. Adam says he feels so bad that Sheila's played so hard and is going home with nothing. Adam says he's goning to try his best tomorrow. Sheila says that is why she did that so that Ryan wouldn't wonder why she wasn't asking him.
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Topic #8913723
saskwatch - Still rehashing. Adam crying and saying that dude was his partner just as much as she was 0 Replies #8913723 11:30PM 22/04/2008
from the start. Says that when she was dogging him out in the beginning, and was outside wanting to shoot himself in the head, Ryan was there for him.

Adam doesn't think it's fair for him to tell anyone who's he's picking. Sheila says you got James, Natalie, Matty and either Chelsia or Josh.
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Topic #8913729
dustytissue - Ryan in DR. Sheila asks Adam to talk. 0 Replies #8913729 11:31PM 22/04/2008
Sheila and Adam lying in bed in boat room.

Sheila: I want you to do what you want to do. But you can't guess what the jury's going to do. Can I tell you why? Look what you did for James. Nat's going to vote for you, Nat's going to get Mattie.

She says they don't like her.

Adam tells her he was just letting her know that he does feel bad. Adam says his gut is in a f*cking wrench right now.

Sheila asks how do you think it makes me feel knowing Ryan is going to take him.

Sheila: You're in a win-win situation. Where's Sheila in all of that? I've been your partner.

Adam brings up that Ryan was there for him the first day of the partners. "That dude was my partner as much as you were."

Before this, A/R had a convo where Ryan said the above. Ryan told Adam he was there for him when Sheila wasn't.

Sheila again says don't judge what will happen in the jury house. "You got James, you got Mattie, you definitely got Natalie."
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Topic #8913781
saskwatch - Sheila telling Adam if you win tomorrow, you already have those. Sheila says no matter how you look at it. 0 Replies #8913781 11:35PM 22/04/2008
You are in a win win situation. Sheila says we've had each others back. When we went singles, Adam says you promised to pick me. Sheila says I got nothing to promise you Adam. Adam says he doesn't want to be in her shoes. Adam says that i think you know me well enough to know what I'm going to do. She says I just want you to go with your heart and gut. Adam says he will. Sheila assures him that she was not threatening him. Adam knows that now.
Adam says I told you I will help you. She says no i don't want that. All I want you to do is go to bed, get your sleep so it doesn't affect your game tomorrow. They say goodnight. Adam leaves. Ryan out of diary room. ryan says to adam, "you puss"
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Topic #8913794
saskwatch - Sheila in bed. Someone in wc. NT 0 Replies #8913794 11:35PM 22/04/2008
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Topic #8913813
saskwatch - Ryan in washroom. Adam in wc. Sheila did not get her tylenol pm and has a headache. holding top of nose. NT 0 Replies #8913813 11:36PM 22/04/2008
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Topic #8913876
saskwatch - Sheila in sr. Ryan there. No pills. Sheila please put on microphone. Ryan asks if she wants to talk to him. 0 Replies #8913876 11:41PM 22/04/2008
Says he's just being truthful. Says he doesn't want her to sit here and if he wins HOH that he picks Adam and crushes her.
Sheila says that her fate does lay in one or others of their hands. And it didnt' happen for her. What's she supposed to do.. just walk out the door and not say.. heh look at me. Why stick with the bros. Maybe I haven't won all the comps but I think I've been agood player.. and for me to just walk out of here and say okay you guys beat me... that's lame. Ryan says me and Adam have been close this whole time. She said well I thot we were too.. you've told me personal things that I haven't shared. He knows. Says that he left the vote in Adams hands and told Adam it was entirely up to him, that he had no say in it.
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Topic #8913919
saskwatch - Adam listening outside the door and Sheila calls him out. He is in room now. 0 Replies #8913919 11:45PM 22/04/2008
Ryan says I didn't push for Adam to evict you.. Iknew with you staying it would be a harder decision this week for adam because you're partners. Ryan says I'm in here with a couple. Sheila says you're a couple too.. a real one .. we're a fake one.
Ryan says well you've been together this entire game. Sheila is glad Ryan tole her and she knows that there is no way of swaying his vote. Ryan says he has no idea what Adam's doing and he hopes Adam will vote for him, just as sheila does. Sheila appreciates him telling her straight up. ryan says he wishes there were 3 places winners. He thinks Sheila deserves the money too. Sheila says none of them know what the jury is going to do tomorrow.
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Topic #8913982
saskwatch - ryan says that adam is sheila's only hope. Asks what either guy would do if they 0 Replies #8913982 11:49PM 22/04/2008
were in hre shoes. Adam says either way, I'm screwed, if I win. Cuz I have to pick one of you and one of you will be pizzed at me.
Sheila says if there is one thing that she definitely is thankful for is that they kept her for F3. Ryan says you had an opportunity and you did good but you didn't win the comp. Sheila says she tried. Ryan says no one person here needs the money more than the other. Ryan says 2 of us here aren't getting the money here. Sheila says I won a unitard.. Adam won a motorcycle.. ryan says he knows jury will hold his winnings against me. Sheila says adam could auction his motorcycle for the foundation. ryan says I'm not saying anything bad about you. Sheila says that one of you will win tomorrow and I'm not a beggar, I just want you to know that I still want to stay in the game. Sheila says she wasn't threatening him with the jury.
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Topic #8913988
saskwatch - they all realize that no matter who gets evicted tomorrow, they will lose a vote. NT 0 Replies #8913988 11:50PM 22/04/2008
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Topic #8914070
saskwatch - Ryan says if Adam evicted him he wouldn't campaign against him, just wouldn't vote for him. Sheila says well we just can't predict what's going to 0 Replies #8914070 11:57PM 22/04/2008
happen over there. Sheila says she just wanted a fair chance to campaign. Ryan says lets stay up all night Adam until BB tells us to go to bed.
Sheila says she can't sleep and she's only had 3 hours sleep last night cuz she was so stressed, which prolly contributed to her not winning today. Sheila feels bad for Adam feeling pressured, cuz that wasn't her intent. She just wanted the opportunity to campaign. She's thankful for the opportunity. Acknowleges that it would have been easier for them to keep Sharon. But she's not Sharon and her campaign is different. Ryan says it's harder for us because we care more about you than we did for Sharon. Ryan says Sharon was the last of TP's alliance.. so they didn't feel they owed her any loyalty. Adam says if he was in Sheila's shoes he'd be even worse, freaking and going nuts. Ry agrees he would. Adam says he's torn. Cuz he wouldn't want to be with any other people in the house. Sheila says to Adam, how would you feel if Ryan says he would pick me. Adam says I'd say f it and I'd win.
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Topic #8914084
saskwatch - Adam says he'd wonder why Ryan would pick her over him and Sheila says well that's how I feel. NT 0 Replies #8914084 11:58PM 22/04/2008
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Topic #8914113
saskwatch - Ryan says you know how close we are dude to sheila. We'll be friends outside this house too. 0 Replies #8914113 11:59PM 22/04/2008
Ryan says he isn't going to lie to her. That he's never lied in this house. Sheila says she'd rather be told up front, that I don't have your back then be lied to. She thanks them for listening to her.
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