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Topic #8955244
DrC - Basically all that has been going on is Adam and Ryan talking 0 Replies #8955244 12:00AM 26/04/2008
about people in JH, specially Shelia and Sharon. They have been guessing that each other probably won the 500G but wither way they leave with no less than 50G. They discuss who they are the only ones besides Chels and Sharon to win any prizes and they are the F2.

They finally moved from the Fold-out bed area to the sauna room and are now outside. Ryan is playing with the over size golf club and Ryan is sitting with his feet in the HT.

Adam earlier he was said his 'backside' (my word not his) was burning after leaving the toliet and he has complained a few times of have pain in his lower abdomen and cramps.

Adam can't understand why Josh hates him so much. Ryan says don't worry about it you know who he was on the show. The conversation keeps going back, mainly from Adam, to who will get the votes for the big money.

Don't know if the JH will vote personal or game. They say they (JH) have two days to hash it out before the show on Sunday.
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Topic #8955334
jasbel - Ryan just figured out the riddle and told 'Hank.' NT 0 Replies #8955334 12:17AM 26/04/2008
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Topic #8955529
cannotsleep - Adam and Ryan lying on separate couches in the BR, talking to the cameras, talking about tomorrow since it will be their last full day in the house NT 0 Replies #8955529 1:29AM 26/04/2008
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Topic #8955577
cannotsleep - Adam says to Ryan that big Sheil is voting for Ryan, Ryan says don't even say that dude, Adam says watch, big Sheil will be the deciding vote. 0 Replies #8955577 1:51AM 26/04/2008
Adam says "I'm f*cked dude" and laughs. Ryan says it's going to be close but it will probably be you (that will win). Adam says I bet it goes 3-3 and Sheila votes for you.

Adam first says "F*ck that bitch" about Sheila, and then he says no, he understands why she is upset with him and it's okay.

They are going over the possible voting scenarios. Ryan thinks Adam has James' vote. Ryan said Sharon said he didn't have hers, Adam says but what about her loyalty speech. They talk about how obsessed Sharon was about the wink. Ryan "I'm going to lose $450,000 over a wink." Adam laughs.

Adam keeps mentioning who will vote for who, Ryan says with a laugh dude, I don't even want to talk or think about this anymore. He and Adam laugh together.

Adam is in a giddy mood, laughing at everything, Ryan laughing too. Now Adam is talking to the cameras again, both he and Ry are having fun screwing with the camera people, getting right in front of it, and the camera keeps panning back and forth.


The bros have moved into the kitchen now, Adam yells "Hey Guys!" really loud. Adam continues his giddy laughter. They are just chilling out, talking about different HGs in front of the memory wall.
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Topic #8955586
cannotsleep - Adam keeps laughing hysterically at nothing in particular, but now about TP, Ryan jokingly says what's wrong with you dude, you're laughing at "TP" NT 0 Replies #8955586 1:55AM 26/04/2008
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Topic #8955588
cannotsleep - Adam reading the bible now, Ryan comes out of the WC, and Adam is joking that they should go workout now, shoulders this time NT 0 Replies #8955588 1:57AM 26/04/2008
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Topic #8955605
cannotsleep - Ryan says why did you keep laughing dude? Adam responds with giggling. Ryan says I can always tell when you're ready to sleep, you can't stop 0 Replies #8955605 2:05AM 26/04/2008
laughing. Adam says I guess it's time to turn off the light, dude.

They discuss how James was the only jury member who congratulated them on making the final two, that the rest of them were just bitter. Both are impressed with James' attitude about the whole thing.

Adam says I'm f*cked dude, and he begins an all out gigglefest. Ryan laughs too, says what's wrong with you dude? They say did Sheila ever laugh? Ryan says he doesn't think she's a very happy person inside. He says if Adam couldn't make Sheila laugh, then nobody could.
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Topic #8955610
cannotsleep - Adam says Sheila loved wine, that she's a drunk. She went to AA with Jorge (Georg is Sheila ex-boyfriend). Ryan says for real? Adam says yeah NT 0 Replies #8955610 2:09AM 26/04/2008
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Topic #8955626
cannotsleep - Adam goes into the kitchen, says the words "Protein Shake" and starts laughing uncontrollably, Ryan is giggling from the BR about how many scoops NT 0 Replies #8955626 2:16AM 26/04/2008
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Topic #8955638
cannotsleep - Adam is in the sauna room picking at his face in the mirror, Ryan gets into his bed takes off his mic, Adam now staring at the memory wall again NT 0 Replies #8955638 2:20AM 26/04/2008
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Topic #8955652
cannotsleep - Adam comes into the BR, Ryan asks him how he's doing, Adam starts cracking up, jokes that he did 3 sets outside, Ryan doesn't buy it, more giggling NT 0 Replies #8955652 2:24AM 26/04/2008
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Topic #8956056
chloebrat - boys are sleeping,zzzzzzz NT 0 Replies #8956056 5:41AM 26/04/2008
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Topic #8956566
Laura - all feeds ryan and adam still sleeping NT 0 Replies #8956566 8:26AM 26/04/2008
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Topic #8956602
BBFanChelle - F1 & 3 on Ryan sleeping. F2 & 4 on Adam sleeping. You can hear snoring. NT 0 Replies #8956602 8:38AM 26/04/2008
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Topic #8956915
BBFanChelle - Still sleeping. NT 0 Replies #8956915 10:18AM 26/04/2008
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Topic #8957089
BBFanChelle - Ryan is out of bed and is using the restroom. All feeds in WC. NT 0 Replies #8957089 10:55AM 26/04/2008
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Topic #8957099
BBFanChelle - Ryan goes to KT and checks coffee maker. Empties old coffee and rinses out. NT 0 Replies #8957099 10:57AM 26/04/2008
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Topic #8957118
BBFanChelle - Ryan sets up coffee maker to make fresh coffee then gets back in bed. NT 0 Replies #8957118 11:00AM 26/04/2008
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Topic #8957125
BBFanChelle - The boys are talking. Adam tells Ryan he's gonna win 5-2 NT 0 Replies #8957125 11:01AM 26/04/2008
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Topic #8957216
Tara555 - Ryan is pooping NT 0 Replies #8957216 11:11AM 26/04/2008
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Topic #8957253
BBFanChelle - Nice.... Ryan is washing hands and brushing teeth. NT 0 Replies #8957253 11:16AM 26/04/2008
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Topic #8957523
BBFanChelle - All 4 feeds of Adam sleeping on couch. NT 0 Replies #8957523 12:01PM 26/04/2008
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Topic #8957846
nmbeach - All 4 feeds on Ryan sitting in the sun in the backyard. NT 0 Replies #8957846 1:21PM 26/04/2008
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Topic #8957856
Fuskie - Ryan was swimming in pool, now laying down on lounge chair 0 Replies #8957856 1:23PM 26/04/2008
Ryan was actually floating face down in the pool for a while.
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Topic #8957921
Fuskie - R to WC NT 0 Replies #8957921 1:37PM 26/04/2008
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